8 Delicious Sushi Spots for Every New Yorker's Budget

How do New Yorker sushis greet each other?

Wassup, B?

Okay, I'm done. I promise. 

Sushi should be a basic human right like water. I mean, after having tried it, I cannot imagine a life without vinegared rice and toasted nori. 

But as the saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch. No matter what your budget is though, I can guarantee you one thing: there is a sushi joint for you. 

Whether you're looking to spend no more than 20 bucks or are planning to wow your date with an expensive omakase dinner, I gotchu.

1. Ageha Sushi (Hell's Kitchen) - $


Amazing sushi doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. Ageha Sushi delivers on both affordability and taste. 


They have happy hour specials all day Sunday-Thursday. How do $2 beers and BOGO half off cocktails sound to you? And their huge fish portions on nigiri will leave both your stomach and wallet full.

2. Yama (Gramercy) - $


This one's for the true sushi addict that doesn't give a f*ck about the atmosphere. A good piece of sushi doesn't need to be served in a dimly lit room with smooth jazz playing in the background in order to be appreciated. 

Yama is an underground sushi bar serving up giant-sized bites, high-quality bites at decent prices. This spot may not be the best option for a first date, but perfect for an adventure with your long-term bae or bestie.  '

3. Sushi Katsuei (Park Slope) - $$


You know you're really doing well in life when you can eat delicious sushi off of beautiful plates. Sitting in Park Slope, this spot is known for its traditional fare and an excellent selection of sake. 

Omakase at Sushi Katsuei starts at only $45, which is an absolute steal. This one is definitely a perfect date spot. Just make sure to make reservations if you're heading out on a weekend night. 

4. Tomoe Sushi (Greenwich Village) - $$


Tomoe Sushi is an old school no-frills joint serving up fresh sushi at decent prices. It's cash or AMEX only like a true outdated mom and pop restaurant.

Their sushi sashimi special comes with 10pcs of sashimi, 5pcs of nigiri, a half roll of spicy tuna and an option of miso soup or salad all for only $35. There's a reason this place always has a long line at the door. 

5. Sushi On Jones (East Village) - $$

This spot might just be my favorite of the whole list. Sushi On Jones is a unique, 4 chair outdoor sushi bar in Bowery Market. (But don't worry, they deliver now too)

You have 30 minutes to eat a 12 piece sushi and one hand roll $50 omakase. The experience is truly everything this city is about: fast and quality for as cheap as possible. You gotta love American capitalism.

6. Kura (East Village) - $$$


Norihiro Ishizuka, executive chef at Kura, will surely make your sushi tasting experience an incredible one at this 12 seat wood counter.

For an $85 12-piece omakase, Kura is a pretty sweet deal for this intimate high-quality sushi experience. Be sure to make a reservation ahead of time and prepare to leave wondering what the f*ck you thought sushi was before this. 

7. Tanoshi Sushi Sake Bar (Upper East Side) - $$$


Tanoshi is a casual spot with the freshest fish offering a unique omakase without killing your wallet. This BYOB restaurant doesn't have a menu and each night's meal varies. 


They offer two omakase hovering around $80-$99 and includes 10 pcs sushi, one-half a roll, one hand roll, and an Akadashi miso soup. Some of the amazing pieces you might encounter consist of fat Hokkaido scallops and a generous wad of fresh uni with a quail egg on top. 

8. Suzuki (Midtown West) - $$$$


Okay, so this one is for the nights you're celebrating a promotion or need to experience a truly once in a lifetime sushi eating experience. Fair warning though, after an omakase here, anything else just may not cut it anymore. 

Suzuki boasts a strict one chef per five diners rule, creating a profoundly personal dining ambiance. Sure a meal here might set you back $250, but hey, sometimes you just gotta treat yo' self. 

[Feature Image Courtesy menuMe] 

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