I don't know about you, but I'm ALWAYS looking for a new boozy brunch spot to add to my day drinking weekend shenanigans! With these places below, your glass will never be empty!

As a former NYC waiter, I do my best to not be that annoying AF pain in the ass customer when it comes to dining out– I try to be especially patient when it comes to bottomless brunching.

You get a group text going, you decide on a hot spot, you make the reservation, and you prepare for what's going to be a great booze-filled time, right? Uhhhh...

I find myself stressing out when my friends aren't getting their refills quickly enough and they begin to complain and moan. I am torn! I understand how stressful being a server can be, but I also don't think you should advertise "bottomless" if you can't deliver more than 3-4 drinks during the allotted window that was promised, amirite?

Here's a quick roundup of some places that have really nailed it when it comes to making the boozy brunch experience complete and stress free! High-high five to them! As always, drink responsibly, be polite to your server, and TIP WELL!

1. Agave NYC (140 7th Avenue S.) 


Located between West 10th and Charles Street, Agave NYC has one of the best boozy brunch deals in the city and it is a well-oiled machine. $32 will get you any item on the pre-fixe brunch menu paired with two hours of mimosas, wine, or frozen margaritas.

Trust me when I say this: They Will Keep Them Coming! 

Get the steak and eggs or the huevos rancheros. Note: You can switch between any of the cocktails at any point -- just let your server know!

2. Vamos NYC (348 1st Avenue) 


It's always Cinco de Mayo over at the piñata-inspired Vamos NYC! The deal at Vamos is a little swapped: $35 will buy you 5 frozen margaritas or sangrias and your entree will be free. They also feature happy hour all week from 4-7pm.

The fat kid inside of you NEEDS to get the Mexican pancakes with ice cream -- you're already boozy brunching, you might as well be eating ice cream with it!

3. Maya (1191 1st Avenue) 

Throw on your sweatpants for this one.

Featuring some more upscale Mexican fare, Maya not only delivers 2 hours of bottomless booze but also unlimited food! Try their assorted champagne sangrias, you won't be sorry.

Put some trust in your server and say the magic words: "We'd like to have everything," and they'll bring you a little bit of their ENTIRE menu for you and your friends to indulge on. 

#GuacsALittleExtra but if you're interested, they have classic, bacon, tuna tartare, and spicy crab guacamole -- MMM!

4. Horchata (470 6th Avenue) 


Let's Taco 'Bout Horchata: $35/person gets you a brunch entree, two hours of sangria, mimosas, bloodies, or Mexican beers on tap, AND guac and house-made corn tortilla chips. Their small-ish-but-comfortable space makes the unlimited promise an easy one to keep.

5. Fonda (189 9th Avenue) 


Four Words: Bottomless Frozen Hibiscus Rosalitas.

Available for parties of 7 or less, $35 bucks will get you an entree and 90 minutes of margaritas, mimosas, bloodies, beer, or the aforementioned heavenly Rosalita. Get the Torta de Pollo or the Pan-Frances-Banana-Custard-Soaked-Brioche-With-Ricotta! BOINK!

Parties for more than 7 will push the price-per-person up to $40. Check out their Park Slope and East Village locations -- slightly lower prices, same boozy deal!

6. Bocca di Bacco (828 9th Avenue) 

$20 bottles of some of the best champagne I've tasted!

Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right! Swing on by Bocca di Bacco for their champagne/mimosa/bloody mary special. No time limit, just $20 bottles of champagne or carafes of mimosas/bloodies will pair perfectly with their Italian fared menu. Grab the burger or the steak panini so you can keep your tomfoolery going into the evening.

My favorite location is in Hell's Kitchen but be sure to enjoy the same deal at their Theater District location as well as their Chelsea location.

7. Essex (120 Essex Street) 



This bi-level LES boozy brunch joint will serve unlimited bloodies, screwdrivers, and mimosas for $32/person for 7 or less. The price pops to $42 for more than 7. 

Get the pulled pork sandwich or the short rib hash with the duck fat potatoes -- MMM! Do It, Do It!

8. La Carbonara (202 West 14th Street) 


How about Boozy Brunch with a side of Drag?!

We first stumbled upon La Carbonara for a phenomenally relevant boozy drag brunch with Logan Hardcore. Ever since then, I've been hooked! $25 bucks gets you unlimited champagne, mimosa, bloodies, and screwdrivers. 

Drag shows here are still happening but not with Logan as she is on Fire Island for the summer. 

Entrees are not included in the price but get the burger or the Chicken Paillard. The servers here are ON POINT -- may your cup never runneth over or be empty!

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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