8 Cozy Bars You Will Definitely 'Fall' in Love With This October

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Yeah so we get it, summer's over. We're super sad, etc.

But tbh, there's nothing like fall. And we're not just talking about everything being pumpkin-spiced, although that's pretty much the best thing about the season.

Fall is undoubtedly the best time to be out in the city. It's not grossly humid nor is it blizzard weather. It's like that period of stability you experience in between your depressive episodes... no? Just me?

It's hard to be depressed when you're barhopping in the best city in the world though. 

So break out the timbs and hit up one or all of these spots!

1. Angel’s Share (8 Stuyvesant St.) 

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This dimly-lit cozy bar is probz one of the classiest joints in East Village. The Japanese-inspired speakeasy is hidden away behind an unmarked door at the entrance. Standing around, and groups of more than 4 aren’t allowed outside of the bar’s vicinity. 

With an intimate vibe and unique cocktail menu, Angel’s Share is perfect for a date this season.

2. Art Bar (52 8th Ave.) 

lisaferber More babies more homes. #artbarnyc #soloshow #gratitude

A West Village staple for over two decades, this eclectic spot is a hippie’s dream. Although the artwork posted around the space is 70s themed, cats from all generations can appreciate the eye-catching decor. 

For those looking for a more sociable atmosphere, the front of the bar is the way to go. If you’re looking for a more chill vibe, the back of the bar is the perfect spot to sink into a comfy couch and warm your hands by the fireplace.

3. Amor y Amargo (445 E. 6th St.) 

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This tiny spot sits 5 at the bar, and at most 10 standing, but packs a punch. One of the few single product-focused bars in the city, the bitters tasting room is perfect for a change of pace from the rosé days of summer. Any date you bring here will totally be impressed with their unique vibes.

4. McSorley’s (15 E. 7th St.) 

kcassidyf Closing out the weekend behind the bar with Pepe at McSorely's! I need a nap. #deBACHery #bacheloretteparty #bachelorette #bride

You knew this was coming, right? McSorley’s is a city staple. The oldest bar in Manhattan hasn’t changed much since 1862. The beer still only comes in two options: light or dark. 

The fireplace though, gets lit up when the weather starts getting colder, and the fact that you’re packed in a crowd of people really warms up the atmosphere. Oh, and if you didn’t know, you’ll probably end up sitting next to a bunch of strangers, since the place only has cafeteria-style long benches for seating. 

But hey, it’s nice to make some conversation once in awhile, instead of looking down at your phone all the time!

5. Ladybird (111 E. 7th St.) 

ladybird_nyc Please join us at Ladybird for exclusive sneak peek of our new restaurant! Get a first taste of Michelin-starred Chef Derrick Styczek's menu and acclaimed beverage director Jane Danger and Alla Lapuschchik's cocktail list, hosted by Ravi Derossi. ✨ Limited seating & reservation only. We only have September 2nd & September 3rd, 7:00pm or 9:30pm. ✨ Book now, email us at reservations@ladybirdny.com (please include phone # in your email.) ✨ We're located at 111 East 7th Street New York, NY 10009.

This cool “vegetable bar” just reopened on the east side. Serving up a variety of plant-based dishes, the spot also has a slammin’ cocktail menu. Although it’s only a beer and wine bar, the creativity and presentation of the cocktails make for drinks you’ll be sure to remember. 

After a night of crazy shenanigans on St. Mark’s, Ladybird is the perfect spot for a calm nightcap.

6. Penthouse808 at Ravel Hotel (8-08 Queens Plaza South - Queens) 

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Did you think rooftop bars were only a summer thing? Think again, fam! 

Penthouse808 boasts dope views all year-round. On top of the Ravel Hotel, the 9,500 square-foot indoor/outdoor rooftop restaurant, lounge, and event space offers breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline and Queensboro Bridge. 

7. The Immigrant (341 E. 9th St.) 

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This cozy jazz bar is laid-back and perfect for a date night. The Immigrant is a normal bar in the East Village that has one abnormal thing about it: it’s divided in two. On one side of the place they serve beer, and in the space next door they serve wine. It’s an interesting concept, and pretty damn romantic. 

8. Please Don’t Tell (113 St. Mark’s Pl.) 

becca_ami first speak easy bar 🙃

Please Don’t Tell is another cozy speakeasy situated in the heart of East Village. The word is that the only way to get in is through a phone booth attached to the hot dog joint next door. 

It'll probably be packed, but if you're patient enough, you'll get in. The wait will totally be worth it, though. 

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