You're Welcome: 8 Best Florists in NYC to Get Valentine's Day Flowers for Bae

Roses are red, violets are blue, order some flowers to send to your boo.

Now that you've taken the time to dry your eyes after reading that heartfelt, basically original love poem, it's time to check your V-Day list.

Dinner reservations? Check. Mind-blowing gift? Check. Romantic post-dinner plans? Check. Flowers?


Calm down, take deep breaths. We made a lil listy list of some friendly, local NYC flower shops. and more importantly– delivery services so you can send bae flowers at the office, so he or she will feel like Phyllis Vance.

1. Flower Girl (245 Eldridge Street)


If you find yourself in the East Village today or tomorrow, we recommend popping into Flower Girl.

This v. cute v. feminine boutique can even make your snapchat fantasies come true and whip up wearable flower crowns if you order online, or call the morning of!

2. Twig (287 Third Avenue, Brooklyn)


Is your sweetie not really into flowers?

Consider a quirkier option, like a custom-made terrarium! Twig will also offers take-home DIY kits, and date-night classes if you're looking for an even more hands on experience!

Items are available for pick-up at the store or delivery #options.

3. Ode à la Rose (

Alright, let's get back to the basics.

Ode à la Rose is a website offering same day rose deliveries anywhere in NYC.

Beautiful roses, delivered right to your boo. So easy! #noexcuses

4. Élan Flowers (26 Grand Street)

This fancy Tribeca boutique has some GORGEOUS options for ya.

And they deliver! $15-$100 depending where in the city, and they'll even go to Brooklyn if you and your boo are in a long distance relationship.

5. Ovando (19 East 65th Street)


Want to send your schmoopie bear the same kind of flowers celebs send?

Ovando utilizes bright, bold colors, and daring architectural design in their bouquets.

Offering same-day deliveries in NY on orders placed before 12pm. Give them a call!

6. Gotham Florist (336 West 37th Street)


This Hell's Kitchen boutique requires some planning if you want to go in person—you need an appointment, no walk-ins.

But they offer same-day delivery if you order by 12 p.m. (or later if you pay an extra rush delivery fee) and their website is super detailed with a ton of options.

7. UrbanStems


Hold up... Bouquets starting at $35 with free delivery?

Oh yes. UrbanStems will hook it up for the love bird on a budget this Valentine's Day.

Our favorite part is their themed bouquets... They've got The Bey for your Queen Bey, The Gaga for your daring diva, The Adele for your soulmate, The Galentine for your squad, and the JT for your smooth operator.

8. The After Hours Flowers


Okay so let's say you really, really procrastinate, and forget to get flowers until 10 p.m., after all the flower stores are closed.

Or let's say you are currently single and you don't meet bae until you're at the bar at midnight tomorrow (it could happen!).

After Hours Flowers has got you covered! A 24/7 flower delivery service in NYC! You can choose from over 50 different bouquets, with a personalized message, and have it dropped off anywhere in the city, at any time.

[Feature Image Courtesy urbanstems] 

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