7 Seriously Dope Things You Must Cross off Your Manhattan Bucket List This Summer

Manhattan is the borough foreigners think of when they hear "New York City".

And for good reason. 

Manhattan does culture, food, drinks, and entertainment like no other.

Summer 2017 is no exception. 

Prepare your wallets, stomachs, and livers, this summer is going to be LIT!

1. Get that bikini body

Ah, summer. The one season of the year when it's socially acceptable to walk around half naked, and unfortunately, the one season when everyone walking in your direction gets to eye your bod up and down. 

It won't be too hard to reach your fitness goals though, especially when you're in Manhattan. For starters, we have an entire series of free outdoor yoga and bootcamp classes at Hudson Yards. Or, if you're feeling particularly brave, you can cycle your heart out at the World Naked Bike Ride. Yeah, that's a thing. 

2. Get Cultured


No one does art better than Manhattanites. I mean, we're home to some of the best art galleries and museums in the world. 

But we're not just about paintings and sculptures. In fact, we've got a pretty cool Subway Library to get some free reading in. Though for the more visually inclined, there's an outdoor French film series coming to parks all over the borough.  

3. Sip on some dranks


It's no secret that Manhattanites love to drink. We'll bar hop all night long and live to tell about it the next day (and grab some boozy brunch of course).

That's why when we find out about a craft beer festival, we won't be able to stop ourselves from buying tix. And when you ultimately get bored of all of the activities on land, you can go hop aboard the Shearwater for the ultimate happy hour sail. BTW, after all of that night drinking, you know what the best way to cure your hangover is? A boozy brunch

4. Munch on good eats


Few things in this world beat a delicious meal. We're fortunate enough to live in the epicenter of tasty food from all over the world. Where else can you walk up and down a few blocks and experience so many different cultures' interpretations of food?

If you're looking to try something new, hit up Red Eye Grill for the ultimate sushi burger experience. But if you're not too adventurous, you can't go wrong with the Battle of the Burger contest, featuring a wide variety of different burgers and refreshing brews. Top it all off with dessert at the NYC DonutFest

5. Celebrate Pride Month


Although our president has yet to acknowledge Pride Month, we're not too worried. New Yorkers don't mind taking things into their own hands when it comes to LGBTQ pride. 

We all know the Pride Parade is going to be LIT this year. It'll be the first time the parade is going to be televised. If you'd rather show your support by eating though, Megu's got the perfect rainbow dumplings

6. Jam out to some tunes

It's outdoor music fest season! *Collective YASSS*

Heard of Panorama yet? This dope outdoor festival is going down on Randall's Island this year. Did we mention the insane lineup? But if you're too broke for those coveted passes, say no more fam. We gotchu with Summerstage 2017, the lit free outdoor concert series going down at Central Park. 

7. Celebrate our independence the right way


Fourth of July is all about the things that make 'Merica great: amazing BBQs, tasty drinks, and good company. 

Hold up though, we go all out in Manhattan. Jam out all day at the rooftop "Big Bang" 4th of July party happening at Hudson Terrace. And if you're looking to celebrate at one of the highest points in Manhattan, look no further than this insane party going down on the Observatory Deck of the Empire State Building. You'll be able to catch some amazing views of the Macy's fireworks and have access to an unlimited open bar. 

[Feature Image Courtesy CoEd Magazine] 

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