8 New Restaurants Opening in NYC This September That You Seriously Must Check Out

Exhale, you guys. Your 30-day (and kind of BS) juice cleanse is up and it's time to slide into those DM's, giiiirrllll. And by DM's we do mean Dinner Menus. All of the dinner menus. 

There's a lot to look forward to this month. Leaves are changing. Sweater season is upon us. Our bank account is still a little laughable, but on the bright side, our family hasn't been murdered Game of Thrones style yet so we got that going for us we guess.

This month also brings a lot of heavily anticipated restaurant openings across New York City and now is as good a time as ever to enjoy the unique and delicious hype spreading throughout the metropolis.

Here are 8 new restaurants opening up now near you!


1. Jeju Noodle Bar (679 Greenwich St)

If you've never heard of Jeju Island off the coast of South Korea, you're not alone. But you're about to get real familiar. Serving up Korean Ramyun (this is a bit different than Japanese Ramen, folks), this highly talked about spot uses unique Korean flavors with every dish. 

Carefully crafted by Chef Douglas Kim, an expert mastermind with over 65 countries and 10 years (oh, and Gordon Ramsay) under his apron, these dishes are authentic, and high quality and will most definitely leave you wanting more. 

Alright, so maybe Gordon Ramsay isn't under his apron, but if he was we'd still be just as impressed by his cuisine. 

2. The Aviary NYC (80 Columbus Circle)


From our friends in Chicago comes a cocktail bar and eatery with the best view in the house. Or should we say clouds? Get a bird's-eye glimpse of Central Park from the 35th floor of the Mandarin Oriental. How cool is that?

The Aviary NYC could be the first of many high flying eateries, which makes us even more excited to lounge in their fancy hotel decor and sip their even fancier drinks served in custom-made glassware. 

Treat yo'self. Oh, don't worry, we will.

3. Banker & Butcher (481 Eighth Ave)

New York Times

What's classier than eating your steak dinner inside a bank vault? Well, unless you're Bruce Wayne and his affiliates, nothing probably. This month marks the opening of chef Scott Campbell's newest project housed in the former Manufacturers Hanover Trust bank underneath the New York Hotel.

Lock yourselves inside this beautifully renovated space for exclusive vegetable dishes, choice cuts (why, yes, yes we are maxing out our credit card this month but we don't care), and on the bone meats that will force you to stay locked up for dessert too. 

4. Ample Hills Creamery Factory (421 Van Brunt Street)


Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, your favorite ice cream scoopery is getting a welcomed 15,000-square-foot factory in Red Hook this month and we couldn't be more excited.

With the capacity to drum up one million gallons of cold, creamy deliciousness per year, they will now be cranking away to bring you new pint productions. The best part: the device will mechanically throw in brownies, candies, and more. 

Want a sample? No problem. Join us in October when the scoop shop opens, and in the spring look out for self-guided tours through the factory. 

Don't mind if we do!

5. Tonchin New York (13 W 36th St, Fifth Ave)

Maybe you've been in NYC for a minute. Perhaps you've grown tired of your normal Ramen routine. It's possible you are waiting for some chefs from Tokyo to spice up your Ramen game and save you from the doldrums of your daily lunch routine.

Look no further, dear friends!

With in-house noodles, broth seasoned with soy sauce, and adorable vintage-style stovetops, you are sure to get your next fix at Tonchin New York, set to open this month!

Yes, kweeeeen.

6. Pasta Flyer (510 6th Ave)

So, we've been very high class with this list, and we're not complaining, but our wallets might be.

If you're looking for a yummy evening without breaking the bank (metaphorical or literal), we offer you cheap and delish pasta plates starting at $10!

Choose your pasta (gluten-free available), sauce, and add-ons like pork sausage, meatballs, or garlic knots. And if you're feeling fancy (which you probably are) check out the spicy broccoli rabe and fried cauliflower. 

7. Merakia (5 W 21 St)

Open Table

We know award-winning steakhouses are kind of New York's thing, but this Greek twist with an appreciation for history has our mouths watering already!


Set to open this month in the Flatiron district, Merakia will feature old school rotisserie cooking for all kinds of deliciousness including authentic Greek appetizers, side dishes, and all of that dip that you're technically not allowed to spoon directly into your mouth but we're not judging. 

8. Franchette (241 W Broadway)

Nick Solares

Headlined by all-star chefs Lee Hanson and Riad Nasr, this spiffed up Brasserie will include top-shelf menu items like suckling pig, lobster, curry butter and fries, and don't forget an unforgettable burger option. 

This comes at a great time as the pair are returning after a four-year absence after parting ways with famed restaurateur Keith McNally. They describe the new spot as cozy and romantic, a more modern feel than the eateries they've managed in the past. 

Welcome back, boys!

There you have it, folks. Get in line before everyone else catches on!

[Feature Image Courtesy Eater NY] 

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