The emoji world is expanding once again.

Our collection of emojis will be growing pretty substantially later this month, as the Unicode Consortium recently approved a whopping 72 new emojis for approval!

Does this mean we’ll finally get some of those emojis that New Yorkers desperately need? The official list of upcoming emojis is available on the Unicode website.

It’s time to start familiarizing yourself with the new emojis that’ll soon be a part of your arsenal.

One emoji we’re particularly excited for is the pancake stack - it’s high time we have the ability to express our love for flapjacks in emoji form.

Along with flapjacks users will now have access to avocados, bacon, a pregnant woman, a dancing man, clinking glasses, a bat, a wilted rose, and 65 more! 


One things for sure, we'll definitely be seeing more emojis IRL once these new additions drop.


It’s safe to say we’ll all be looking forward to the end of June, when our iOS and Android devices are officially locked and loaded with these new emojis. 

[via Refinery29] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]