Start Savin' for Summer Vacation: 8 Best Free Things to Do This June in NYC

We love not paying for stuff. We love it so much that we often show up 15 minutes early and elbow innocent people out of the way when our WeWork space announces there's free bagels at 11 a.m.

We're not proud. But come on, can you really blame us? 

We live in a hella expensive place - anything free we can get our hands on, we will. 

Despite the ever-soaring cost of living in New York City, there are an astounding number of free events and activities every single month for us to partake in. 

June is no exception. Summer 2016 is shaping up to be the best one yet - just check out all the amazing, free stuff going down in NYC this month. 

1. Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit (June 4th - 5th)


This annual event draws artists from all over the New York metropolitan area, as well as a pretty eclectic crowd of attendees, ranging from tourists trying to kill a few hours to interior design professionals looking to gain inspiration. 


The show begins at University Place, starting at East 13th Street and continuing south along the east side of Washington Square Park to West 3rd Street. 

2. Red Hook Festival (June 9th - 11th)


The Brooklyn waterfront is one of the city's best-loved amenities - and for good reason. 

In addition to stunning views of Manhattan, the waterfront is often host to events such as the Red Hook Festival. The 23rd annual festival will offer live music and dance, free kayak rides, trivia, and much more.

3. NYC Dance Week Festival (June 16th - 25th)


We all have a ClassPass collecting dust somewhere; one that was purchased during a rare moment of motivation brought on by an emotional HBO GO documentary about Olympic swimmers. 

Unfortunately, we never actually got our asses to class, and our bank accounts are still not speaking to us.


But luckily, we can begin to repair that broken relationship by partaking in NYC Dance Week - 10 days of absolutely free dance, fitness, and wellness classes.

The event is being held in various venues across the city, and will offer classes ranging from Latin, ballroom, tap, ballet, swing, hip-hop, pilates, yoga and aerial acrobatics.

4. Mermaid Parade (June 18th)


Get ready to let your freak flag fly.

This annual event goes down every year in Coney Island and is a celebration of ancient mythology and creativity. 

Expect massive crowds, giant floats, and some pretty elaborate costumes. This ain't no Little Mermaid situation, though, Ariel would be considered severely under-dressed were she to attend this event. These people are NOT messing around. 


5. Egg Rolls & Egg Creams Festival (June 19th)

They say New York City is the world's melting pot, right? Well, this festival certainly proves (and celebrates) that. 

The annual event brings Jewish, Chinese, and Puerto Rican cultures together for the ultimate block party. 


You can look forward to traditional klezmer, cantorial, Peking opera, bomba and plena music, Hebrew and Chinese scribal art, yarmulke making, Chinese and Puerto Rican mask making, and, of course, kosher egg rolls, egg creams, empanadas and other delicious delicacies. 

It all goes down at the Museum at Eldridge Street (12 Eldridge Street) - it's totally free, but you can reserve a spot here.

6. Solstice in Times Square (June 20th)

The solstice only comes around once per year, so we really should milk it for all its worth. 

Every year, thousands of yoga-enthusiasts are drawn to Times Square to kick off to celebrate the longest day of the year and kick off the start of summer with a massive yoga class. 

The free classes are going on all day long - sign up for your spot here!

7. Make Music New York (June 21st)

If yoga's not your thing, you can instead ring in the solstice with this annual music event. 

Make Music New York is a free festival offering over a THOUSAND free concerts in spaces throughout each of the five boroughs, all on the same day. That's pretty freaking cool. 


The concerts will range in music styles as well as venue. You'll be able to catch jazz, punk rock, hip hop, opera and more in all sorts of places: sidewalks, stoops, plazas, you name it.

8. Metropolitan Opera Summer Recital Series (Starts June 22nd)

Be prepared to be amazed. This series offers free concert performances from incredible opera singers in all five boroughs, all summer long. 

The event kicks off on June 22nd at Central Park's SummerStage with a performance by soprano Angel Blue, who will make her Met debut in a future season.

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[Feature Image Courtesy Time Out] 

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