Snuggle Weather Grub: 8 Delicious NYC Restaurants to Bundle Up with This January

The temperatures are wavering up and down this month, hitting teen lows and just barely fifty degrees high.

While we would like to forgo the weather and stay in, we know that most of us have to face the outside world for work, dates, and especially food.In fact, food's the most important factor here.

So we scoured NYC for places that would have great comfort food to warm us up as we endure the middle of winter. 

Or at the very least a few places you can escape the brisk wind pimp-smacking you in the face. 

(You'd think Jack Frost has something against you, but you can't prove it yet. Unless we're talkin' Michael Keaton's Jack Frost, and then he probably definitely has something against you, but ) 

Anyway, here's the list of local eateries you've got to check out this January.

1. Sagaponack NYC (4 West 22nd Street)

Sagaponack is an absolute gem of the Flatiron district. 


Always changing, but always fabulous with their incredible menu selection, Sagaponack is a must-visit for their fried oysters and pulled pork as we've said before

2. Brodo (West Village, 496 Hudson Street)


Brodo is a get to-go broth stop. If you or a friend want to do a quick soup run, Brodo will happily warm you up. We will warn you that the broth is very hot at first, so like we said: great for commuting or if you want to wait a while for your soup to cool.

3. Haru Sushi Chelsea (176 8th Avenue)


One of the few places you can get fish tacos with your sushi (yes, we know), Haru Chelsea is a wonderful NYC dining experience. Personal favorite is their Hot Chili Garlic Shrimp with a side order of rice and some rolls. Can we say awesome? Of course we can. 

Also, Haru Chelsea is participating in NYC's Restaurant Week this year, so you can capitalize on a three course lunch for ($29) or dinner ($42) from January 23rd to February 10th. 

4. Via Brasil (34 West 46th Street)


Via Brasil is a great Brazilian cuisine restaurant, and it’s right in Midtown, Manhattan! Torta de Bacalhau (codfish over greens) is a choice selection when you visit. 

5. Jack’s Wife Freda (50 Carmine Street)


Another previous visitor, Jack’s Wife Freda is a all-day bistro heaven spot with home-style cocktails and recipes that Freda was kind enough to put in a cookbook. She knows you'll be back. 

6. Tacombi (267 Elizabeth Street)


We talked about Tacombi before, and there’s a reason it’s still a favorite! 

The authentic Mexican cuisine is delicious and gluten free, changing the taco game since its opening. 

7. Oovina (496 9th Avenue)


Upon opening, Oovina has been a secret gem off the beaten path from Hell’s Kitchen. But the tapas bar has a great menu of sharing plates, wine and awesome desserts! 


Pro tip: don't leave without having the Shrimp Ceviche and Papas Fritas. 

8. Amada (250 Vesey Street) 

Spanish-inspired tapas, lamp chops, cured meat menu and lobster paella keep many people coming back to Amada's NYC establishment, and we can see why. 

Combine that with the ability to make your own Gin & Tonic, and we're already booking there after rush hour. Wine is also an option, as well and many cocktail combos if you don't want to be too adventurous. 

Definetly check it out around NYC Restaurant Week! For $29 for lunch or $42 for dinner, you can try the tacos or gin&tonic with a three course meal!

[Feature Image Courtesy Eater NY] 

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