Because You Should Be a Little Picke About It: 8 Best Spots to Go On a Date This Spring in NYC

The birds are chirping, the leaves are blooming, and people are beginning to feel, well, frisky. 

There's something so romantic about the spring. Have a honey? Take your sweetheart on the date to remember this spring with one of these ideas. 

Picke is the dating app for anyone looking to nail (no pun intended) the dating scene once and for all, with quality dates.

Single but ready to mingle? Take the guesswork out of online dating, and get choosey-- or, more aptly, Picke

Picke is the dating app for anyone looking to nail (no pun intended) the dating scene once and for all, with quality dates. It actually lets you swipe with purpose. How? By never wasting time. By never settling.

It's the dating app that lets you filter by what you want most out of a partner, and by partner we mean someone actually meaningful.

Once you've smartened up and tried Picke, take your new significant other to one of these amazing dates in NYC this spring. 

Coney Island

Sure, it's a bit cliche, but a stop atop the Wonder Wheel might just be the magic touch to spark the chemistry between you and your sweetheart. 

Thrill seekers? See whether or not your honey has the gall to ride the Sling Shot or the Cyclone. Of course, using Picke, you already know what they like without having to guess if this date idea is going to be a bust. 

Just be sure to head out before the summertime crowds begin to cluster the beaches and boardwalks, or else this perfect date might seem more like a mosh pit than a romantic outing. 

Rooftop bars


Springtime marks the long anticipated return of some of NYC's favorite hotspots: rooftop bars. 

What could be more romantic than watching the sun set and the city's lights come alive high above the city's streets? Uh, not much. 

Whether you're planning a first date or trying to rekindle the old flame, rooftop bars offer the perfect, romantic setting, without seeming like you're trying too hard. 


What's a better way to introduce yourself to your potential life mate than by exposing your true self to them? 


And by true self, we mean the beast that requires you to eat every edible item in sight. What is true love? 

Someone who can like us even after they witnessed us devour a full pizza. 

Picke is the best way to know whether or not that "true self" can actually come out and firing at will. 

Sure, sometime's it's hard to hide the crazy, and other times it's absolutely necessary. 

But if you're using Picke to get your date, you can be up front about this part of yourself before it even sneaks out unannounced. 

Instead of overpaying for a dinner that neither of you will enjoy, spend a day exploring Prospect Park and checking out the vendors at Smorgasburg. 

Brewery tours


Liquid courage is always welcome when it comes to a first date, as long as you don't overdo it. 

Instead of hitting up a bar (so lame), take a brewery tour to get a first hand look behind what goes into your favorite beverage. 

Walk the High Line

Instead of heading to Central Park, hit up the High Line to take in some nature in the heart of our concrete jungle. 

At 1.5 miles, there's more than enough space to take in some beautiful scenery, or park yourselves on a bench to soak in some rays. While you're in the area, check out the Chelsea Market for some tasty treats. 

Take a happy hour cruise around NYC

Want to get romantic? Hit the water. 

No, we're not saying you need to pair up and wear yourself out rowing to the middle of a lake simply for a cinematic cliche. We're talking about nightly happy hour cruises around Manhattan. 

The hudson isn't exactly the most glamorous of bodies of water, but there's something so beautiful about watching the city lights come alive during a sunset on the water. 

Baseball game


Sure, not everyone loves the game of baseball, but attending a game of baseball is an entirely different beast all together. 


First off, there's beer. Beer is wonderful for a first date, but only in small quantities. Nobody wants to date a drunk. 

Second, there's baseball. It's the American pastime. Sure, it can be boring at times, but when you're at the game, you're a part of the competitive atmosphere. 

Of course, you're not going to a game with somebody who hates baseball. They told you all you needed to know on Picke. No sports? Not your idea of a good time. 

Start the wave, catch some crackerjacks, whatever you're into. Or, just watch the game. Just be sure to root for the right team (aka, the Yankees).

Visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty


Most of us have never been to the statue that so graciously stands to welcome immigrants to the melting pot that is our city. In spite of the fact that we're wildly obsessed with everything to do with our Lady Liberty, many New Yorkers don't venture out to see her firsthand. 

Schedule a date with your significant other and take a tour of Ellis Island or climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty. 

In case your date turns out to be a total dud, you'll at least be able to check out a piece of NYC's and our nation's history. 

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[Feature Image Courtesy Luna Park NYC] 

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