April Showers Holding on for Dear Life: 7 Best Things to Watch Indoors This Weekend in NYC

Spring is supposed to be a thing now, right? We're not confused about what time of year it is? It's actually just this sh*tty out? 

Cool, cool. 

Although we would love to be hanging out at a rooftop restaurant or enjoying Central Park, we can't really be too mad about staying inside this weekend. 

That's because there's no shortage of movies and TV shows to catch or catch up on this weekend.

So thank your lucky stars that you have a remedy for the gross weather and, more importantly, a good excuse for avoiding putting on pants and/or talking to people. 

1. Keanu

We're all familiar with Michael Key and Jordan Peele's hilarious sketch comedy show, Key & Peele. But now, the duo is finally pairing up to bring us their first feature film together which opens in theaters Friday.


The movie centers around the pair's attempts to retrieve a stolen kitten that had been helping Rell (Jordan Peele) through his recent breakup. Unsurprisingly, hilarity/shenanigans ensue. 

While it may appear as though it's a parody of the Keanu Reeves movie John Wick, the pair revealed o the Bill Simmons Podcast Network that it was written well before that movie came out. Jordan Peele eloquently called it, "A pre-cog parody."

2. Kinder: Tinder for Kids

Speaking of comedy duos, we're also super excited to catch Kinder: Tinder for Kids, a comedy sketch produced by Cannibal Milkshake, at the New York City Independent Film Festival this weekend. 

Cannibal Milkshake was co-founded by Jeff Ayars and Dan Rosen, who write, direct, edit, and occasionally star in their own comedy sketches. 

Kinder, which parodies the popular dating app Tinder, imagines a world in which there's an app tailored to children in search of play dates, was selected to play at this year's festival.

And rightly so. See it for yourself on the duo's website, along with their other hilarious parodies and sketches.

3. Unslut: A Documentary Film 

Another film we're psyched for at this weekend's NYC Indie Film festival is Unslut: A Documentary Film, from director Emily Lindin. 

Lindin's project strives to end slut-shaming by speaking with individuals who have experienced sexual shaming, as well as sexuality experts, advocates, and media figures. 


It's an incredibly important topic that we're glad is getting some visibility at the festival. 

4. NBA Basketball

Yay! Sports! 

No, seriously. The first round of the NBA playoffs is almost done, and there are three different games you need to watch Friday night. The Pacers are trying to force a game 7 against the Raptors (good luck not choking, Toronto), and so are the Clippers.

The real gem is the Charlotte Hornets who're lookin' to close out the Miami Heat tonight. Linsanity's back in the Queen City, Kemba Mamba's lookin' fresh to death, and Gabrielle Union might have another twitter freakout if Dwyane Wade doesn't get the call. 


5. The Hologram for the King  

A trek to the movie theater is certainly worth it for a dose of Tom Hanks. 

His recent endeavor is the film adaptation of incredible 2012 novel, The Hologram for the King by Dave Eggers. 


Hanks portrays an American salesman who travels to Saudi Arabia to sell a holographic teleconferencing system to the government there.

We'd buy whatever Tom Hanks is selling, TBH. 

6. Silicon Valley

The hilarious HBO original series is back for its third season, and we're so freakin' excited. 

The teaser promises even more awkwardness and subsequent hilarity than the first season, which we didn't really think was possible. 

Season 3 premiered last Sunday and continues this weekend with an all new episode. 

7. Greenroom

If we've learned anything over the years, it's that a rainy weekend is the perfect time to watch a movie that scares the poo out of you. 

Greenroom is a horror/thriller film starring Patrick Stewart as an absolutely terrifying human that keeps members of a punk band captive after they witness a murder at the remote venue where they're performing. 


Definitely not one for the faint of heart. Unless you're a faint-hearted masochist. Then totally go for it!

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