7 Most Romantic Spots to Impress Your Next Date in NYC

Dates can easily get monotonous. 

How many times can we list our siblings? Talk about our college major? Pretend to argue over the bill when it's clear that one person is going to insist on paying? 

Ugh. The whole process can be pretty exhausting.

By this point, we've probably all been taken to the same few places for dates-- the same restaurants, same bars, the same thing every time. 

While you may think that in New York City, we'd be going to a different restaurant every day, it seems that somehow we always end up back at the same ones.

But if you really want to impress your date, you have to think outside of the box. NYC is an incredibly romantic, visually stunning place, and we should be taking full advantage of that in our dating lives. 

Lucky for you, we've compiled a handy list of all of the city's best, most beautiful date spots to wow your next date-- read on to discover what they are. 

1. Brooklyn Bridge 


Walking the Brooklyn Bridge is not only totally free, but also one of the best ways to view Manhattan in all its glory. 


Strolling across the bridge together is a perfect, no pressure way to chat and get to know your date - way better than staring at each other from across a table in a crowded restaurant. 

2. Lincoln Center Fountain 

Lincoln Center is just freaking magical. The fountain, the picturesque theater, and the hustle and bustle of the Upper West Side make for an inarguably beautiful, quintessentially New York setting, one that's perfect for a date. 

You don't even have to drop cash for theater tickets - a stroll around Lincoln Center with a cup of coffee is a super romantic way to spend an afternoon. 

3. East River Waterfront Esplanade 


This two-mile long waterfront walkway allows for the most incredible view of, essentially, the entire East side of Manhattan. It's stunning, especially at night, and basically the most romantic thing ever. 


A portion of the pier extends out into the river, making you feel like you could practically reach out and grasp the Empire State Building. 

4. The High Line 

We know - a lot of the time, The High Line is an over-crowded tourist trap that we are desperate to avoid. 

But if you catch it at the right time, it's amazing. The views of the city are absolutely gorgeous, not to mention all of the great bars and restaurants right below it. 


5. Belvedere Castle

The whole "white horse" shenanigan is a load of cliche crap, but this castle is undeniably magical, and thereby completely romantic. 


The name "Belvedere" is derived from Italian meaning "beautiful view", and we can certainly see why. From atop the castle you'll get some of the best views of Central Park, and feel like you're in an extra in The Princess Bride while doing so. #winwin

6. Brooklyn Botanical Garden


Unless either one of you has a serious allergy problem, you really can't go wrong with a botanical garden.

But seriously, even if you do have allergies, load up on Zyrtec and brave the pollen, because the cherry blossoms are just too gorgeous to miss out on. 

7. Jane's Carousel 


Dates are always better when they stray from the status quo a bit, right? Taking your date to this beautiful carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park will certainly mix things up, in the best way possible. 


In addition to enjoying the beautiful park, you guys can relive your childhood in all its glory. And, let's be honest, probably laugh at yourselves at how ridiculous you look, but would you really want to hang out with someone who doesn't know how to poke fun at themselves?  

We didn't think so. 

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