8 Authentic Scottish Pubs in NYC to Let Out Your Inner Scot This Month

Och aye! It's time to unleash your inner Scotsman/woman! It's Scottish month in NYC!

April 6th is National Tartan Day, for celebrating Scottish heritage and pride, and the 2017 NYC Tartan Day Parade is happening Saturday April 8th, and busloads are kilt-wearing Scots are coming into town for the first full week of April for NYC Tartan Week!

So bust out your bagpipes and kilts, and get ready to drink some whiskey! We've put together a list of the most authentic Scottish pubs in the city that are sure to be lit for Tartan week. 

The April 8th parade begins at 2pm at West 45th Street and marches up 6th Avenue to 55th Street. And there will be bagpipes.

The week will be full of theatrical events, musical performances, and haggis. Pre-game and post-game with the best of the lads and lassies at one of these highland taverns, and all month long while you're at it!

1. Caledonia Bar (Multiple Locations)

This Scottish whiskey bar has two locations, the Upper West Side at 424 Amsterdam Avenue, and the Upper East Side at 1609 2nd Avenue.


After the extensive whiskey list, the best and most Scottish thing about this place are the house rules, the highlight of which is: Five percent off for Tinder dates, you need to prove it by showing us your initial awkward messages.

2. Highlands NYC (150 West 10th Street)


Highlands NYC is an award-winning, authentic Scottish gastro pub in the West Village, proudly owned and operated by Scots. 

They of course have a large selection of Scottish scotch, malts, and gins, and a menu of artisanal Scottish goodies designed to give you a modern taste of Scotland.

3. Deacon Brodie’s Tavern (370 West 46th Street)

You know Deacon Brodie's Tavern is legit because they don't even have a website. Talk about old school. This wee candlelit tavern is tucked away in the heart of Hell's Kitchen, and named for the infamous Edinburgh Deacon who was ousted for a secret life of gambling, drinking, whoring, and theft in 1788, and hanged for his crimes.

Check out their wide variety of craft beers alongside a selection of scotch and whiskey, and pour one out for Deacon Brodie!

4. St. Andrews (140 West 46th Street)


Located in the heart of Times Square, St. Andrews is a steak & seafood joint that claims to be New York's original Scottish restaurant, with one of the most extensive scotch menus in the city!

If you see the bartender wearing a kilt, ask them, "What are you wearing under there?" And expect the proper response of, "Shoes!"

5. The Hamilton (998 Amsterdam Avenue)


Named for America's favorite Caribbean immigrant of Scottish heritage, The Hamilton is an American whiskey bar that pays strong homage to it's Scottish beverage of choice. Check it out next time you're on the UWS and feel like "Raising a glass to freedom".

6. The Rookery (425 Troutman Street, Brooklyn)


Don't worry, Brooklyn, we haven't forgotten you! If you want the full United Kingdom experience (before Scotland secedes from the UK which may totally happen), head to the Rookery! 

They have an outdoor beer garden, proper 20 oz imperial pints, a British-West Indian inspired menu, and pub quiz every Tuesday! Oh and a lot of pickle backs.

7. Iona Bar (180 Grand Street, Brooklyn)


Iona Bar boasts one of the best outdoor beer gardens in Brooklyn, and the big ole' tv screens and projectors make it home for all fans of European football, premier league soccer, rugby, baseball, basketball, cycling, tennis and more.


The bar is named for the Scottish Isle of Iona, which is an ancient and historical burial place for Scottish Kings. And they have live traditional Scottish music every Monday night!

8. The Craic (488 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn)


The Craic was started by a Scottish dude and an Irish dude, and thus is the first Scottish/Irish pub in the USA, if not the world! 

Expect whiskey whiskey and more whiskey, of the Scottish, Irish, and even American variety! If we can promise you one thing at this bar... You will get drunk.

[Feature Image Courtesy NewYorkCity.UK] 

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