Give Manhattan a break and venture out to a different borough for once in your life, New Yorkers.

And no not Brooklyn, where it's just as expensive as Manhattan and looks exactly the same. We're talking about Queens!

Queens is known for being the largest borough in NYC and home to some of the greatest places to hang out.

Wondering why Queens? For one, it's the biggest (yes, we're going to use this for everything) and offers so much more than all the other boroughs when it comes to adventure. 

Venture out into Queens and see all that this borough has to offer this summer.

1. Discover your inner Greek side


No more cheap wine, only Greek! We're New Yorkers anyway, we always deserve the best of the best! Build up your appetite and your tolerance for alcohol, and discover the side of Astoria, Queens that many may not know about. 


Indulge in delectable Greek food, flavorful wine and rich history that this neighborhood has to offer. Here's your chance to discover Greece without even leaving NYC. Any getaway is better than none at all.

2. Vibe out at a festival


There are always festivals happening around NYC that we never hear about until the very next day, when it's already done and over with. 

From music, food and art, believe it or not Queens has a lot of festivals that you have to check out! 

“Only in Queens” Summer Music Festival June 26th (Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens)

Warm Up 2017 at MoMA PS1 July 1st- September 2nd (22-25 Jackson Ave)

NY Wine & Sweets July 22nd- 23rd (5-25 46th Avenue)

Jamaican Jerk Fest July 23rd (Roy Wilkins Park)

International Beer & Food Festival August 12th- 13th (5-25 46th Avenue)

The Meadows Music and Art Festival  September 15th-17th (Citi Field)

3. Avoid the Summer heat with pleasure 

Lay out with a drink or two and soak in some sun at the Astoria Pool

Known for its Olympic size lanes and amazing view of the Upper East Side, Astoria swimming pool will make you forget just for a second that you're in NYC. 

4. Find your inner peace 

Who doesn't love a good yoga session, especially hot Yoga! 

Those Yoga memberships begin to add up, but don't worry New Yorker's, we've come to your rescue yet again!

Cancel your gym membership for the summer and enjoy free yoga at Socrates Sculpture Park from May 6th- September 3rd. Check out the schedule here.

These sessions have begun already but that doesn't mean you cant catch up! 

5. Catch a flick under the stars

Movie theaters are so cold and boring, why not enjoy great films right under the stars, with people that enjoy them as much as you do?

For the entire summer, films will be playing in Rochdale Park from June 13th- August 28th.

Good news, it's FREE! Which saves you a ton of money and counts as a great way to enjoy your summer when your broke. 

6.  Hit the putts


Get out your best tennis skirt and your favorite polo. Hit the putts at Flushing Meadows Golf Center.

Located in Flushing Meadows Park, this miniature gulf course can be the highlight of your summer nights.


Usually open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., when the warm weather begins, this golf center stays open until midnight, which is perfect for us night owls.

7. Take the best summer selfies


I know what you're thinking, how is this an adventure? To get great selfies, you always need a great location and lighting.

Get off the couch and find great landmarks around NYC that'll be perfect for your next pic.

The famous Unisphere, located in Flushing Meadows Park, is the perfect location and has the BEST lighting. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]