Only the Strong Survive: 7 Essentials to Surviving a Miserably Snowed In NYC Weekend

Have you heard about that itty-bitty snowstorm we're supposed to be experiencing tomorrow? Yea, it's just a tiny little blizzard named Jonas... and no, not the Brothers. 

You're probably planning on not leaving your apartment this weekend due to 40 mile-per-hour winds and a blanket of snow. We don't blame you. We won't be moving from our couch. 

But in order to prepare for our weekend snow-driven hibernation, we need to make some preparations so we won't have to lace up our snow boots and trek through the arctic tundra that are the streets of New York City...

Okay, so that's a bit of sarcasm. The streets of NYC are certainly not comparable to the arctic tundra, but you catch our snow drift. 

Let's get down to it. Here's what you need to survive this weekend's snowstorm in NYC.

1. Booze

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Really. You need booze. When the rest of the world is engulfed in a wintry coating, the only thing that will warm your frosty heart is a full glass (or couple bottles) of your favorite alcoholic treat. 

We're also expanding booze to include beer, whiskey, bourbon, gin, whatever your alcohol-loving heart desires.

Let's play a really fun drinking game where everyone stands at their window and drinks every time a snowplow comes by. Actually, we're not sure that game would be safe. 

Mayor de Blasio plans to deploy 1,650 plows to handle the situation tomorrow, so actually we nix the idea of that drinking game. How about we just drink every time the MTA cancels a train? That one sounds a bit safer.


Plus, you know you're not going to want to go out in the icy tundra, so why not order delivery from Thirstie? It's an on-demand alcohol delivery service that'll suffer through the snow for you.

If you're less interested in a once-and-done situation and more interested in a long-term commitment, you could check out Glassful, they'll bring you three bottles of wine every month for $54, and they'll be tailored to your taste. 

We know, living in NYC is amazing.

2. Binge watch. Everything.

ouatseries [3x22] This scene >> #CaptainSwan ā¤ļø ā†³ 45 days!

Or, you know, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, Apple TV, basically any other streaming method that doesn't involve cohorts with Time Warner Cable. We're very not into Time Warner Cable.

Anyway, our point is when you're trying to entertain yourself while it's a blizzard outside, binge watching is essential. 

What should you binge-watch? Well, the Golden Globes just happened. You could check out all the shows that won during those.

But what exactly should you binge watch, you might ask? We got you. Check out our Netflix and chill binge-watch list.

Or you want to you know, read instead of watching TV or movies, you could could read books on Blinkist. No, wait, don't go anywhere. You can check out more than 1,000 best-selling nonfiction books, but they've all been transformed into a power-pack you can read in 15 minutes.

Don't have time to read a book? With Blinkist, that's no longer true. You'll be smarter and more apt to emerge victorious in debates within 15 minutes. You'll also need to find a new excuse for not reading.

3. Hot chocolate

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... and Kahlua. We mean, what?

Let's face it. Nothing can prepare you to face that mean old blizzard Jonas like the nectar of the Gods. We know that phrase is usually used to describe champagne, but we feel like in this situation it applies to hot chocolate.


You should also make sure to partake in a snowball fight, and then warm up with some steaming mugs of the good stuff afterward.

Putting plenty of marshmallows in is a necessity. We mean it. Seriously. 

4. Clean laundry

mwamofficial Time for the laundry.. šŸ‘”šŸ‘•šŸ‘ššŸ‘–šŸ‘Ÿ #laundry #wolf #wolves #rock #band #music #manwithamission #mwam #kamikaze #boy #jeanken #johnny #unitedstates #la

So, Saturday is your chance to be cooped up in your apartment, and finally get all that laundry done that you've been meaning to do.

Your clothes need to be washed, very badly. Like, they've been spilling over the top of your hamper for weeks and you know it.

The only problem with this otherwise perfect plan is that you really, really don't feel like spending hours in the laundromat.

That's where FlyCleaners comes in. It's an on-demand pick-up and delivery service, and they could come to get your laundry in as little as 20 minutes. The one bummer is that they've already announced that they'll be closed during Blizzard Jonas, but you can catch them on the next snowstorm.

Luckily, Cleanly has made no such announcement, and they're also a laundry pick-up and delivery service, so it looks like you can still get your laundry done with the touch of a button this weekend. Hooray.


5. Home cookin' 

plated The secret ingredient in this chicken recipe? šŸŗ. Learn how to make it through the link in our bio.

Cooking is great. Food that you've sweated and bled for always tastes better, because of cognitive dissonance. Also, food is great in general always.

If you don't want to leave your apartment to buy food, and if the idea of remembering what you want to cook and picking out recipes sounds too hard, don't worry, you don't have to.


With Plated, a food delivery service that brings recipes designed by chefs and pre-portioned ingredients right to your door every week, you won't have to worry about waiting in blizzard-grade lines at the grocery store again. 

Which is a big win if you ask us.

6. Clean apartment

handy_hq Our favorite costume of the day: The Handy App! #handyhalloween

It's the same conundrum you faced with doing your laundry. You've really been meaning to clean your apartment, but you're really just way too busy of a New Yorker to ever have the time.

Handy can fix that. Handy grants you the satisfaction of having a clean apartment without the grind of having to actually clean it.

Also, Handy allows you to book handymen. So they can come and screw in those high up lightbulbs and nail in your length mirror and all that good stuff you don't have the capacity to take care of.

Really, it's a couple clicks and you've booked cleaners and handymen, at a moment's notice, to come to your apartment and improve your life. 

Did you ever know you could be this simultaneously lazy and responsible?

7. Your meds

pillpack This face was too good not to #regram. Glad you're loving your PillPack, @etjonathan!

Just because it's a snow day doesn't mean you can skip out on your prescription.

So whether you're taking antibiotics for your cold, a daily pill for your dog allergy, or you've managed to snag a prescription to the elusive medical marijuana that just became legal in NYC, we want to make it very clear that you can't skip your daily dose just because there's snow on the ground.


A huge bummer during the snowstorm? You guessed it. Actually getting up, putting on boots, and going to the pharmacy while the winds are blustering and the snow is falling in troves sounds like a nightmare.

Luckily, there's PillPack, and they'll deliver your medication for you. Which mean's all's well with the world again, and you won't have to go get your medication during the storm. 

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