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Dress Accordingly: Must-Do's During Absurdly Unpredictable Springtime Weather in NYC

Spring is upon us, which means you'll often find yourself walking down the street with two different extremes: those who have dressed for mid-summer scorchers, or those who are stuck in a polar vortex. 

Unfortunately, the weather in New York City can switch in a New York minute, which means that even though you've prepared for mid 60's, you're sweating through your shirt in temps scraping the 80's. 

The right outfit certainly starts with the right foundations, which means you need to find the comfiest, lightest underwear like MeUndies. 

Since you most likely can't rush back to your apartment to switch your outfit of the day, you need to prepared for all types of weather. 

The right outfit certainly starts with the right foundations, which means you need to find the comfiest, lightest underwear like MeUndies

Regardless of the weather, your outfit depends on your comfort, and MeUndies will make you feel heavenly all year long. 

Here are some essential tips you need for dressing in NYC for the springtime. 

Wearing the right underwear


Hello, Springtime? Meet winter thighs. Winter thighs? Meet sweat. We've all been there. Swamp a$$ is a thing, it's unfortunate, and it affects us all. 

But you can protect yourself from the embarrassing pool of sweat that will strike as the temperatures begin to climb. 


It's time to start thinking seriously about your underwear. You need underwear that will be comfortable, even when you begin to sweat more than the Niagara Falls, because chaffing is just as bad as swamp a$$.

How can you protect your poor little bum? You need MeUndies, the only underwear that's comfortable enough to keep you cool even in the most epic of temperatures. 

Cargo Shorts

No. Just, no. 

Flip flops are not appropriate workwear


That's right, we said it. 

Unless your job has a very relaxed workplace, you probably shouldn't be wearing shoes that are more fit for the beach. 

Plus, who wants to ride on the subway in flip flops? Hard pass. 



Springtime is the perfect time to pull out those cardigans that your mother insisted you invest in. 

Because the weather changes at the drop of a hat, you need to be prepared for freezing cold temperatures in the office, when it could be high 70s outside. 

White can be worn before Memorial Day

Whoever came up with the rule that white is inappropriate between Labor Day and Memorial Day is wrong. 

White is more than appropriate when the weather is as beautiful as a mid-summer's day. 

Let's just put it this way, when the weather is hitting the mid-70s, we'll be bringing out our white. 

Comfy loungewear

Sometimes the subways get hot... like really, really hot. 

You don't want to be heading out for some Netflix & Chill when you realize that the subway train is hotter than the seventh circle of Hell. By the time you're ready for the main attraction, you're already beat. 


That's why you need sweat wicking loungewear like MeUndies so you have something cozy to slip into. Like, it's basically a misdirect in movies where women get all sultry and sh*t and say, "Let me slip into something more comfortable..."

Sexy lingerie? Nope. Dope ass loungewear. 

Oh, you thought MeUndies only sold undies? Wrong. 

They're selling up the most seductively soft loungewear thats light and comfortable enough to get you from your house to your final destination, without a sea of sweat. 


Please, for the love of god, use deodorant, especially if you ride the subway or a bus. 

Yes, we understand that there are a lot of reasons why people tend to shy away from deodorant, but if we can smell you three blocks down, you should really rethink your personal hygiene methods. 

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