7 Most Underrated Things About Boston You Won't Truly Appreciate About It Until You Go

We know, we know. New Yorkers reading this probably gasped upon catching sight of the title.

But hear us out. 

We know that NYC is #1 - don't worry. No one is questioning that, and no one would dare. Come on; that is not even an argument worth having. 

That doesn't mean to say, however, that there aren't other amazing cities worthy of note - ones not all that far away, either. 

Boston is one of those cities. And despite the long-held, somewhat vicious rivalries that exist between NY and Boston sports teams (go sports!), there exist many reasons for New Yorkers to appreciate and even (gasp) visit Boston. YES, WE JUST SAID THAT. 

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So, yeah, it's gonna be EPIC. Enter to win now, and read on to discover all the ways the city of Boston is super underrated. 

1. America stuff 


In case you were sleeping through your 6th grade history class, a crap ton of American history went down in and around Boston.

Like, a lot


The Boston Tea Party, the establishment of America's first colleges, Paul Revere yapping about the British coming - it all happened in MA's capital. 

There's no denying that it's a pretty important place; one that's definitely worth a visit. 

2. Amazing concerts 

Tons of huge musical acts come through Boston on their national and world tours, and a lot of the time it won't break the bank to go see them (Ray LaMontagne recently offered $20 tix to his Boston shows next weekend).

But if you're the lucky recipient of our Boston giveaway, you can see some of the dopest musical acts around TOTALLY FOR FREE. 

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3. Serious walkability 


Although a map of NYC's grid and Boston's very-much-not-a-grid might seriously scramble a New Yorker's brain, it's surprisingly easy to get around by foot, which, as tourists, is how we'd prefer to see the city anyway. 


It's also not as absurdly massive as New York, so it doesn't take quite as long to get from point A from point B. 

4. It's really freaking pretty 


We might think of NYC as the most Instagram-worthy city in the world, but Boston poses a pretty decent competition. 

Old cobblestone streets, gorgeous buildings, and stunning skylines are just a few of the elements that make Boston an incredibly breathtaking city. #aestheticAF 


5. Old school eats


NYC is home to the newest, trendiest, sometimes most bizarre cuisine, but Boston does old school eats right. 

After all, it's home to the oldest restaurant in the country, Union Oyster House, which has been in operation since 1826 (WHAT?!). 


There's no shortage of cozy, hole in the wall pubs and old time-y ice cream shops in Boston, making it just about the most charming place ever. 

6. Free stuff is everywhere 


Museums, festivals, and boat races are just a few activities that are going on all the time in Boston - and totally for free. 

But you know what's rarely free? Hotels. Airfare. Amazing tix to concerts and sporting events. 

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7. It basically has its own language


New Yorkers definitely have their own language too ("Getouttamyway", "I'll have a baconeggandcheese"), but the Boston vernacular is so unique, so specific, it's almost not even English. 

Honestly, we don't even know what they're saying most of the time. Nod and smile, just nod and smile. 


Although it's deeply confusing for us outsiders, but we can't help but respect their dedication alienating non-natives. As fellow city dwellers who also often find ourselves surrounded by tourists, we understand more than anyone. 

You do you, Beantown. 

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[Feature Image Courtesy The Odyssey Online] 

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