Because Love Is Wet, Wild, and Weird! 9 Best Dates to Go On This August in NYC

It may be hot as all hell outside right now, but that doesn't mean your love life shouldn't be too.

Granted, it may seem like a death wish to go outside right now when you're pretty much guaranteed to get hot and sweaty, and not even in the good way.

But summer is the time to get down and wild, mix things up, y'know.

Keep your dating life fresh with all of the awesome things going down in New York City before summer officially winds down.

Pretty soon you'll only be able to go on Starbucks dates to get pumpkin spice lattes, wishing you had taken advantage of the summer.

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1. Go see a weird AF movie


Nothin' like a kinda, sorta weird movie to get conversation going. The Joe Dante film series at the Brooklyn Academy of Music brings some of the strangest movies around to their screens from August 5th to August 24th.


Don't know who Joe Dante is? He's the guy who did Gremlins... and Gremlins 2. Oh, and Pirhanna. If you think you're up to trying out some new, off-beat movies, check out the lineup and get your tickets here.

2. Be a freak in the streets

Nothing impresses a date like conquering a 300-ft water slide in the middle of Manhattan like a pro. Summer Streets is back again, and the pièce de résistance this year is their massive 300 foot, 3 story Vita Coco Beachside Slide.

The line for this slide is sure to be ridiculous, so it'll give you time to actually talk to your date before making a face only your mother could love as you plunge down this monstrous slide. Make sure you register for the slide before you head out, or else you might not be able to go.

But if you miss out on registration, no biggie, there's still plenty to do at Summer Streets, like ziplining and free fitness classes.

3. Date While You Wait Game Night


Ever gotten to the point where you're so tired of wasting time on stupid dates that you'd literally take a quality date anywhere so long as it wasn't a regrettable waste of time? Yeah, us, too. 

Same goes for this guy, Thomas Knox, who might have found the secret formula in helping you date while you do something you were already doing anyway: waiting for the subway. But he's literally stepping his game up and hosting the second-ever game night at The Well in Brooklyn. 

So, roll up, bring a friend (or your whole damn squad), play some classic board games, fall in love, and live happily ever after. 

4. Be patriotic AF!

It's time to brush the dust off that college beer pong championship trophy and go for the gold yet again. The Summer Olympic Games at Village Pourhouse will feature ultimate beer pong, flip cup, drunk Jenga, and more.

If you and your team manage to win the gold you'll be rewarded with an entire hour of free open bar. This is a perfect opportunity to link up with some of your not so single friends and go for the double/triple/quadruple date of your college dreams. 

Make sure you grab tickets for your whole team. Bottoms up!

5. Bump booties at a decidedly sexy R&B party


Hip-hop producer and spoiled Media Creative Director Rodney Hazard is bringing the fire to Kinfolk 90 in Williamsburg. NVR Sleep is always a good time, but this R&B party, going down August 10th, is going to turn up the heat .

So, if you’re wondering, “Can I kick it?” Yes. Yes, you can. Come kick it at Kinfolk 90. Rodney Hazard’s dropping fire. All. Night. Long.

Sip (or throw back) on some cocktails, grab some grub, and pat yourself on the back for finding this gem without having to dig deep for a cover charge. Yes, it’s free. Dance all night long, from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. because, well, you can sleep when you’re dead. Nvr Sleep. Evr.  

Now you can impress your date with your dance movies without having to break the bank. All you've gotta do to get on the list for this dope party is RSVP here.

6. March for margaritas


Why have one drink with your date when you can have eight? NYC's Margarita March is coming quick, and just like always you'll be heading to eight different bars with custom made margaritas that you won't find any other day of the year.

This is the sweetest kind of bar crawl around, and these exotic new drinks will definitely spark up some interesting conversations. Make sure you grab your tickets, and get ready for all that drank.

7. Act childish AF


Unleash your inner child at this massive squirt gun fight on the Coney Island Boardwalk on August 13th. This is a new take on the wet and wild date, but it's bound to be a good time. 

You'll have to provide your own squirt gun, but the event itself is free. There's nothing like a little friendly competition (and maybe just a bit of sexual tension) to liven things up.

8. Get down & nerdy 

Nothing brings people together like bonding over a mutual love for all things nerdy. The New York Renaissance Fair is back again on August 6th, and will be going on until September 2nd.


Slay the dragon in front of your date and you'll be the talk of the town. We also dare you to try and still look attractive while eating one of those massive turkey legs. Seriously. It's impossible.

9. Be sad and miserable together 



Why not relive your emo/punk days with your date? 

This is basically a rager that strictly plays emo tracks from the golden eras of emo and all of its bastard pop-punk offspring (Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, Panic! at the Disco, Paramore, etc).

Dust off those skinny jeans, get your squad, grab your tickets, and head out to Brooklyn for Emo Night and get down all night to your sorta sad nostalgia. 

Plan accordingly as you'll probably have to take a minimum of 2 hours to finish teasing your hair and applying the appropriate amount of eyeliner.

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