7 Reasons Why You Should Never Live Alone in NYC

Living alone sounds nice on paper—you can walk around naked, every piece of food in the refrigerator is actually yours, and, save for the Debbie Downers down the hall, you say when the party's over (even if that party is an unfortunate party of one). 

But the reality of the situation comes with some unexpected burdens, especially in New York City. 

There are countless reasons having a roommate is preferable to living on your own, but, understandably, we've all got at least a tiny bit of anxiety when it comes to finding that easy solution to not living alone. 

And that's why there's SpareRoom, the long-awaited room and roommate finding site that just skirts right around the drudges of scammers, schemers, and sketchy individuals looking to ruin the good name o roommates everywhere in NYC. 

Say hello to SpareRoom, the long-awaited room and roommate finding site that just skirts right around the drudges of scammers, schemers, and sketchy individuals looking to ruin the good name of roommates everywhere in NYC. 

We've been burned before. We all have some shade of a nightmare scenario when it comes to someone we've lived with. That's why finding the right roommate is so important. 

It's kind of like Craigslist except, you know, take out all of the awfulness; the creeps, the weird "Someone Come Share Homemade Beef Jerky I Made in My Bathtub in My Bathtub with Me—Swimsuit Optional" personals, and replace it with decent human beings simply trying to make it. 

So, think of SpareRoom as the Craigslist cure; Craigslist is likely the dude who gets busted on To Catch a Predator, SpareRoom's moderators are like Chris Hansen; the host catching them at the scene of the trap, poised and ready to bring the cops in the house.   

https://www.facebook.com/spoilednyc/videos/vb.787542777983290/1568989209838639/" data-width="500" data-show-text="false">

Check out SpareRoom. Having an adult roommate IRL is nothing like sharing a dorm in college, and while having your own room mighta been a dream then, it's no effing picnic now. 

1. Money money moneeey

Okay, yeah. Obviously when you're sharing an apartment, you're saving money. We don’t need to do the math for you—and not because we're bad at math. 

Just take your rent and utilities and divide by two (or three) and you realize just how much money you’re wasting by living on your own. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you do with all the cash you save. 

Oh, and the best way to start saving that money? Posting a free ad on SpareRoom. SpareRoom's got everything you need to find a room or roommate for free. 

2. They open your eyes to new things

Your roommate brings more than a rent check to the table. They're a dynamic living person, just like you (hopefully). They have interests that might lie outside of yours, and it’s very possible that they can open your eyes to exciting new things. 

We’ve had more roommates give us awesome music and movie recommendations than roommates who have tried to steal fake their own deaths and steal our identities. 

3. You might need help lifting heavy things

Have you ever gotten the urge to rearrange all your furniture at 10 p.m.? We certainly have. 

But getting that couch from the north end of the living room the southwest corner on your own is just murder on your back—not to mention confusing if you're neither directionally inclined nor in possession of a compass. 

A good roommate will lend you their muscles whenever you may need them, and a better roommate will never question why. They’ll just mosey on over to that couch with you, remind you to lift with your knees—not your back, and help you actualize your interior design visions.

4. Delivery interference

You can’t miss that UPS package a third time, dammit. You can't. Or maybe the super is finally coming by to fix that sink at the same time you’ve got a big meeting. Having another person around is great for allowing you to get on with your life while they wait for stuff for you. 

Trust: it may not seem like much, but our roommates have saved our asses time and time again by doing nothing more than physically being home.

5. Pets

Have a pet sitter cancel at the last minute before you head off to Japan for 10 days? BOOM. Good roommates not only empathize, they generally lend a hand proactively. 

But. That's dependent on finding a good roommate. SpareRoom's unique platform helps you cut through the nonsense and shrouds of mystery surrounding that unknown stranger on the interwebs. 

When you're looking for a room or roommate, you can add photos, videos, social accounts—basically, not only as much information as you want, but as much information you'd hope to get from a potential roommate—to your profile so people can see A) how bad you are on camera, B) that you're not a serial killer, and C) that you're actually a human being. 

6. Emergency contact

Emergency in this case doesn’t have to mean anything severe. You might just need to borrow a dress for your date this weekend. Or maybe you desperately need someone to run down to the bodega and pick up more toilet paper before you can move on with your life. 

7. They keep you connected to reality

Not to say you’re going to lose your grip on what’s real while living on your own, but a roommate is a great way to keep connected to world. Even simple rejoinders can go a long way towards helping you live outside of a bubble. 

Roommates can help you reaffirm your feelings. Maybe you just got a big promotion at work and are dying to tell someone. Or maybe you’ve received some sad news from back home. In either case, your roommate will be there with an open ear. 

Good roommates are a good cure for loneliness. Sometimes you need to vent, sometimes you need someone to tell you to shut the hell up, and sometimes you just need a simple reassurance that you're okay. 

Find the Roommate That Makes Life Worth Sharing with SpareRoom Right Here.

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