Single and Maybe Tryin' to Mingle? 8 Absolute Best NYC Bars to Get a Drink This June

When the summer heat comes on in New York City, it really comes on. And I'm not just talking about the sweltering humidity we strive to enjoy from June through August. 

Summer in NYC is a time of possibility, coming out of your shell and, of course, showing off all that skin because, you know, it's freakin' hot. 

If you're looking for love this summer, or just looking for a hot and heavy fling, there are a few bars to venture to that might just be the backdrop you need for finding some summer lovin'.

1. Boat (175 Smith Street - Brooklyn)

What better way to force a connection than to pile into a smaller dive bar with votive candles and strong drinks? Well that's just what you'll find at Boat in Boerum Hill. Around 2 a.m. the crowd starts looking for a local someone to click with if they haven't found one by then already.  


Their legendary jukebox gives great opportunity for bonding over a mutually beloved song, as well as picking some shag-adelic tunes to prowl around the bar to. The real hot spot though isn't by the music. The dim back booths are totally where it's at. And by "it," we mean dry humping. 

2. Lumos 


Lumos is an incredible Chinese speakeasy in Greenwich Village. Lumos is the first bar outside of China that serves the wildly unique and versatile beverage known as Baijiu.

Baijiu is a wildly misrepresented alcohol. It’s a Chinese grain alcohol packing as much heat as any Southern moonshine does, but fits seamlessly into an impossibly diverse range of flavor profiles and fresh cocktails. 

Ranging anywhere from immersive, interactive theater with cocktails tailored to the experience, to weekly Salsa Nights every Thursday, to even something more risqué like their weekly burlesque shows, there’s always something incredible happening at Lumos. It's definitely a must-try this June.

3. Houston Hall (222 West Houston Street)


This massive West Village beer garden can play host to almost a hundred people at a time, increasing the odds of catching someone's eye from across the hall. The rustic decor makes for a casual atmosphere where people can just come, chill and swig one back.


Weeknights are for beer pong so make a "friend" and take the win for a celebratory kiss. If you're a bit less competitive, Saturday nights host a live DJ who spin hip-shaking music all night long. Be sure to bring your best wingman/woman. 

4. Union Pool (484 Union Avenue - Brooklyn) 


A well-known pickup spot among the Williamsburg locals, this former pool supply store must have left something in the air. Or maybe it's the live band and outside fire pit that has something to do with the happy-go-touchy crowd that lines the tin-walled main room. 

Show up earlier for some low-priced liquid courage, like $3 PBR's and $7 Jack and Cokes from 5 to 8 p.m. If you happen to find someone to light your fire, head over to the heavily used photo booth for a 30-second make-out session, complete with photos to commemorate the occasion. 


5. The Cock (93 Second Avenue) 


Even though the East Village after-hours gay bar scene is no longer the crazy no-holds-barred party that it used to be, The Cock is still the kind of sketchy spot to get felt up in the dark by someone you might later find attractive. 


The dark back corner is, quite literally, where all the action is at as go-go boys in jockstraps dance atop the bar alongside it for tips. Weekends can get so crowded that the bar will charge a cover for those looking to venture inside for a little adventure. Just make sure you have cash. And hand sanitizer.

6. Miss Favela (57 South 5th Street - Brooklyn)


Want somewhere where you can both wine and dine? Try out Miss Favela, Williamsburg's pink and green homage to Rio's famous samba school. They serve up Brazilian comfort food dishes just like a traditional botequim, or tavern, in the motherland.   

The festive foodie spot brings out quite the colorful crowd, especially on Saturdays when a live band lays down some serious samba beats for revelers to find a partner to swing with. Their sinfully sweet caipirinhas will have you feeling like you're in love before you know it. Bem vindo a sesta!

7. Hotel Chantelle (92 Ludlow Street)

If you're looking for a bit more of a classy spot to lock eyes with someone across the bar, head downtown to Hotel Chantelle, a French and Mediterranean-inspired lounge that looks like you've stepped back into the 1940's, complete with ornate decor and plush leather banquettes. 


You can quench your thirst with everything from a Devil's Spring, Spring 44 gin, raspberry syrup and ginger syrup, to a bottle of Dom Pérignon, depending in who you're trying to attract. This tri-level seductive spot allows for a myriad of possibilities and connections if you only look.

8. Joshua Tree (513 3rd Avenue)

If you're up for an all-out romp in the night, this Murray Hill pub is the place for you. It's hard to find a shy person around here, as the young, Bohemian-minded crowd takes the place over with a bit more than just a friendly handshake. 

Daily happy hours start at noon with classic 80's music blasting from all sides. From the fog machines by the dance floor to the singles making out virtually everywhere, you'll be hard pressed to come in and not leave with someone else, at least for the evening.  

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