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#RookieMove: 7 Embarrassing Mistakes Every New Yorker Makes on Their Dating Profile

We'd rather be dropped in the middle of a lion's den wearing nothing but a meat suit than go on yet another blind date that our mom set up with her friend's nephew.  

A date with an unknown random who shares zero chemistry with us is not exactly our idea of a good first date... 

Picke is the dating app that let's you set your own parameters. It lets you filter out the nonsense so you can pick your perfect match. 

In fact, it's substantially more mortifying than relying on dating sites to find the right match. 

However, these days there are way too many dating apps to choose from. That's why we got choosy, or more aptly, Picke, to find our soulmate. 

Picke is the dating app that let's you set your own parameters. It lets you filter out the nonsense so you can pick your perfect match. 

Just don't be nuts and make these mistakes on your dating profile, or you could wind up getting left swiped by your soulmate. 

Lie about your age


In this day and social environment, it's really unnecessary to lie about your age, unless you're doing something seriously shifty. 

Maybe you want to shave off a few years? Fine. 

But they might also be adding a few more onto theirs. So really, it's kind of a wash. 


Listen, unless you're interested in catfishing the hell out of someone, don't touch photoshop for your profile picture. 


If you're on a dating app, you probably expect to meet your potential match in person at some point or another, which means they will recognize the edits and feel semi-cheated. 

We're not saying you shouldn't fix your red-eye or cover that blemish, but anything that shaves off fifty pounds or makes you essentially unrecognizable just isn't productive to forming a relationship.

People are already going to be Picke about who and how they match up with someone. 

Lying by way of using a fake pic of any kind is probably not a good look.  

Wearing wedding rings

Uh, unless this is Ashley Madison, we really don't think you should be wearing a wedding ring in your dating app profile picture... 

Actually, let's back up: unless you and your partner have a mutual open relationship which you specify in your profile, you should not be on a dating site or app at all. Period. 

Don't toy with another person's emotions by causing that person to unknowingly becoming your secret affair. Plainly put, that's disgusting on multiple levels. Just don't go on dating sites if you're in an exclusive marriage. 

Lie about your height

Going along with photoshop, this is one of those things that will eventually come to light when you actually meet another person face-to-face. 

If you say you're 5'6", you better be somewhere in that general range, and not 6'7" or 4'2". Remember, people are weirdly Picke about the height of the person they date. 

We don't judge the women who're only into tall dudes, and we certainly would avoid lying because, well, humanity. 

Making group pictures your profile picture


Are you lookin' fine in that picture with your boys? Is your outfit on point from that girl's night outing? Great!

Now, crop out your friends. 

You're on a dating website. Don't muck it up by throwing too many bodies. If anything, a potential match's Picke-ness is going to determine that there's a weak link in the squad, so it's just as safe to swipe on past. 

Instead of intentionally confusing a potential match, choose pictures where you look good, but also provides some kind of insight into something you enjoy.

Taking pictures with or bragging about money/cars/expensive things

In your dating profile, there is absolutely no reason to disclose your salary, your car model, or the type of incredibly expensive alcohol that you guzzle down on a regular basis. 

If you do, we'll think that you're incredibly shallow who judges others by their material possessions. If that's what you want, go for it. Be Picke, even. That's the beauty of the app. If you're into that, then go for what you want in life. 

If you're looking for a meaningful relationship that is transcendent of materialistic possessions, don't focus on your monetary wellbeing. You want someone to be into you, not your wealth. 

Being vague about your interests

Please, please, please stop putting "wanderlust" as an interest. 


We're sure you'd really love to quit your job and travel the world to experience other cultures, but unless you're spending three to four months in different locations around the world, it really doesn't say anything about you. 

Instead, tell us if you're a sports fanatic, or have your own makeup tutorial you-tube channel, or are a serious follower of Dr. Pimple Popper on Instagram. 

Whatever your interests are, they'd be more telling than simply putting vague, overused, terminology to attempt to seem cultured. 

Start Swiping with Purpose. Download the Picke App Right Here.

[Feature Image Courtesy The LA Times] 

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