Just Wanna Celebrate! 8 Best Spots in NYC to Celebrate the Ultimate Taco Tuesday

Every once in a while you get lucky enough to have no plans for dinner on a Tuesday. So you reach for the alliterative meal plan. Taco Tuesday. 

But then, you get even luckier when you reach for said poetic cuisine on the holiest of holies; that rare day that's not only Taco Tuesday, but Taco Tuesday on National Taco day. 

Sure, 'National Food Holidays' are complete and utter bullsh*t. This one, quite simply, isn't. 

And lucky for you, there's no shortage of spots to grab some taco grub in New York City. 

But here are five of the best spots that are taking this special day into consideration. And no, we're not talking about Taco Bell. 

1. Tres Carnes (multiple NYC locations)


Although when you see a sign for Tex-Mex style food, you don't normally associate it with being "authentic" Mexican cuisine. But the team at Tres Carnes proves that thinking wrong with their slow-cooked yet fast-served barbecue and South of the Border fare.


The eatery is celebrating National Taco Day in a huge way by giving away 500 free tacos starting at 5 p.m., commemorating the launch of their new Taco Tuesdays special where you can buy two tacos and get the third one free. Ole!

2. Campeon (9 East 16th Street)

A hideaway hacienda nestled right by Union Square, Campeon raises the bar when it comes to what Mexican food in the city can be. Their mouth-watering menu serves up both classic cultural favorites as well as a slew of innovative and tantalizing dishes.

For National Taco Day, Campeon will be serving up $4 tacos al pastor, chock full of spicy marinated pork in a dry rub with sliced pineapple, red onion, cilantro, avocado sauce and salsa de arbor. Don't forget to grab one of their epic frozen margaritas to wash it down with.

3. Arriba Arriba (762 9th Avenue)

If you're looking for a party to come along with your tacos, Arriba Arriba is the right place to go. A happening hotspot in Hell's Kitchen, this place serves up serious beats with a live DJ at night as well as monstrous "Papa" margaritas that we highly advise you put something in your stomach with.

Their take on a classic taco comes with your choice of marinated beef or shredded chicken in a flooded crisp corn tortilla stuffed with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese and hot sauce. Are you hungry yet? Because we sure are.

4. Taco Mix (234 East 116th Street)

Up in the culturally rich neighborhood of East Harlem sits Taco Mix, a straight-up taco stop that has become a thing of legend for the locals. Although its tiny interior only allows for pick-up orders, the smells that waft out onto the street from the kitchen are drool-worthy to say the least.

The beloved taqueria will be slinging one-buck al pastor  tacos all day on the 4th from 8 a.m. to midnight, a true all-day celebration of National Taco Day. Make sure you don't try to get one around everyone's usual lunch or dinner time though. You'll be waiting a while.

5. Guac Tacos + Tequila (179 Avenue B)


This guacamole themed restaurant just opened its doors last month and we feel it is our civic duty to make sure that you know that, well, it's a f*cking guacamole themed restaurant. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?!

Besides 11 varieties of guacamole, nom on one of their three selections of tacos: steak, shrimp, and cactus (we'd try it!).

Don't forget their third and arguably the most important part of any balanced meal: tequila. They've got ten varieties and make one mean marg. And if you buy a marg, you get a free taco. And if you buy two tacos, you get one free!

6. Otto's Tacos (multiple NYC locations)


Otto's Tacos is turning up for Taco Tuesday with all three of their locations on bright pink tortillas for Breast Cancer Awareness month. 

In fact, they'll be serving them all month long with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer initiative. 

7. Dos Toros (multiple NYC locations)

Okay, so Dos Toros is quickly becoming a Tacqueria empire opening their biggest and newest location at "Burrito Park," 119 West 40th Street tomorrow. Tomorrow they'll be serving $1burritos from 11:30 a.m. to 3:330 p.m. 


Oh, and then again from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. That means fill up on their tacos today, and then come back for burritos tomorrow, October 5th. Oh, and don't forget to order guac.

8. e's BAR (511 Amsterdam Avenue)


Another uptown hidden gem, e's BAR is an eclectic bar that also serves up some delightfully creative dishes alongside its heavily poured cocktails. There's a surprising amount of Mexican food on their menu, and they don't disappoint when it comes to taste.

Since it's half bar and half eatery, e's will be celebrating National Taco Day alongside National Vodka Day (see? everything gets a day now) with $5 jalapeno-infused vodka shots, which comes with a free e's BAR taco, the most delicious chaser you could ever ask for.

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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