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7 Best Lunch Spots to Keep Up That Healthy New Year's Resolution

You're at the office and you're strapped for time, but your stomach is growling so loud your co-workers can hear it from three cubicles down. Your resolve to keep up your New Years resolutions is slipping as your cube-mate munches down a pair of greasy dollar slices. 

Have no fear, New Yorkers. 

There are plenty of fast, healthy, affordable spots that will bring your tastebuds on a flavorful journey while satisfying the aching hunger in your belly.

The spots on this list are great for the time crunch of a lunch hour when you're stuck with a fast approaching deadline, but don't want to sacrifice your waistline. 

Whether or not you've made a New Year's resolution to keep fit, these 7 spots are excellent health conscious meals for your lunch break.

1. Mulberry & Vine (73 Warren Street)

rebecca_chews_nyc On the plate today: Shaved Brussels sprouts with citrus, almond, and fennel pollen, quinoa salad, and roasted chicken leg over brown rice...feeling good after this meal. 💪

This spot, which lives up to the motto "live dirty, eat clean," is an excellent option for the health nut on the run. You have the option to select either 3 vegetables or 2 vegetables and a meat for your meal, but you can order an item on it's own for either $4.50 (vegetables) or $6.50 (meats). 

There's also so many options that you won't get bored. We love their roasted brussels and carrots with a pumpkin seed pesto, their charred avocado with a pumpkin seed greek yogurt puree, or their "glass noodles," or sweet potato vermicelli with cucumber, peanuts, and thai basil. 


For a protein option, we'd opt for the "M & V Roasted Chicken Breast," which is served with brown rice or veggie mash, rosemary, thyme, and citrus. But don't leave without having a gluten-free cinnamon sugar donut... because you deserve it. 

2. Nourish Kitchen + Table (95 Greenwich Avenue)

nourishkitchentable Winter grain bowl action...minted-lemon barley, tamari-gochujang glazed sweet potatoes, sautéed cabbage, pickled beets and carrots, add an optional poached egg. Available on-demand via @trycaviar. Yup, we're back on lunch and dinner DELIVERY as of today! Link in profile. #grains #bowl #reclaimyourplate

This seasonally influcenced, takeaway food shop and café is tucked away in the West Village. They serve food that has been created by a nutritionist who puts an emphasis on balance and flavor. 

Nourish Kitchen + Table also has a curated cleanse in the form of a meal service delivered right to your door. The plan comes in three different options, giving you three meals per day and two sncks. The plan is also adjusted personally for your needs after a 30 minute talk with nutritionist, Marissa Lippert. 

If you're not up for paying top dollar for a cleanse, you can always do their takeaway options, smoothies, or juices. 

3. by CHLOE (185 Bleecker Street)

glorpark Everything was the 💣 dot com #bychloe #vegan #nyceats #wewerehangry

If your New Year's resolutions include eating more vegetables, then you really need to try by Chloe. It's a new, 100% vegan, all natural, plant based restaurant. This successful spot has already announced the plans for two new locations in the next few months. 


Their "Guac Burger" with a black bean-quinoa-sweet potato patty, corn salsa, onions, guacamole, tortilla strips, and chipotle aioli on a whole grain bun has helped usher in NYC's hottest food trend, vegan burgers

4. Taim (222 Waverly Place)

petrichory If I had access to falafel like this, I'd be a vegan by now.

Sometimes you want a bit of a cheat meal without going overboard. We'd recommend Taim's falafels, which is vegetarian, gluten-free, and fried to order. 

Literally translating to tasty in Hebrew, Taim lives up to their name. Additionally, their falafels are fried in 0% trans-fat oil, using only the freshest ingredients. We love their green falafel (with parsley, cilantro and mint) sandwich on a whole wheat pita with hummus, Israeli salad, pickled cabbage, and tahini. 

If you're really hungry, try the "Mediterranean Platter," which comes with hummus and your choice of three salads and tahini sauce, served with toasted za'atar pita. 


5. EONS Greek Food for Life (633 2nd Avenue)

thegreenfisch Organic Mediterranean fast-casual for the win @eonsgreek. 🌱👊🏼 😘 @pjalali for the rec. {organic grilled salmon, organic greens, hummus, beet salad, cucumbers, olives & chickpea salad topped with tzatziki dressing.}

Looking for a quick, nutritious, and delicious meal for lunch? You need to try EONS Greek Food for Life. Their mission is to provide fast, quality, healthy Greek food at an affordable price, and they deliver on that promise. 

Research has proven that a Greek Mediterranean diet with fresh, non-processed ingredients can lead to a health benefits and an improved lifestyle. We're pretty positive that you'll be able to keep up your New Year's resolutions with the help of EONS.


It's as easy as picking your base, your protein, your side, and any toppings or extras. We love the lamb pita with tzadziki and a side of a chickpea salad. 

6. Green Symphony (255 West 43rd Street)

pinoy_vegan #vegan #vegetarian #food finally!!! #greensymphony #kale #salad was the #bomb #yum #veganmofo #vegansonig #vegansofig #vegansofistagram #whatveganseat #wishyouwerevegan #foodie #foodporn #veganfoodshare #Veganism

Sometimes you really just want a buffet, but not want to feel like you've eaten your weight in greasy, unhealthy foods afterwards. Luckily, this Midtown spot is a great, healthy choice for anyone in the area... regardless of the fact that you're right near Times Square. Better yet, they deliver. 

We love the "symphony salad" with natural-fed chicken breast, sun-dried tomatoes, basic greens, roasted red peppers, alpine swiss, grilled eggplant and grilled zucchini. 

We also really enjoy the "nude noodle" with mixed greens, soba noodles, soybean sprouts, seaweed, pumpkin seeds, carrots, dumpling, and sesame-ginger tamari sauce. Best part? Both of those items are less than $9. #healthywinning. 

7. Inday (1133 Broadway)

inday_nyc In good company✌🏼️ cc: @wellandgoodnyc @ubereats 📷@uber_nyc

This relatively new spot is perfect for health conscious workers who love Indian food, but have had to cut out the creamy, fattening curries. 

First, you choose a dish (each priced at $8), that are each served with a seasonal vegetable side. Once you've chosen between one of five options, you can add on additional proteins for an extra charge. 


As it's a new restaurant, they're still developing new items. We're really excited for the 9 inch "moong dal flatbread" which will be served with rice, roasted cauliflower, corn, pickles, and your choice of protein. 

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