Yay! Big Sports Thing Weekend! 8 Epic Things Going Down in NYC This Weekend

Did this week feel especially long to anyone?

Pretty sure the constant end-of-the-world feeling is finally taking its toll.

So this weekend, we've of course, prepared a jam-packed combination of dance parties, benefits, and okay, I guess you could go to The Frick (it is free tomorrow, after all).

We also hear there is some sort of sporting event on Sunday– lol, let's be real, we're all super psyched about the Super Bowl, regardless of whether or not we know the difference between a football and a basketball.

(Editor's note: Football is that thing that's not a basketball, nerd. One involves pigskins, Tom Brady's Uggs, and concussions. The other involves Space Jam, LeBron James's receding hairline, and, well, LeBron James's ever-changing, yet still receding hairline.)

When else can we unabashedly stuff our faces with wings and chug beer after college?

Of course, if you're hosting your own Super Bowl party and are just like, "LOL WTF AM I GONNA DO?!" you're probably not alone. 

And now you're definitely not alone because we've got our friends at FoodKick to help you out in ways you probably didn't think were even possible. 

Yeah, they deliver fresh food and cold booze* in as little as an hour. 

They can spare you from getting sh*t wrong in the kitchen during pregame, and even bail you out from the beerlessness (not a real word, and no, shouldn't be a real thing) of halftime. 

So. Check out FoodKick, and if you need a rundown on how they can save your ass this weekend, we got you right here

Friday, February 3rd

1. First Fridays


How are we supposed to be cultured if a beer at happy hour is $6 and museum admission is $18?

If you’re sick of the people at the Met glaring at you when you push over $1 to get in, definitely head down to The Frick, a smaller set of galleries that you can see for FREE every first Friday evening of the month– tomorrow, in this case.


The free hours run from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. and you can find the The Frick Collection in a beautiful 5th Avenue mansion at 1 East 70th Street.

2. One Step Beyond AMNH


If you didn't know that the American Museum of Natural History could throw a party, well, you do now. Every month, a live band, DJ, or VJ performs music and projects dynamic visuals inside the Rose Center for Earth and Space.

There will also beer cash bar with beer and wine. As you can probably tell, these bashes are usually a hit, so get your tickets in advance to guarantee entry.

3. MUTHA UP For Reproductive Rights


We've been wondering why there seem to be so many comedy show fundraisers going down recently, but it kinda makes a lot of sense. We’re all stressed, some scared, and could all definitely use a f*cking laugh.

So get your tickets now and head to Sidewalk Cafe (Avenue A) this Friday, where there will be comics, storytellers, and poets from MUTHA Magazine standing up for reproductive rights. All the proceeds will go towards the Planned Parenthood NYC Action Fund.

Saturday, February 4th

4. Apollo Open House


In celebration of Black History Month, the Apollo Theater in Harlem will be hosting an afternoon of free programming from 2 p.m. until 6 p.m. This year, the events will be hosted by Billy Mitchell, "Mr. Apollo," and co-hosted by members of the Apollo Theater Academy.

Highlights of their plans include performances by youth organization Urban Word NYC, who will be delivering relevant poetry and spoken word, performances by Amateur Night winners, music by Tre Trax, and a Family Workshop held by the Harlem Swing Dance Society.

Later, excerpts from Tell Them We Are Rising: The Story of Black Colleges and Universities, and the newly released I Am Not Your Negro, will also be screened. The latter, directed by Raul Peck, was adapted from Harlem writer James Baldwin's final un-finished work, and is narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. The clips will be followed by a panel discussion.

Like we said, admission is free, but you can register and read more about their programming on their website.



It's very easy, while you're scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, to feel like there is very little you can do to help this country in a direct way. We have the answer for you. Seriously. Just throw all your f*cking money at institutions like Planned Parenthood or the ACLU.

If you're like us, and throwing your money at problems isn't really within your financial means, that's still fine– but smaller donations at benefits where you're also having fun are not only charitable, but necessary to keep yourself sane.

At events like this comedy and music benefit, you'll know that everyone else in attendance supports the ACLU, and preserving a free America. Also, if you don't take the time to have a good laugh every once in a while (no really, you're gonna have to pencil it in), then yes, you will probably go insane.

Grab your tickets here, and check out the full list of musicians and comedians performing. It's going down at the Brooklyn Bazaar in Brooklyn.

6. LGBT Solidarity Rally


Who new rallies would ever be the new weekend ragers? Don't stop mobilizing, y'all! 

Head to Stonewall Inn at 2 p.m. to stand in solidarity with immigrants, asylum seekers, rufugees, and everyone else personally victimized by Donald Trump's executive orders.

7. Party Like it's 1999: 25 Years of I'm Too Sexy and Other One Hit Wonders

Only thing better than a '90s dance party is a FREE '90s dance party!

This weekend at The Bell House in Brooklyn, they're celebrating the one hit wonders of yore. You know– "Baby Got Back," "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)," "Breakfast at Tiffany's"– those songs you LOVE, but have no idea who sung them.


Lace up those docs, guys!

Sunday, February 5th

8. Chinese New Year Parade 


"If you were born in any of these years, you’re a Rooster!
1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017

You are practical and resourceful, and you use what you have to succeed without taking a lot of risks. A hard worker, you say what’s on your mind and have a sense of style that sets you apart."

Celebrate your hard work, even if you're not a Rooster, you deserve it! Chinatown's Annual Lunar New Year Parade is not one to miss. There's incomparable visuals, yummy bites, and unique cultural performances. The all-ages party winds through Chinatown at 1 p.m.

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