Foodies Never Say Die: 7 NYC Foods You Absolutely Have to Try Before Summer Ends

Summertime in New York City is essentially every foodie's wet dream. 

It's a time when all the seasonal vendors and restaurants open up shop and serve up some of the best food the city sees all year. 

But they're not around for long, so us New Yorkers have to take serious advantage before winter descends and we never want to leave our apartment for a meal ever again. (Thank god for Seamless.) 

So if you think of yourself as a "foodie" (aka if you've ever Instagrammed a picture of your avocado toast), there are a few spots that you absolutely have to try this summer before time runs out. 

But even if you consider food Instagrams passe and refuse to partake out of sheer spite, you should still make an effort to visit these incredible eateries. 

Read on to discover your NYC foodie bucket list for this summer. 

1. The Emmy at Emmy Squared (364 Grand Street - Brooklyn) 


New Yorkers are well versed in pizza, but even we may be a bit puzzled (albeit intrigued) by this creation from Emmy Squared. 


This summery spin on a NY favorite includes creamy mozzarella, banana peppers, and red onions, drizzled with green ranch dressing. 

2. Fresh Coconut from Smorgasburg


If you spend any time at all at Smorgasburg, you will undoubtedly see people walking around sucking from giant coconut, and you will undoubtedly feel the need to acquire one of these tropical treats for yourself. 

It's basically the most summery thing you could ever put in your face - a fresh ass coconut straight from the machete to your mouth.

That's right - at Excell's Kingston Eatery, you'll witness a man slash a coconut with a literal weapon, stick a straw in it, and hand it over to you. 

3. Push pops from Lafayette (380 Lafayette Street)


Is anyone else feeling major #tbt feels right now?? These decadent treats bring us back to our childhood days flagging down the ice cream man, quarters from mom and dad in hand. 

Lafayette's push pops will let you relive all your summer nostalgia, with an artisanal twist. At $6 each they're a little steeper than the cherry pop you got from the 18 year old driving your neighborhood ice cream truck, but this elevated take on a childhood fav is well worth the price. 


We're dying to try their three new flavors of the season: apricot with wildflower honey, yuzu sherbet with lemon curd, and a roasted corn-infused ice cream with bird's eye chili flecks. 

4. Fish Tacos from Tacoway Beach (302 Beach 87th Street - Queens)


Just when you thought you'd tried every fish taco in the city. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE.

We ain't mad, though. 

Tacoway Beach (A+ wordplay, by the way) is just one of many scrumptious food stands open at Rockaway Beach for the summer. 

The fish taco is their best-loved item, and it's a perfect way to cap off a day of sunbathing and wave-catching. 


5. Grilled Lobster at Luke's Tail Cart (State Street & Water Street)


Nothing says summer quite like fresh seafood.

This brand new seafood cart in Battery Park is grilling up fresh lobster tails all summer long. They're even serving them on skewers, so you can take them with you as you explore the park or ride the carousel. 


Don't forget the delicious sauces - you'll have a choice of warm lemon butter or a seasonal wild-blueberry vinaigrette. Yes. Yes, please. 

6. Cream Ices from Ralph's Italian Ice (various NYC locations)


We love a delectable frozen treat, but sometimes ice cream can only go so far, especially when temps reach the 90s. 

Ralph's Italian Ices offer delicious creamy ices that are even more refreshing than your typical ice cream cone. You've got to try the cannoli flavor - it's to die for. 

7. Oysters from Sabbia (200 5th Avenue)

Eataly's seasonal rooftop restaurant literally means "sand," and it certainly holds up to the name.

We don't mean you're going to wind up with a mouthful of sand. Not at all. We're just referring to the dreamy, Mediterranean inspired decor that'll immediately have you considering quitting your job in favor of a summer on the beaches of Sicily. 


Their Oyster bar is the star of the show - fresh, delicious oysters expertly prepared by the chefs at Sabbia. These guys know what they're doing when it comes to seafood. 

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[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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