In the Mood for Comfort Food? 7 Best NYC Restaurants You Absolutely Must Visit This October

Now that the weather has finally calmed the f*ck down, it's time for some fall eats.

Like soup. And beer– oh, you don't agree beer belongs in the fall category of drinks? Yeah, we're pretty sure there is a circle of hell where you actually just have to try and finish a Guinness in the middle of August.

Anyway, fall is all about warm, hopefully fried comfort foods that make you completely forget every summer bod goal you tried and failed to set.

The only goals you'll be thinking about are #brunchgoals, we promise.

Throw on your coziest knits and indulge in some of the decadent dishes at these cozy spots. New York City's got you guys covered.

1. Murray's Cheese Bar (264 Bleecker Street)


Is their anything better than tomato soup and a grilled cheese on a chilly fall afternoon? No. No, there isn't. Well, maybe an artisanal grilled cheese, like the ones they serve here.


This spot next to Murray's Cheese Shop sports more cheesy dishes than you'll be able to try in one visit: cheese plates, seasonal macaroni & cheese, buffalo cheese curds, fondue, and even cheese ice cream and more.

2. Blue Dog Kitchen & Bar (308 West 50th Street)

Text your squad that you just found the new brunch spot. Not only that, but you've found a new brunch spot that actually gives a damn about what you're putting into your body. Blue Dog's taking over NYC in the best possible way. 

From chocolate chip pancakes to killer Eggs Benedict at brunch, to an absurd truffle mac n' cheese at lunch and dinner, Blue Dog will satisfy all your fall comfort food cravings. 

But really, you want to hit up their spot on 50th Street for some otherworldly Butternut Squash fries with a delightfully zesty chipotle aioli. 

If you're wondering how refreshing it is to find deliciously unique menus built from homemade, family recipes and locally sourced―actually fresh―ingredients, well, you need to hit up Blue Dog Kitchen & Bar. Make your reservation for dinner right here.

3. Guac Tacos + Tequila (179 Avenue B)


This guacamole themed restaurant just opened its doors last month and we feel it is our civic duty to make sure that you know that, well, it's a f*cking guacamole themed restaurant. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?!

Besides 11 varieties of guacamole, nom on one of their three selections of tacos: steak, shrimp, and cactus (we'd try it!).

Don't forget their third and arguably the most important part of any balanced meal: tequila. They've got ten varieties and make one mean marg.

4. 21 Greenpoint (21 Greenpoint Avenue - Brooklyn)


If this place sounds familiar, you might remember that last month, the restaurant's owner had his dad, Bill f*cking Murray, bartending for the opening weekend

That was an invite-only event and Bill Murray's no longer behind the bar, but check out Greenpoint's newest stop for comfort food with chic ambiance. They sell fresh seafood, artisanal sandwiches, pizzas fresh out of their wood-burning oven, and some seriously inventive cocktails. 

5. Blue Ribbon Bakery Kitchen (35 Downing Street)


Terrible news, brunchers: as reported by Eater, Blue Ribbon Bakery Kitchen is closing its doors for good at the end of November, so taste their amaaazing fried chicken while you still can.

You might think brunch places are dime a dozen but NYC will be bereft without this trendy, totally delicious cafe and their dope bloody marys.

6. The Sanctuary Hotel (132 West 47th Street)

Heads up, theatre-goers! No #staycation needed to dine at one of the two spots in this chic AF Times Square hotel. 

In collaboration with the openings of the new shows, White Rabbit Red Rabbit, VERSO, In Transit and The Illusionists, they are offering lunch, dinner, and drink specials if you bring your ticket stub from any of the four shows.


At Haven Rooftop, their way 'gram-able restaurant and lounge, you can claim a complimentary glass of wine, prosecco, or one of their signature cocktails with the purchase the prix fixe theater menu (along with showing them your ticket)

This deal is also valid at Tender, their innovative steakhouse that blends American and Japanese-style cuisine. Your ticket stubs will also get you 20% Tender's regular lunch and dinner menus.  So how about dinner and a show, anyone?

7. Chumley's (86 Bedford Street)

The famed speakeasy, frequented by some of our most celebrated poets, novelists, and playwrights, is finally back– for those of you who can get in.

This isn't the same prohibition-era Chumley's where John Steinbeck poured whiskey into his veins; the owner, restaurateur Allessandro Borgognone boasts his menu's check average of $50 (without drinks), but we doubt this will make tables any more accessible.

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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