7 Best Stops for a Pre-Game Drink or Bite on the Way to Citi Field

Whether you’re a lifelong Mets fan or have no idea who Matt Harvey is, you might just find yourself headed to Citi Field over the next six months. Baseball season is here!

Sure, you’re probs going to have a dog and a beer during the game (Or sushi? Stadiums be fancy these days.), but you might want something to hold you over until you find your seat.

There are plenty of great spots along the way, so why wait until you reach the stadium to get the party started?

The easiest way to get to the stadium is by taking the 7 train which stops in front of Citi Field at Mets-Willets Point station. 

Here are our picks near stations on the 7 Express line:

Grand Central

1. Grand Central Oyster Bar (Grand Central Terminal)


Staying at the bustling bar at Grand Central Oyster Bar for too long might cost you a pretty penny, but hopping in for Happy Hour won’t break the bank. The place can be a bit scene-y and hard to get a seat, but that’s half the fun.


If you’re lucky, you can slide into a barstool from 4:30–7 p.m., Mon.–Wed. and Sat. between 1–5 p.m. for $1 Littleneck Clams, $1.25 Bluepoint Oysters. They also have some fried seafood and drink specials. The cheapest beer you can score is $6 (still cheaper than ballpark prices).

Court Square

2. Court Square Diner (45-30 23rd Street – Queens)


This diner, open 24-hours a day, is an option before or after a game. Opened in 1946, the restaurant has a large menu with most the items you’d expect from a diner (Yes, they have disco fries.) as well as some Greek specialties like souvlaki platters.

There are also plenty of dessert and drink options, so you can have a rugelach and a Jamaican coffee. (It is Queens, after all.)

Queensboro Plaza

3. Commissary Market (25-15 Queens Plaza North – Queens)


For a quick pick-me-up, head into Commissary Market for a smoothie, juice or coffee. The staff is friendly in this charming café and the best part is, with the covered walkway connected to Queensboro Plaza, you won’t even have to get wet if it’s raining!

61st Street-Woodside

4. Donovan’s Pub (57-24 Roosevelt Avenue – Queens)


For a hearty meal and a pint of Guinness, jump off the train at Woodside and hit up one of their many pubs.

Established in 1966, Donovan’s Pub is a neighborhood favorite serving Irish fare and a variety of burgers, like the BBQ ‘n Beyond with bacon and barbecue or the Sunnyside with a fried egg on top.

5. Jollibee (62-29 Roosevelt Avenue – Queens)


You’ll know you’re in the right place when you spot Juicy J, the large, red, jolly bee standing outside. Jollibee is a Filipino fast food chain with over 900 locations worldwide, including the one in Woodside.

You’ll find familiar items like fried chicken and spaghetti, as well as some more interesting options like Halo-halo, a colorful dessert with ube ice cream, sweet beans, coconut, leche flan, shaved ice, fruits and jellies. Be brave; Bourdain it.

Junction Blvd.

6. Tortas Neza (96-15 Roosevelt Avenue – Queens)


If you want to scarf down a big meal before the game in an attempt to avoid waiting in food lines at the stadium (Fair warning: a Mets game once lasted 25 innings), Tortas Nexa definitely has a filling option.


The Corona food truck serves up ginormous sandwiches, called “Torta Pumas” named for Mexico City’s soccer team. These $15 behemoths combine a chorizo omelet, hot dogs, a fried chicken cutlet, head cheese, ham and Queso Oaxaca. Split it (Or don’t).

Mets-Willets Point

7. McFadden’s Citi Field (36-02 126th Street – Queens)


Doors open at McFadden’s three hours before every Mets home game, and this place gets crowded! They have over 50 TVs, DJs and a bar made for dancing, should the Mets win. 

If you don’t stay at McFadden’s for too long, you can catch the 7 super-express after weeknight and weekend games. The service is timed to depart after the last out and makes only three stops in Queens before reaching Manhattan. 

Or stay as long as you want and take a cab home, why not get all the mileage you can out of that Syndergaard jersey?

[Feature Image Courtesy ABC7NY] 

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