Get Your Fall Day Trippin' & Leaf Peepin' On! 8 Best Day Trips to Take Outside of NYC This Fall

Ah, the crisp, cool air, trees peppered with autumn-ly hues, and cider donuts. 

My god, the cider donuts! 

The fall season is upon us, and although Central Park is great; grand; glorious…sometimes you need to get out of the city to truly appreciate the scale of Autumn goodness in a wide open space. 

Maybe even get a little crazy and jump in a pile of raked leaves. Who knows what can happen when you're high on pumpkin spice?

So, here’s 8 day trippin' ideas to transport you to a fall haven of leaf peepin'; and when the sun goes down? 

Head back to the city, because all that fresh air will make you thirsty, of course. Or, if you have more than a day, we’ve thrown in a few options for those city dwellers all kinds of caught up in the fall moment.

Under 2 hours

Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania 

(Edge of the Woods Outdoor Outfitters, 110 Main Street, Delaware Water Gap)

Hop in a canoe and paddle down the Delaware River. Or rent a bike and take to the lengthy bike trails that skirt the river. Either way you’ll feel super outdoorsy.

Kent Falls State Park, Connecticut (462 Kent Cornwall Road, Kent, CT)


Pack a picnic and enjoy the several-tiered falls. Or, bring a fishing pole and try your luck at catching your lunch… of the trout variety.

New York Zipline Canopy Tours (7740 Main Street - Hunter, NY) 


To take full advantage of all the wide-open country space dotted with supreme foliage coloring, you should probably soar through it at a high speed while squealing with glee. Yes, squealing.

Disc Golf  (Poconos, Pennsylvania)


A fun hybrid sport combining Frisbee and Golf amongst all the leafy greens. And Reds. And Oranges. And Yellows. 

All that Frisbee golf is bound to make you thirsty. Remedy this with a cold brew at the Barley Creek Brewing Company in Tannersville afterwards.

Giant Ledge Hiking and Camping (Catskills, New York) 

A rewarding hike boasting plentiful views of those fall trees we’re talking about. And if you don’t want to leave? 

Have a big slumber party on the top of a mountain and wake up to glorious views from one of the five ledges overlooking the Catskill Mountains. Just don’t forget the makings for s’mores.

 Hudson, NY

An adorable town just a quick jaunt north of the city, Hudson is the epitome of the city meets country. Oh, and host to various crafty, antique-y, and yummy activities and shopping choices galore. 

Fall seems like just the right time to venture northward and infuse your city self with country vibes, and your stomach with delectable culinary delights.

Under 3 hours

Saratoga Springs, NY

The drive up will give you your fill of fall foliage scenery and you’ll be even more rewarded when you get to this postcard perfect town complete with enough food, drink, and charm for everyone. Explore the Saratoga National Historical Park, stroll the shops, and taste the delicious gastronomic haunts. 

Only problem here is you’ll probably want to spend more than a day. Luckily there’s more than enough cute and cozy B & B’s on hand to do just that.

Have more than a day?


The Adirondacks is your best bet. Why, you ask? Here’s 3 solid reasons:

1. Lake George is on point. Rent yourself a little cabin on the lake and take in even more colors via the sunrise and sunset.

2. It’s downright glorious, and host to multitudes of hiking trails where you can take in even more vibrant leaves in their prime. Maybe even have a go at climbing one of the 46 high peaks.

3. Beer. Take on a high peak and reward yourself with a locally brewed brew; at Common Roots Brewery in Glens Falls, right at the base of the Adirondack region. Location, location, location. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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