Possibly the best thing about NYC is being able to kick back and enjoy a drink or two (or six) on a chic rooftop bar.

Okay, visiting any bar at all honestly.

There's something especially rewarding about sipping on a happy hour cocktail during the dead of summer. 

Sure, your 9-5 still sucks, bae is pissing you off, but a little time to yourself (and a couple shots of Jamo) is all ya really need. Trust us. 

Sneak away to some of NYC's best bars this month.

1. Allora Alto (145 E 47th St)


With a chic and simple feel, this bar gives you the best views of the Empire State Building and more. Located directly above the oh-so-famous Allora Ristorante, this new bar is going to be one of the hottest new spots this summer.

2. Loverboy (127 Avenue C)


The best thing ever on earth is getting tipsy and munching on some yummy bar finger foods.


Loverboy's got you covered! Open from 5 p.m - 2 a.m, you have more than enough time to catch a quick drink in a low key neighborhood without anyone you know spotting you. Thank God! Being known for cooking up the best pizza and burgers, your time here (and your money) will be well spent. 

3. Tiki Tabu (190 Allen St)


Finally, a colorful bar that screams "summer." From floral comfy chairs, to nets draped from the ceiling, Tiki Tabu is serving summertime vibes, and we're so here for it! 

A casual bar with great scenery, they serve up finger foods and liquor that isn't watered down. We love this place for sure. And of course, it's a rooftop, located right above the SIXTY Hotel Les. This is a bar that you definitely need to add to your list of summer night adventures.

4. Katch (31-19 Newtown Ave)

via Katch

This is the ultimate sports bars in the history of sports bars. This isn't only a bar, it's heaven, TBH.

Head over to Astoria and visit Katch, and we guarantee, you'll have a blast. Filled with 70 HD TV's, and 50 taps, you honestly won't wanna leave. Katch also has brunch, which literally makes it the best.

And we're gonna let you in on a little secret– on July 13th, they'll be unveiling a speakeasy. Shhh!

5. Spoiled NYC’s Soak Up the Skyline Soirée


Why settle for one rooftop bar (and an hour long line) when you can visit three trendy NYC spots? Come chill with us– we're here to bring your barhopping game to the next level. We've teamed up with our pals at Rooftop Crawl for an epic night you cannot miss.

We're not only three very 'Grammable rooftop spots and drink specials, but serious VIP treatment. You'll be chauffered in style from bar to bar in a full-service Bar Trolley Bus, so the party never has to stop.

Come through, fam.

6. The Office (80 Columbus Circle)

We can all agree that New Yorkers enjoy pretend speakeasies way to much. Oh, how we wish we lived in that time, filled with such mystery and excitement.

The Office is located in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, and we call it a more of an upgraded speakeasy. Unlike regular speakeasies with a hidden door or password, to get into the office you'll have to make a reservation through an app called Tock. It doesn't get any more modern that that. 

7. Hudson's (Pier 81, W 41st St and 12th Ave


Don't we all wish we had the money to kick back and relax on our own private yacht? Well, since we're all broke, there's always Hudson's at Pier 81.


This three level club on the water has a top floor dining room, a club area with a DJ booth, another lounge area, and of course, the bar. 

With windows surrounding the entire boat, you'll get a glance of NYC that you've probably never seen before. Trust us when we tell you the view is to die for. With fruity cocktails and delicious mixed drinks, you won't regret stepping foot on this boat. 

8. Metropolis (31 Union Square West)

And we present to you, yet another speakeasy. Who would want to miss out on an intimate live jazz series? So grab your bae, and enjoy this hidden bar under Blue Water Grill– with a catch. It's only open one day a week.

Every Thursday from 5:30 p.m- 11:30 p.m, guests can live in the Prohibition era for a couple of hours. We'd make that reservation stat.

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]