Because Love Is Where You Make It: 7 Most Overrated Date Ideas in NYC

New York City is basically the homeland of cheesy romance. 

Countless romantic comedies have made it the focus of their narratives, causing couples all over the world to flock to NYC in the hopes of recreating the iconic moments they grew up watching. 

And while frolicking through Central Park or the streets of Midtown Manhattan may look like a grand old time when Meg Ryan circa 1997 does it, it's actually not that fun in real life. 

With Picke you can filter out all of the possible dead ends and cut straight to the match you want made. 

Especially when you're on a date.

When selecting the perfect spot for a romantic meet-up, it's crucial to wade through all the overrated bullsh*t in order to avoid all that cliche'd horribleness. 


This is also pretty necessary before you even get to the date part. 

Seriously, aren't you exhausted by all the dating rituals you're forced to go through every time you meet a new person?

 In this day and age, you'd think social media would offer a pretty clear picture of a person, but Facebook stalking can only do so much. 

With Picke, you can swipe through possible dates by qualities and attributes that you've hand selected. 

You can filter out all of the possible dead ends and cut straight to the match you want made. 

Refreshing, right? 

Turns out, dating doesn't have to be a headache. So to avoid all that nonsense, make sure to avoid these overrated date spots.

1. Ice-skating at Rockefeller Center


Sure, this may seem like a fun, festive, adorable way to spend a date, but be warned. 

The actual ice rink is hella tiny, crowded with tourists, and never zambonid as often as it needs to be.

And also, let's be real, you're not as graceful as you'd like to think you are. Strapping icey blades to your feet in a scenario in which you're actively trying not to embarrass yourself is probably not the best idea. 

With Picke, if someone recommends this idea at any point, you know they're not ideal. A) Because it's Springtime, and that person probably isn't real, and B) because well, that sh*t's just overrated. 

2. Top of the Empire State Building

Ugh. Haven't we seen enough Instagrams of this? 

Aside from the building needing some serious renovations, it's simply a very overdone ritual. Yeah, it's cool to see it once during your fourth grade school trip, but if you want to impress your date, this certainly isn't going to do it.

It'll seem like you're just going through the motions of what a "romantic" date is supposed to look like. What's more of a turnoff than that? Almost nothing.

You can start to avoid this even before you go on the date by creating an account with Picke, where you can swipe through a prospect based on factors like education, occupation, and height. 

That way, you won't just be going through the motions of a date (i.e. "do you have siblings?" "where did you go to school?" "where are you from?" "blah blah blah"), because you'll already know the basics about the person. 

3. The High Line

No. No. No no no no. 

If your idea of a perfect date is a scenario in which you both spend the entire time squeezing single file past herds of people and are barely able to hold a conversation above the constant din of tourists, then by all means, go to The High Line.

But we're guessing you had different ideas in mind. There are much better ones out there, we promise.

4. The Museum of Natural History


It's all fun and games until an out-of-control 5 year-old breaks one of the skeleton displays and bursts into a hysterical crying fit. 


We know you probably imagined this date to involve strolling through the halls hand in hand, gazing into each other's eyes and having intellectual conversations, but really, you'll likely just be dodging tourists and regretting the $25 fee you paid to get in.

5. Shake Shack


Yes, the burgers and shakes are pretty damn good at Shake Shack, but it's basically the most unoriginal place you could take a New Yorker out to eat. 

Not to mention the absurd lines that tend to form all the way down the block in the summertime. No thank you. 

6. Central Park


Ugh, come on. Could this be any more generic? 


Taking your date to Central Park tells them that you literally didn't try at all. 

You did zero planning but still wanted to seem romantic and fun, so you suggested a walk in the park. 

But, you're more selective than that. Any old generic, overdone date isn't good enough for you. 

And honestly, the same applies with the person you're going out with, which is why you used Picke before arranging this date. 

You've heard Oprah loud and clear - you've got standards, and you're not ashamed of them. 

With Picke, you're able to skip past the dating games you're more than sick of by now, and cut right to the chase. 

7. Coney Island 


Coney Island is to first dates what Ikea is to long-term relationships: a true test.

The lines, the rides, the heat, the endless journey on the D train; it's a lot to handle. It might seem romantic and adventurous, but in reality it's probably going to be a hot mess, literally. 

You'd be better off with just Netflix & chill. 

Start Swiping for a Good Reason and Check Out the Picke Dating App Right Here.

[Feature Image Courtesy WNYC] 

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