Eggs, Bread, Milk—Check! 7 Essentials You Need to Survive Getting Snowed-in in NYC

We don’t know about you, but as soon as we see that first flurry hit the New York streets, we immediately lose all interest in leaving our apartments.

It's a fact. It's science. And we like science. 

FoodKick, the undoubtedly dope younger sister of FreshDirect is saving us from no-food 'Oh, shit!' crisis by delivering the essentials and essentially everything we could ever want or need right to our apartments in as little as an hour. 

But, it’s like...really... cold out and who wants to deal with that?

Say hello to FoodKick, saving your butt from frostbite, delivering everything you need to make it through a bundled-up weekend in a moment's notice. 

FoodKick, the undoubtedly dope younger sister of FreshDirect is saving us from no-food 'Oh, shit!' crisis by delivering fresh food, cold booze, and essentially everything we could ever want or need right to our apartments in as little as an hour. 

Anything from tequila to fresh-caught salmon to guacamole—oh, and let's not forget the actual snowstorm essentials, milk, eggs, and bread—right to your door with just one search through their app!

So grab your blankets and make sure to check off the absolutely essential items you’ll need to survive and thrive—and get delivered right to your apartment—on a snowed-in weekend.

1. Booze—that arrives chilled and ready to drink!


Seriously, it's not worth it out there to go to the liquor store or bodega. But it's not humanly possible to make it through a snowstorm without alcohol. FoodKick to the rescue!

Literally go head over to FoodKick (or download the app for Android or iPhone), use your brain, add 80 bottles to your cart, seriously ask yourself if it's enough, and boom! Done. FoodKick just saved the day. 



What’s a splurge day (or few) without cheese? More than that, what’s wine without cheese?

Basically, you can’t have a successful day without cheese.

For our own preferences, we would load up the fridge with burrata. Seriously, is there an anonymous group for creamy mozzarella addicts? Because we think we need to join (welp. There goes that anonymity...). 

But burrata isn't a year-round offering. That's okay. 

Try some 18-month-old black wax gouda, sheep's milk cheese, triple cream cheese, humboldt fog, truffle tremor, truffle gouda—ANYTHING!

But again, the preference is up to you and your friends! Add in some crackers and a little balsamic or honey and BLAMMO! Perfection!

3. Hangover No Mo’ 


Yes, this is a real service that FoodKick supplies for you. 

You know why? Because they love you and want you to be the best version of yourself when you awake to the slushy mess of the post-snow Manhattan. And the aftermath of all the wine and cheese.

How nice would some gingerale be right then and there? What about some Pedialyte, bagels, and Bloody Mary makin's

Swipe right on FoodKick, and you don’t even have to wait for a match before you’re feeling good again (okay, so while that's not actually true, we're factoring in peace of mind as the first step on the way to recovery...).


If there's anything we're loathe to miss while snowed in, it's the ease with which we're able to procure the great New York City staple: the dollar slice. Snowy weather doesn't mean strapping up your snowshoes just to get pizza, and it doesn't mean settling for the ever-disappointing DiGiorno either.

No, with FoodKick you can still get pies from Roberta's pizza or coal-fired slices from table87—hell, you can even make your own pizza with their MYO Pizza kits

5. Snacks

What is a movie marathon or binge-watch kick without popcorn? If you’re fancy, you can buy an actual popcorn popper at Target that gets all of the kernels. Or, settle for the microwavable kind. Either way, it’s a necessity.

Plus, in the comfort of your own home you can eat popcorn the real way and not in the polite, "Oh golly gee! I’m in public, so I probably shouldn't shove handfuls of this into my face and eat it piece by piece!" way.

6. Fruits and veggies (we know...)

Literally the saddest thing in life is leaving an avocado out to ripen for 38 seconds too long and having it turn brown. RIP perfect avocado. Or maybe you feel like cooking (shocker), and need some fresh greens for your veggie stir-fry. 

“But, I live next door to a bodega, why wouldn’t I just go run down and get the fresh stuff there?”

Um, one: that would require you leaving your couch. And two: what in God's name are you thinking getting produce at a bodega? Is that even an avocado? You don't want avocados from the bodega cat. You KNOW that kale is NOT local.

(Fact check: After surveying nearly a dozen resident bodega cats, we've found this to be factually untrue. That said, everyone should realize that bodegas are actually run by cats, so proceed with caution.)

Pull up FoodKick and get perfectly ripe avocados and farm-fresh produce—without having to beg at the paws of cat overlords—delivered right to your door. Thank you, 2017.

7. Like ...actual meals

While we love a good #treatyoself day, one cannot survive on pizza and cheese alone.

Adulting is hard but you can do it. Just feed yourself some protein and real meals here and there. Maybe throw some pulled pork in the crock pot? Or, throw together some organic salmon and sweet potato fries. 

If you don't wanna actually put food together yourself, FoodKick delivers rotisserie chicken and housemade ready-to-eat Beef Bolognese Lasagna.

Don’t Get Hangry—Get FoodKick. Head Over to or Download the App for iPhone & Android.

[Feature Image Courtesy Vivienne Gucwa | Instagram] 

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