Sexy in the City: 7 Best NYC Restaurants to Spark Up a Sizzling Night

Let's face it. New York City is one of the sexiest cities in the world. 

From the sweeping skyline and iconic design to the vivacious energy of the people that populate it, it's undeniable that it's easy to get seduced by these city streets. 

Given it's also a foodie mecca of the world, it's easy to see how you there are so many head-turning restaurants to tantalize your palette and make for a hot night on the town. 

Here are just a few of our favorites. 

Get out there. Mix it up. Get sexy with it!

1. Buddakan (75 9th Avenue)


The seemingly plain facade of this Chelsea gem is a veritable Cave of Wonders once you get through its immense metal doors. A dim and intimate front bar gives way to a cavernous dining area, full of Bohemian-esque booths and exotic relics mounted on the walls. It's a night for all your senses.


If you're lucky enough to descend the steep staircase down to the lower dining room, you'll see the sprawling dining table accented with giant chrome-colored candlesticks covered in dried wax formations that Carrie and Big held their rehearsal dinner at in the first Sex And The City movie. 

2. Bagatelle (1 Little West 12th Street)


Take a mental trip to the south of France when you step inside this fine French bistro, which combines the elevated feel of a high class destination restaurant with some edgy graffiti art accents. Surrounded by champagne bottles perched behind leather banquettes, it's quite the sight to take in all at once. 

The high caliber classic French cuisine you'll find here, like their 10 oz. grilled lobster tail or truffle-roasted chicken, is only rivaled by their signature cocktail menu with treasures like the juicy Bootie Call, which uses Christiana Vodka, fresh watermelon, rosemary, lemon juice and elderflower. 

3. Loosie's Kitchen (91 South 6th Street - Brooklyn)

The counterpart of the popular New Orleans-style bar next door Loosie Rouge in Williamsburg puts a taste of the South in your mouth in a chic and sunny shack that will make you feel like you're dining on white sand by the ocean. And since you're right under the bridge, that fantasy isn't that far off.

The partially covered outdoor patio is alive with all kinds of greenery and the whitewashed walls provide the perfect backdrop to their casual dining menu. When you're done, pop next door to their colorful bar, alive with good drinks, regular entertainment and, you guessed it, more food. 

4. Kat & Theo (5 West 21st Street) 


The old world meets the new one in this seductive clash of brick, iron and candlelight at Kat & Theo in Flatiron, which serves up some impressive and innovative Mediterranean-inspired faire. The massive skylight in the back skylight shines a spotlight on a cozy ledge stone fireplace.

As the restaurant is housed in a pre-Civil War building, it capitalizes on its historic feel with reclaimed white oak floors and exposed brick with an open kitchen framed by blackened-steel trusses than hang from the walls and ceiling, reminiscent of the Big Apple's towering bridges. 

5. Gato (324 Lafayette Street)


We start off with the brainchild of celebrity chef Bobby Flay at his spacious Spanish-inspired eatery in NoHo, which is much more than just a pretty face. Candlelit tables, vintage floors, exposed ceilings and intimate corners hiding within the industrial-chic space make this a classy yet sassy experience.

Make sure to come early or make a reservation, as this place gets packed with people trying to get a plate of Flay's kale and wild mushroom paella or the restaurant’s scrambled eggs, made with sharp bûcheron cheese and served with tomato confit toast alongside.

6. Deja Vu (33-26 28th Avenue - Queens) 


Try a taste familiar of Bulgaria in this cozy Astoria hotspot. What this eatery lacks in size it more than makes up for in ambiance and allure. Although it's solidified itself as a local neighborhood spot, it exudes a sort of romance and charm that makes you want to come and stay for a while. 


If you're feeling extra sultry, try out one of their Hookahs that the patrons rave about before taking a big bite of their famous Meat Balls, which are homemade, grilled and then served over red sauce, parmigiana cheese and pita bread. 

7. The Clocktower (5 Madison Avenue, 2nd Floor) 


If you really want to spend the night like a big wig, head over to the second floor of The New York EDITION Hotel to indulge in they type of sexy that money can buy. Take a lingering gander of their three intimate yet opulent dining rooms, a billiards room with a full-size pool table and the extra posh bar.

All along the walls of each room are sets of framed black and white photographs that are strategically set, each with its own individual theme. You can find an eclectic assortment of decadent dishes here too, from a spiced pistachio-crusted spring lamb to a slow cooked macaroni and cheese.

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