#Views: 7 NYC Rooftop Bars You'd Be Absolutely Crazy Not to Grab a Drink at This Summer

We all know that rooftop bars are a huge staple of New York City life in the summertime. 

This is mostly because we New Yorkers feel superior to most humans, so physically being higher than them just feels right to us.

Kidding. (Sort of.)

But regardless, we love a goof rooftop, killer sunset in view and even more killer cocktail in our hand. 

We don't love when they're overcrowded though, and it seems like all New Yorkers are flocking to the same rooftops happy hour after happy hour.

Which is why we're bringing you our roundup of NYC's best underrated rooftop bars - places that are just as amazing as the spots everyone's talking about, but just a little more under the radar.

Of course, the trouble in speaking about them is the ever-present danger that they'll become the next big hotspot leaving you waiting at the elevator for hours on end. And if you're trying to see as many as you can in one evening, you're hard pressed to find any modicum of success. 

That's why we've teamed up with Rooftop Crawl for an incredible giveaway! You could try and do your own bar crawl, but that would mean making reservations for you and your friends at each bar individually. 

Ain’t nobody got time for that! Time wasted is time spent not getting wasted. And that’s a waste.


We’re giving away 6 tickets to one of their incredible rooftop crawls this summer (between July 21st and 23rd) where you and your guests will be able to experience three different dope rooftop venues in one night – all for free. 

So, go on, New Yorkers. Literally step up your rooftop bar game by drinking in the views from one of these oft overlooked rooftop bars in NYC.

1. Haven Rooftop (132 West 47th Street)


Haven Rooftop isn’t just another rooftop bar this summer. It’s not something you’ll lose in the shuffle in finding THE spot rather than just another spot in NYC serving alcohol. #StruggleBus

It’s also not one of those rooftop bars you get up to and pray that it doesn’t rain. Unlike many of NYC’s other rooftop bars, Haven Rooftop’s open all the time with a nifty tented enclosure that allows them to stay open 7 days a week.


Haven Rooftopis the perfect getaway-without-actually-getting-away destination you knew you needed, but just didn’t know where to find in New York City this summer.

2. mad46 Rooftop (45 East 45th Street) 


The Roosevelt Hotel is not only stunningly gorgeous, it's a classic New York spot with a ton of history behind it. 

Their rooftop bar, mad46, is equally as gorgeous, offering unique views of the city and a super chill atmosphere. 


Enter our giveaway here, where you and a guest can win a one night stay at the hotel and $150 food & beverage credit to mad46! 

3. Gallow Green (542 West 27th Street)


If you grew up watching The Secret Garden, the idea of enjoying a delicious meal or cocktail atop a dreamy rooftop garden sounds like heaven.


Gallow Green is all that and more, with its gorgeous greenery, live music, and incredible drink menu. It’s pretty much the best atmosphere for a sunset happy hour. 

4. Z Roof (11-01 43rd Avenue - Queens)


Long Island City might seem like quite the trek to all you Manhattanites, but that's precisely why Z Roof is so underrated, and therefore, worth the trip. 

The rooftop offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city, not to mention some of the chicest decor and tastiest drinks.

Z Roof also offers a $35 rooftop yoga class, the cost of which includes "skinny" cocktails and light appetizers afterwards. #yas


5. Our Wicked Lady (153 Morgan Avenue - Brooklyn) 

A rooftop bar - in Bushwick? We know, it's nearly unheard of, but this it's real. 


It's super casual, cozy, and considerably cheaper than a lot of Manhattan bars (what does it say about the state of the universe when $12 for a cocktail is cheap? Ugh). 

6. Cantina Rooftop (605 West 48th Street)


Hell's Kitchen isn't exactly short on rooftop bars, but it might be easy to overlook this one in favor of something swankier. 

But Cantina's welcoming decor, full menu (not just bar food), and top notch sangria make it a perfect post-work or weekend spot. 

7. Monarch Rooftop (71 West 35th Street)

Located in the heart of Herald Square, Monarch boasts 5,000 square feet on the 18th floor, with impressive views of Midtown Manhattan and the adjacent Empire State Building. Seriously. It's like you can just reach out and touch it. But you can't. It's too far. 


Recently, Monarch introduced both an incredibly delicious Saturday brunch menu and lunch service from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. daily because day drinking on an empty stomach is a bad idea. #Trust 

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[Feature Image Courtesy ZHotelNY.com] 

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