Because It's Friggin' Freezing Outside: 8 Super Cozy Restaurants in NYC

Did you notice it's freezing out? We're guessing you've noticed.

When it's record-breaking cold outside, you kind of don't want to go anywhere, right? Except, being cooped up in your apartment until April sounds like a bummer.

When a restaurant is super cozy, and decked out, it makes braving the cold much more doable.

Good thing there are lots of rustic, wood-finished, candle-lit restaurants in this city that'll make our cravings to get out of the apartment so much more satisfying.

Do you want delicious food in a really cozy, really intimate environment? Well, we've listed the best ones in New York City for you below. See if you can get to all of them before April.

1. The Smile (26 Bond Street)

thesmilenyc Baby it's cold outside. Just kidding. The Smile is taking walk-ins until 10 pm. Come get pretend cozy with us on Christmas Eve! #stewofthethreefishes β„οΈβ›„οΈπŸŽ„

Know what's cozy? A restaurant with rustic wood finishings, a warm, delicious maouri cheese and fig sandwich, and an evening out at The Smile.

It's definitely got an adorable, intimate atmosphere, not to mention the fact that it's usually way crowded. Making a reservation in advance is the move with The Smile.


They've also got some dishes that will completely rock your world, in a cozy way. We're talking their marinated goat cheese with fried garlic and sage, plus their warm crusty bread.

You'll definitely get the feeling that you're somewhere rural, maybe holed up in a cabin with a roaring fire at The Smile. You'll definitely be happy about it if you come here.

2. Supper (156 East 2nd Street)

suppernyc πŸ™€πŸ˜± #saturdaynight πŸ˜πŸ˜‹ #readyfordinner @suppernyc #beets #salad #spaghetticacioepepe #vealmilanese #tagliatelle #prosciutto #grilled #salmon #veal #polpettine #wow #thisisforreal πŸ™€πŸ˜± #readytoeat ? @frankprisinzano @chefnachosupperrestaurant @supper156 @gaelcruz666 #supper #teamwork #yolo #foodporn #supperporn

Candlelight? Friendly undertones? Incredible chicken parmesan? 

Yeah, Supper should definitely be on your place as a must-visit. Especially in the winter, when the idea of going anywhere but your couch seems unbearable. Supper is much more than bearable.

The food here is oh-so-delicious, from the fresh mozzarella to the delectable, lemony spaghetti, to the little pork meatballs which are so tangy and packed with flavor.

It's cash-only, so visit the ATM before you dine at Supper. Then, get ready for a wonderful, cozy meal in the East Village.

3. The House (121 East 17th Street)

thehousenyc This chilly Monday calls for a fireside night. #regram @everyonesfavoritehalfrican #cocktails #drinks #newyorkcity #zagat #instagood #drinkup #vscocam #vsco #cupsinframe #onthetable #finditliveit #habitandhome #booze #huffposttaste #ediblemanhattan #alcohol #newyork #ny #nyc #manhattan #nightlife #mytabletop #nyclife #nycnightlife #nycnights

This small, snug restaurant will definitely fill you up with a warm, winter fuzzy feeling. Hitting The House for dinner is basically as good as staying in bed and ordering delivery.

You'll definitely be just as warm at The House, at least. You know what else is warm? Their lobster club, their mushroom flatbread, the incredible lamb sliders, and that truffle mac and cheese.


At The House, you'll be able to hear your friends talk without screaming, you'll get your hot food on a sizzling place, and you'll get to enjoy the plentiful wine selection. 

If you want a relaxed evening with some really tasty food, come to The House. Especially if you don't want to spend your whole night shivering.

4. Joseph Leonard (170 Waverly Place)

bkilgarriff One day I might start that food blog #josephleonard #brunch #westvillage #nyceats

This West Village gem is popular, beautiful, and well-done in every sense of the term. They've got really amazing food. The kind of food that you'll get addicted to and obsess over, so be warned.

They've also got a really intimate, homey ambiance, so you won't experience that craving for your warm apartment while you're there. It's fairly small, which adds to its intimacy, and it's a really great choice for brunch.

If you do come for brunch, you absolutely need to try the siracha sprouts and their special brand of eggs Benedict. If you come for dinner, sampling their lamb meatballs are necessary. Also, the crispy ham hock is deep fried but moist, and entirely flavorful. 

Basically, if you're looking for a really lovely, cozy restaurant, look no further than Joseph Leonard.


5. Black Mountain Wine House (415 Union Street - Brooklyn)

tiffnyc #tgif @ #blackmountainwinehouse #nofilter @joshuasfirstname

Want some serious charm? Then you absolutely need to get to Black Mountain Wine House. We mean, it doesn't really get more charming than this.

It's a farm house, to start, that's got a fireplace that's consistently stoked by Black Mountain Wine House's employees.


What else do they have? Well, the porcini mushroom mac and cheese has been known to make people forget it's winter. The bottles of wine, the lovability of the interior, and the blazing fire has been known to make customers feel like they're in the middle of a Colorado ski resort.

It's dark, warm, and perfect, and you should come here for a cozy date, like, soon.

6. Alta (64 West 10th Street) The loveliest dinner with my beautiful mother at #AltaNYC

Alta is really something special. Want to know why?

Well, there aren't too many places that are candlelit, and rock that completely endearing winter ambiance while still being great for groups.

In fact, most of these cozy places are tiny, and their appeal comes from the tininess of the space. At Alta that's totally not the case.

Plus, we're in love with the tapas here; from the fried goat cheese and bacon wrapped dates to the wild boar and carpaccios, everything is original and innovative, and will totally delight your tastebuds.

Everything at Alta is well-priced, and it's a completely inviting, beautiful restaurant. You should check it out.

7. Il Buco (47 Bond Street)

ilbuconyc Norwegian steelhead trout, snap peas, horseradish, and citron agrumato #lunchilbuco #lunch #eeeeeats

The wine cellar at Il Buco really can't be beat. It's so romantic, rustic, and completely comfortable. Winter blues cease to exist once you've crossed Il Buco's threshold. Its decor is on point, and entirely alluring.

Actually, the only thing that can beat the delightful appeal of Il Buco's wine cellar is its duck sugo pappardelle and panna cotta; this dish is truly something special. What else is special? The octopus. It's soft, cooked perfectly, and well-flavored.


Oh, also, we've got to shout out that risotto. Risotto is life. The risotto at Il Buco is creamy and flavorful, without being overly buttery. Also, the lasagnette is smashing.

 All-in-all, the food at Il Buco will far exceed even the highest expectations.

8. Tiny's (135 West Broadway)

tinysnyc Happy National Tater Tot Day! Cheddar & Chive Tots w Our Special Dipping Sauce.

Cozy? Cozy doesn't even begin to cover it when discussing Tiny's. It's refreshing, cute, and fun, and really tasty, delicious food.

Obviously, it's a small restaurant. Obviously, you've got to go for their buratta, their meatballs, and their roasted chicken. We mean it. Winter won't even be a concern in your mind when you're tearing into these piping hot, succulent dishes.

If you want to be healthy, go for the harvest bowl; it's a mix of healthy seeds, arugula, cabbage, beets, and topped with a citrus dressing. Coffee addict? Absolutely experience the Americano at Tiny's. It's strong - part espresso part water, and the subsequent caffeine jolt will knock you off your feet.

The cozy vibes, the chive and cheddar tater tots, and the navaro risotto with mushrooms all make Tiny's a must-visit to chase away your winter blues. Get there, alright?

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[Feature Image Courtesy Vogue] 

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