7 Best Restaurants You Simply Gotta Visit This September in NYC

As the weather slowly heads back to reasonable temperatures, we're down for grabbing a dinner that doesn't involve sitting right next to the apartment's AC unit. 

Lucky for New York City, September comes bringing a bounty of good dinner spots, and we've found a few we just can't wait for.

Here are seven places we're thrilled to try this month. 

1. Phil & Anne’s Good Time Lounge (196 Smith Street)

Are you a Food Network fanatic? Then we don’t need to introduce you to Anne Burrell, the celebrity chef with the best hair (yeah, no, Guy Fieri doesn’t count).


Expect the Mediterranean and Italian-influenced eats here when the restaurant opens up this month in Cobble Hill.

2.Blue Dog (various NYC locations)

You’re looking for a swift and deliciously nutritious dinner? Blue Dog Kitchen & Bar has you covered. Their menu has noms for even the fussiest of foodies. Like, really. They have something for everyone.

They don't stick to just one cuisine, and it works. They go from strict American to American with a bit of latin fusion. European-influenced dishes that are tremendous. Even Asian dishes. They're touching as much of the food map as they can, and it's absolutely delicious.

Rock Shrimp Tempura? Done. Melting-our-hearts-creamy-burrata dinner? Done. Tacos...?! Also done.

Their famous Turkey Chili Dinner is absurdly good, and we would recommend their truffle mac n’ cheese (because when can you ever go wrong with mac n’ cheese?) alongside one of their unique cocktails.

You can make a reservation right here.

3. ReViVer (934 8th Avenue)

Science just got a whole lot tastier with this recent arrival on the culinary art scene.

ReViVer mixes up the best of the nutrition science with the finest dining, and should you find yourself eating healthy pretty frequently, take advantage of their loyalty program.

Place your order here.

4. White Gold (375 Amsterdam Avenue)


Super-chef April Bloomfield will bust out some more deliciousness, on the heels of her mastery at The Spotted Pig and the craziness that has been Opaque-Dining in the Dark. When the restaurant opens this month, we’re super-excited to try this gourmet Chopped Cheese sandwich.

5. Fowler & Wells (123 Nassau Street)


Even after Colicchio & Sons closed down last month, celebrity chef Tom Colicchio’s been hard at work with Fowler & Wells, one of two restaurants opening up in the brand spankin’ new Beekman Hotel. So gear up for a sweet staycation and enjoy one of Colicchio’s famous steaks, when the restaurant finally opens this month.

6. Drunken Dumpling (137 First Avenue)


September 14th means dumplings. It’s your birthday? Sure, just celebrate with some dumplings. Getting married? Have a nice honeymoon, with dumplings.


A former chef of Joe’s Shanghai will be bringing out all the deliciousness, and we expect to see you there.

7. Ramen Shack (13-13 40th Avenue, Long Island City)


Grab some legitimately tasty ramen at Keizo Shimamoto’s newest bistro in Long Island City. You can pick from several ramen creations, including the glory that is the ramen burger.

We recommend you get there super-early when it opens on September 26th, because there’s seating for only ten people. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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