Keep the Grub Comin': 8 NYC Restaurants You Absolutely Have to Check Out this August

Ah, there's nothing like summer eats.

You may not have been able to enjoy some delicious cuisine poolside this summer, but that shouldn't stop you from indulging your inner foodie.

Take a journey during your lunch break, or drag yourself out of bed early Sunday morning for brunch, because summer is still poppin' and so are the summer restaurant deals.

Restaurant Week is still in full swing, but sadly that'll be winding up in mid-August.

But don't worry, these spots will still be offering up delicious eats for the rest of the dog days of summer.

1. Blue Dog Kitchen NYC (various NYC locations)

Blue Dog Kitchen has a number of great locations for a quick, healthy, and actually tasty meal. That goes for all three meals of the day. From chocolate chip pancakes and eggs benedict, to truffle mac n' cheese, even the pickiest of eaters will find their new favorite dish at Blue Dog.

And because no menu is complete without cocktails, Blue Dog has a healthy menu selection of their own creative cocktails to choose from.


Luckily for you, Blue Dog has several locations throughout the city. Check out all of their locations and find the one that's right for you.

2. Momofuku Nishi (232 Eighth Avenue)


This one's for all the vegetarians out there who miss the bloody goodness of a beef burger. Momofuku Nishi is serving up this one of a kind veggie based burger that actually bleeds (and looks totally like) a regular beef burger.

The "Impossible Burger" is only available on the lunch menu, and is served on a first come first serve basis each day, so make sure you get there right on the brunch/lunch cusp.

But if bleeding burgers aren't your thing, there's still plenty of Asian style dishes to choose from on Momofuku Nishi's vast menu.

3. Via Brasil (34 West 46th Street)


Via Brasil is a comfy little spot in Midtown that is serving up some classic Brazilian dishes. If you're down to try Brazilian fare, this is the place to be.

You can start off with a Brazilian hors d'oeuvres platter, and then try out a moqueca, a stew that's a Via Brasil specialty made up of dende oil, green herbs, onions, tomatoes and coconut milk and your choice of protein. And for the less adventurous, you have the option to play it safe with spaghetti bolognese. 

4. Chuck & Blade (184 Eighth Avenue)


Chuck & Blade is for the meat lovers who know how to appreciate a good steak. This new steakhouse offers prime cuts of meat and a raw bar where you can get oysters for $1-2 each.

This Chelsea eatery may be new, but it's already caused quite a buzz in the best kind of way. At Chuck & Blade you can still get the taste of some of the best steaks in the city, but at a price that won't completely break your bank.

They also have some out of this world milkshakes that'll definitely satisfy your sweet tooth, and give Black Tap a run for their money.

5. Eataly Downtown (101-125 Liberty Street)


This Eataly location may be brand spankin' new, but they're still bringing you that same Eataly deliciousness that you know and love. This downtown location is officially opening its doors on August 11th, and their specialty is bringing you the best dang bread you've ever had.

There'll be a bakery, obviously, giving you the option to buy some fresh bread, along with five sit down restaurants, salad and mozzarella bars, pasta counters, pastry counters, two coffee bars, and a vegetable butcher. 

We're not even sure how all of this is packed into one location. Check that. We've seen it. And it still astounds us. 

6. Bowery Market (348 Bowery Street)


The Bowery Market has already been the talk of the town for some time now. It features mini versions of NYC favorites The Butcher's Daughter, Pulqueria, and Alidoro, all as a part of their outdoor food market.

Plus, the Bowery Market is the home of Sushi on Junes, NYC's first ever outdoor sushi bar. Your options are varied at the Bowery Market. You can munch on sushi, or try out one of Alidoro's famous sandwiches, all while enjoying the sunshine. 

Plus, there's Champion Coffee for those steamy days when all you need is your iced coffee fix.

7. Aska (47 South 5th Street ― Brooklyn)


Aska is the return of the original much beloved restaurant of the same name. Now located comfortably underneath the Williamsburg Bridge, this new Aska is bringing back neo-Nordic cuisine. Not quite sure what neo-Nordic means? 


Well, to start, the original Aska won itself a Michelin star, so that's some damn fine cuisine they're serving up. The menu will feature dishes like dry-aged beef, grilled onion with Finnish caviar, and hay-smoked lamb. Never tried neo-Nordic? You really should.

8. Baby Brasa (129 Allen Street)


Not into Brazilian cuisine? Why not try Peruvian? Baby Brasa is the miniature version of model turned restaurant owner Franco Noriega's dream Peruvian-chicken restaurant. Until that dream becomes a reality, there's Baby Brasa, a spot that focuses primarily on Peruvian style rotisserie chicken.

This location is as tiny as its name promises, but it definitely packs a punch by serving organic free-range chickens that you can order as is, or step it up and have yourself a chicken sandwich on a fresh French baguette.

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