See Ya Later, Summer! 8 Best Things Going Down This Weekend in NYC

It's been a rough life in New York City recently. Sure, by rough life we mean a literal flaming hellscape. And that's describing the streets, not even in the subway. We don't have a word for that yet.

But luckily, this weekend isn't going to be straight up completely f*cking miserable outside.

Okay, it's predicted to be like low 80s but point being, you might actually get to enjoy the sunshine opposed to wading around in a pool of your fellow New Yorkers' sweat. Take advantage, guys.

August is almost over and before it's sweaters and Pumpkin Spice Latte season– you've gotta send the summer off in style.

Also, half of these are free so literally no excuses. 

Friday August 19th

Pablo Pop-up (393 Broadway)


NYC is one of the lucky 21 cities worldwide to get one of Kanye West's pop-up stores selling merch for his newest album, The Life of Pablo. Praise Yeezus.

The exact locations in each city weren't revealed until yesterday and since then, people have been queuing up like crazy. So if you're reading this and you aren't on your phone in the line in Soho, you might have to visit on Saturday or Sunday.


We just feel bad for the Bostonians who go food shopping at the Trader Joe's where Kanye set up shop... somehow we don't think they'll be able to grab their PB&J bars until Monday.

The rules are kind of strict– you're not allowed to touch anything, let alone try stuff on, unless you've purchased it. But this kinda makes sense since 'Ye's last popup's products went on to sell for double their original prices on Ebay so the demand is definitely there.

Emerging Music Festival

Ready to discover your new favorite band? The Emerging Music Festival, free at Bryant Park, is back for its second year, featuring five of NYC’s best up and coming bands.

This year's lineup features five of NYC's best up and coming bands, Gemma, Odetta Hartman, Mikaela Davis, Acid Dad, and EMEFE.

The lawn will be filled with beer, wine, and local food vendors and in between jamming to these rising talents, you can get a free flash tattoo, play some games, or take a juggling lesson.

Life is too short not to learn how to juggle.

Emo Night Brooklyn


It's time to party like it’s 2009.

Relive your emo phase but without that fringe you deeply regret at Brooklyn Bowl's "Emo Night Brooklyn," which is bringing back your grade school headbangers (and their pop-punk bastard offspring).

They'll be blasting all your late- 2000s faves like Fall Out Boy, Brand New, and Taking Back Sunday's greatest hits until 4 in the morning, when you won't be able to tell whether the circles under your eyes are from dancing your ass off or your blacker-than-your-soul eyeliner (or guyliner).

Dig your MCR tee out of the back of your closet and grab your tickets here.

Midsummer's Rooftop Rave


Only thing more lit than a rave is a FREE rave. Yup. Free. Also, no age restriction this time so kiddies, this one's for you. We know 19 isn't a kid but shut up and respect your elders.

The event is hosted by Brooklyn Rooftop RAVES at 20 Goodwin Place in Bushwick and will feature music and performances by some dope DJs and a SECRET SPESHUL GUEST. Don't miss it, fam.

This rager runs from 10 p.m. until 4 a.m. so get ready to dance the night and early morning away.

Like it says on their FB page, "Better to have RAVED and lost than never to have RAVED at all."

Saturday August 20th

NYC Margarita March

It’s legit margarita madness.

Like a bar crawl, but you don't have to pretend to like IPAs, the NYC Margarita March takes you around the city to some top tequila spots.

A ticket to this event gets you 8 margaritas at each of the 8 stops on this march, plus a portion of all profits go to local charities. It's straight up your civic duty to get schwasted, guys (but also, maybe try real hard to stay hydrated for this one– we love you too much not to warn you about the dangers of sugar induced hangovers).

Each venue on this march has a featured drink custom designed for the march itself. After eight margaritas you might be heading home crawling instead of marching, but at least it’s all for the greater good, yeah? Get your tickets here.

HP Lovecraft Birthday Celebration


If you're ready to hear the Call of Cthulhu, definitely check out this Alphabet City steampunk staple, Lovecraft Bar NYC, that's celebrating the King of Horror's birthday. 126 years young, minions (NOT the yellow ones).

Obviously, there will be live readings but also don't miss out on a horror art show, horror comedy, and horror magic. They're also hosting a (horror, we get it) costume contest; the winner will win their bar tab and a cash prize.

For one ticket, the bar asks for a $5 donation that will go to helping end homelessness in NYC. There is also one drink or food purchase minimum but like were you going to show up and not try one of their Absinthe cocktails? No.

LIC Block Party

Okay, you might not want to trek out to Long Island City. But this is the fifth annual street and art fair at SculptureCenter in LIC and indicating from years' past, this should be worth it. 

The block party, which extends past SculptureCenter and also takes over Sculpture Street will feature live musical performances, family-friendly art activities, an Artists' Market, and food from local restaurants. 


If you plan to go and have any books you didn't sell back to your college library, bring them along to donate to a new free neighborhood library opening in the fall.

Sunday August 21st

Last Day of Harlem Havana Festival

If you haven't gotten a chance to participate in any Harlem Week activities, you should definitely soak in the culture this weekend by celebrating Cuban musicians, artists, dancers, chefs, and educators.

The festival highlights the connection between Harlem and Cuba's capital– continuing the movement to normalize relations between Cuba and the United States.

The celebration started on the 15th but Sunday is your last chance to experience any of their events, so don't miss out on this historical occasion. A few of this weekends' highlights include a fashion show, master dance classes, and of course, live music. 

Check out their schedule here.

[Feature Image Courtesy Idobi] 

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