7 Pairs of Sneakers Perfect for NYC Summers—Especially If You Hate Your Feet

Don't love your toes? Are your feet wayyyy lighter than your legs and you refuse to show them?

We got you NYC guys and gals with the best sneakers to wear this summer that'll be great for New York's scorching heat.

Ditch those last season Toms, and grab some sneakers that are actually trending right now.

These sneakers will probably improve your outfit, or make you more comfortable. Either way, you're winning.

Besides, with tourists clogging the sidewalks, you're going to need the perfect kicks that'll stand the test of time and pavement when you're hoofin' it throughout this Summer of Hell. 

Put those feet to rest as we help you pick out the best shoe out of thousands.

1. Vans Checkerboard Slip-on

By far, the most popular sneaker of any summer ever, you just slide in and go! 

Now, get your mind out of the gutter NYC and invest in some comfortable-as-f*ck vans. Available in a numerous amount of colors and prints, Vans are ready for the summer just as much as you are. 

The black and white checkerboard is the perfect shoe for the summer for any manner of dude (we're not gendering dudes here. We're just of the mind to follow Kel's immortal words: "I'm a dude, he's a dude, she's a dude, cuz we're all dudes—HEY!"). 

When those toes ain't done, you better slip those bad boys on. If you're a busybody just always in a rush, these slip-on loafers are perfect and can be your summer go-to.


2. Adidas NMD


Looking for a stylish running sneaker that can also be worn on your casual days off? Have no fear, Adidas NMD are here.

With its first release selling out almost instantly, Adidas NMD have been a trending for a while now. 

No, we're not saying buy this sneaker because everyone has it, but because they have something most sneakers don't: they're lightweight! 

On top of being stylish and comfortable, you literally cannot go wrong with these. As usual, there is style made for both girls and guys, but you know buy whatever color you want, we don't care, just as long as you're comfortable.

3. Stan Smiths


Legit the only shoe in the world, that can be worn with any outfit...

Not really a new shoe, because Stan Smiths have been around since my parents were in Junior High, but Stan Smiths are on a shortlist of the best go-to sneakers. We always say, when in doubt Stans are the only way out. Definitely corny as hell, but no less true. 

4. Converse


Another classic that have stood the test of time, innovation, and a weird leather phase in a Will Smith movie, Converse.

Few even remember this was the default choice in the hardwood back in the day, and people are still pretty split on whether they're actually comfortable or not (insoles, guys). Obviously, everyone has different feet and different preferences. 

These classic Chucks are the best sneaker for the summer, adding flare to your outfits and color to your wardrobe. Are you the type to tuck your laces in or leave them out? There are always two different type of Chuck wearers. And then there's Will Smith wearing Chucks in iRobot. 

5. Van Old Skool

In the mood to bring out your inner skater? This is your chance. Even if you're just ready to lay out on a cool summer day in your distressed jeans and comfortable tank, Vans Old Skool is the perfect sneaker for you. 

Vans has the ability to complement your distressed summer looks. You can still look good even if you've got your "I'm Running Late AF, Guys" look on. 

6. Nike Presto


For anybody that doesn't workout but enjoy fronting like you do, this one's for you.

Perfect for any corporate people that love to be super comfortable when on their way home, and made of a stretchy material (similar to Nike Huaraches), this is a lightweight sneaker that is perfect for any time of the year. 

They've got a nice mesh material and ranging in all different kind of styles for both men and women, and they might be a sneaky good summer workout sneaker.

7. Slides


Yes, not your typical sneaker, and by that I mean they're not a sneaker at all—but hear us out, NYC.

This is the only slipper on Earth that you are able to wear socks with. Slides are a pretty decent go-to when it comes to comfy feet you can instantly air out. Of course, if you take your socks off on the subway, we might riot. 

And yes, normally, any sandal or slipper with socks is an immediate "WTF ARE YOU DOING?!" but not the slides. 

Wear them in the house, to the store, to work, with or without socks, anywhere you please, slides are nearly perfect. Just, again. Don't. Take. Your. Socks. Off. On. The. Subway. 

[Feature Image Courtesy High Snobiety] 

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