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#Adulting: 8 Essential Life Skills Every Single Adult Needs to Learn Before They Die

Adulting is hard. We don't want to adult, but like the unfortunate game of no-take-backs, we're stuck in this thing called life. 

Just because we can't go back to life in the sandbox and playground without sparking questions about our sanity does not mean that life can't be any easier. 

There are so many adult skills that most of us so-called-adults have absolutely zero clue how to accomplish. 

Whether it's balancing a checkbook (or writing a check for that matter), a paint project, or registering to vote, there's a plethora of apps and hacks to help you stumble through adulthood. 

Want to actually live like an adult?

Paint and decorate your apartment: simple. Actually doing it? Not so much. That's why you need Paintzen to help you with all your redecoration needs. 

Whether it's balancing a checkbook (or writing a check for that matter), a paint project, or registering to vote, there's a plethora of apps and hacks to help you stumble through adulthood.

Sure, you can always use their services to have a legit, certified professional come over and make your walls super fresh, but they're also giving you the tools you need to accomplish this on your own with their brand spankin' new DIY kits. 

Within 24 hours Paintzen gets you the exact amount of paint you need for your job, all of the supplies from start to finish, and even video tutorials so you don't completely screw it up. Even if you do, welcome to the club. Adulting is all about life after screw ups. #YoureDoingGreat 

What else do you need to know to be a fully qualified adult? Read on, friends, read on.

1. Change a tire


Imagine this: you and your friends are taking a road trip to the Jersey Shore for the weekend, cruising down the Garden State Parkway, when all of a sudden, your tire pops. 

You don't have AAA, and you sure as heck don't have the money to pay for a tow. 

Luckily for you, you have the skills to jack up your car, loosen the lug nuts, take off the old, busted tire, and place on a new tire all without breaking a sweat. Boom. Learn it. 

2. Paint a room


How hard could it actually be? 

Well, to be honest, it's tough picking out swatches, covering your furniture, getting all set up, only to realize your advanced Pinterest ideas just aren't going to cut it. 


That's why you need Paintzen

They take the hassle out of DIY painting, making it easy for you to go from drab old apartment to redecoration hero. 

With Paintzen, you can choose the color paint you want, and they'll send you the exact amount along with everything you'll need to paint your room like a pro. 

Best part yet, you'll be able to brag to your friends about your painting skillz. #winning. 

3. Balance a checkbook

Just because almost every transaction can be made online does not mean that you shouldn't be keeping your own checkbook. 

Every time you receive a check, responsible people most likely have that check number, amount, and purpose written in pen and paper along with their new amount. 

If you're the one writing the checks, you might want to learn this process, just in case a check gets lost or mishandled, you'll have the check number on hand for the bank. Plus, it's a lot more reliable to keep track of your account yourself than constantly signing onto your banking apps. Hello, hackers!

4. File your taxes

Chalk this one up to necessary life skills that aren't taught in schools because apparently, memorizing the make up of a plant's cell is more important than the IRS. Seriously, every adult/soon-to-be-adult should know how to file taxes. 

Maybe your mom or dad files them for you? They won't be around forever, so it's probably a good idea if you stop relying on them. Plus, there are so many sites and applications nowadays that make taxes a breeze. 

5. Register to vote


Do you really want to #FeeltheBern, #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, or #StandWithHer? You won't be able to voice your opinion in the most American way possible without registering to vote. 

To be honest, it's incredibly simple, yet people still aren't registered. You can either go to your county board of elections in person, download and fill out the registration form and mail it in, or have the form mailed to you, where you can fill it out in person. 

Whatever the case, we're hoping you still know how to use snail mail in order to mail it in.

6. Cook


No, cooking does not consist of pouring Frosted Flakes into a bowl followed by chilled milk or picking up your iPhone to order something from Grubhub. Every adult should have at least one or two recipes in their arsenal for when they really need to impress someone. At least.

Your girlfriend's parents are coming over and you're in charge of dinner? Let's hope you can whip up some simple chicken parm because they're not going to be so thrilled about two large pepperoni pies from the pizzeria down the block. 

7. Design a room from start to finish


It's time to throw out that old poster that you were so proud of your freshman year of college. 


You're an adult now, and could probably manage to cover up that scuff mark with something more refined than a J. Biebs poster. 

Completely boggled by interior design? No worries. Call up Paintzen for a consultation. 

They'll help you pick out the best hue of pink to make your room look like the elegant master bedroom of an adult so you don't wind up with loud, barbie pink walls more suitable for a four year old. 

Then, if you're ready to put on your adult slacks one leg at a time, they'll send everything over so you can DIY like a champ. Check out Paintzen right here!

8. Do your own laundry


Hint: colors = cold, whites = warm. That's fairly simple right? You don't have to be an engineer to figure out the process of a laundry machine. It's time to stop paying for a service to wash and fold your clothes or stop bringing them home to mom once a week because you can't figure out the wash. 

Just separate between whites and colors, throw each batch into a different machine (or do one first and then the other), measure out the correct amount of detergent (or throw in a pod), click the heat of the water, and start. 

Remember to check your tags first, or you could end up shrinking your $90, dry-clean-only sweater. Not cool. 

Get Started on Learning How to DIY Your Tiny NYC Apartment with Paintzen Right Here.

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