Never Too Late to Binge! 7 TV Shows You Didn't Know You Should Have Been Watching

There's an infinite amount of television out there to watch. 

But with the help of social media, what awesome or new shows you should be watching are sometimes picked for you, with a number of equally interesting options being left out of the mainstream. 

Often floating under the radar are a number of new or notable shows that aren't dominating the TV scene but are quickly rising to compete with what's on prime time.

Remember, if it exists, there's somewhere you can stream it online.

Here are some shows to keep an eye out for and backtrack to be caught up before next season.

1. Westworld (HBO)

A robotic science fiction mixed with a western thriller, Westworld takes you to a technologically advanced society in the form of an amusement park, which is home to man-made androids called "hosts," who serve the rich "guests" that are free to do whatever they wish in the park.

But things start to get twisted when some of the hosts' programming begins to malfunction, causing them to act erratically while being shadowed by the "Man in Black." 

Come back to us when you've binged the whole thing, and we'll talk.


Alliances form, past secrets are revealed and the seemingly perfect Westworld begins to unravel at the seams.

The ten-episode series premiered in October, and the neck-snapping finale aired on December 4th. You can catch up on all the past episodes on Amazon before it's second season debut in 2018.

2. Atlanta (FX)

FX turns up the music with Atlanta, a comedy-drama about two cousins trying to make it in the Atlanta rap scene who are chasing better lives along with notoriety and fame. Two weeks after it's September premiere, it was renewed for a second season. It's that good.

Both the creator and leading star of Atlanta, Donald Glover (not to be confused with Danny Glover) plays a Princeton dropout turned music manager that is helping his cousin Paper Boi's rap career take off. He's earned the Golden Globe nominated for Best Actor in a Television Series for it as well.

The show also nabbed a Golden Globe nom for Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy after its season finale in November. You can catch up on this past season on FXNow with your cable provider sign-in.

3. Skin Wars (Game Show Network)

Need a new creative outlet? Take on Skin Wars, a body painting reality competition hosted by Rebecca Romijn. It's been floating just outside the mainstream for a while when it comes to reality show competitions, but has been steadily wow-ing more and more viewers. 

Its first episode premiered in August 2014 and, after a rocky start, became more and more colorful with out-of-the box challenges, special guest judges and the classic reality show weekly elimination that gets more anticipated with each episode. 

The season 4 premiere date is expected any day now, but until then, feel free to catch up on the past three blank canvas of seasons on Hulu.

4. Lucifer (FOX)

What happens when the Devil gets bored of ruling Hell and decides to pay a visit to Los Angeles for an extended stay? That's the premise of Lucifer, a comedy-police drama that first aired back in January. Season two started up in September, and we're more tempted to watch than ever.

We find Lucifer Morningstar, aka The Devil, running a megaclub in L.A. until a celebrity that he helped achieve fame gets murdered there. He invites himself to help the lead detective find the culprit so he can "punish" them, and becomes fascinated by the detective when she proves immune his powers.

This sinfully entertaining show brings sharp writing to high-paced action with just the right amount of supernatural help. You can catch up on past episodes on Hulu before the next new episode premieres on January 16, 2017.

5. Channel Zero (SyFy)

With the rise of American Horror Story, the standard for a horror anthology series has been majorly raised. But after this season's less than amazing Roanoke-based story, we need a seriously scary show to help keep us up at night.

Enter Channel Zero, a new horror show on SyFy that took the AHS challenge, and then some. It was greenlit for two, six-episode seasons with storylines based on popular Internet-based campfire stories, called "creepypastas." 

The first season, Candle Cove, trails a child psychologist with a haunting past as he tries to solve a mystery of children murdered in the 80's tied to a creepy children's TV show. You can catch all the scares at and keep your eyes pealed for the next story, The No-End House, debuting next fall. 

6. Haters Back Off (Netflix)

We can't help but watch a train wreck. That's exactly what you'll get when you follow the career, or lack thereof, of Miranda Sings, an aspiring YouTube singing personality who doesn't let anyone tell her she doesn't have talent, no matter what.

Full of hysterical antics as well as cringe-worthy moments, Haters Back Off challenges the notion that everyone has a star within them. Miranda, enabled by her almost creepily supportive uncle, pursues her deluded dreams of stardom as far as she can take it, and then some.


Although it's a bit of an acquired taste, it challenges what you're able to watch while clawing at the couch, praying that it'll stop. The entire series was released on Netflix in October, and is still available for your binge-watching pleasure.

7. Insecure (HBO)

In a completely hysterical and relatable series, protagonists Issa and Molly give us a dual-perspective look of the Black female experience in the modern world, touching on personal aspects of life such as career, dating and friendships.

Full of comedy laced with harsh truth, the show garnered critical acclaim from its viewers and even earned lead actress Issa Rae a Golden Globe nomination. The show brings to life that age-old proverb, you just never know what someone else is going through. 

You can catch up on the first season as they work on Season 2 on both Amazon and HBO Go.

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