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#HelloSunshine: 8 Best Outdoor Places to Enjoy Some Sunshine in NYC This Summer

Hello, Summertime 2016! We could not be more happy to see your beautiful, shining face.

Shining, literally, because the sun is finally breaking through and allowing us to bask in all it's glory that we gravely missed this past winter. 

And now that it's here, we want to enjoy this beautiful sunshine as much as humanly possible. 

Because, you know, there are bound to be more than a few stormy days this summer, as per usual. #temperateclimateproblems

Read on to discover the absolute best spots to take in the glorious rays this summer in New York City.

East River Esplanade 

This park runs along the East River all the way from Battery Park to 125th Street, allowing for visitors to catch a ton of different NYC views in one day. 


There are bike and walking paths that allow for some incredible waterfront views, and there's even a fancy bar & lounge at the southern part of the park, so you can treat yo'self after a long bike ride. #earnedit

Aboard World Yacht's Duchess


How does a vodka open bar courtesy of 50 Bleu Vodka, free beer and wine, passed h’ordeuvres, three hours of dancing, and breathtaking views courtesy of World Yacht’s absolute beaut, Duchess, sound for a 4th of July Party?

Pretty damn good, right? Join us for our July 4th Weekend Sunset Booze Cruise and this dream can become a reality.


It’s all going down Sunday, July 3rd, 6:30 p.m., at Pier 81, located at West 41st Street & the West Side Highway– come hell, high water, rain, or shine– and the party won’t stop until at least 9:30 p.m. 

That’s three, count ‘em three, hours of madness.

Seriously, what better way is there to celebrate America than by taking in breathtaking views of the greatest city in the world? Get your tickets right here!

Staten Island Greenbelt


Nature lovers, we've found your NYC happy place.

The Staten Island Greenbelt boasts 2,800 acres of parks, trails, and wetlands inhabited by wildlife such as reptiles, amphibians, deer, birds, and fish. 


You can also visit the Greenbelt Nature Center if you're curious about the plant life in the park, or hop on the carousel to really lean in to the whole class field trip vibe of this place. #throwback  

Fort Washington Park


It's true: lighthouses are not just reserved for quaint coastal towns in Maine or Connecticut. We've also got some in NYC. 

"The Little Red Lighthouse" is located in Fort Washington Park, which is situated along the Hudson River from West 155th Street to Dyckman Street in Washington Heights. 

In addition to the lighthouse this spot also allows for some spectacular views of the George Washington Bridge and the New Jersey Palisades. 


Governors Island 

This hundred-acre island located in the New York Harbor offers some of the most incredible views of Lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty, as well as tons of green space, bike rentals, music festivals, and more. 


And get ready to channel your not-so-inner child - the park's all new hillside slides are coming on July 19th. The slides feature slopes up to 70 feet high of various lengths and widths, and will include the longest slide in all of NYC. WE'RE SO THERE. 



We can all agree that The High Line is way too crowded, right?

Well, Queens attempting to recreate their very own version, which would hopefully relieve some of this congestion. 


Until that happens, the 3.5 mile stretch of elevated railroad tracks exists as a rugged, industrial park in which you and your most adventurous friends can explore for the day. 

Wear comfortable shoes! 

Elevated Acre 

The name basically says it all - this hidden oasis with tons of seating exists at the top of a massive escalator at 55 Water Street in Lower Manhattan. 


Not only is it a great spot to chill in the sunshine, you can also catch outdoor movie screenings in the summertime. 

Owl's Head Park

Looking for an escape from hectic city life this summer? Us, too.

Head over to Owl's Head Park in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn for some of the most peacefully sunny spots in all of NYC. Visitors can enjoy nature in all its glory (and we mean ACTUAL nature, not just the ballsy pigeons you encounter on a daily basis): gorgeous trees, paths, fields, and sprawling lawns. 

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