Calling all wannabe Pokemon Go Masters!

Chances are if you're reading this, you've already taken the Pokemon Go plunge and have started amassing your collection of creatures to max out your Pokedex. Bravo.

It's no surprise that Manhattan is a veritable hotbed of Pokemon activity, from down in the subways to the top of the Empire State Building.

But if you're tired of wasting Pokeballs on Pidgeys and Rattatas, or are constantly envious of the super rare Pokemon your friends caught and are posting about on Facebook, you might want to check out these spots to take your Pokedex game to the next level.

1. Central Park


Aside from just the sheer amount of space it covers and the abundant flora that wild Pokemon seem to love hiding in, Central Park is the top place in NYC to go hunting for rare catches. 

Head over to the Bramble on the Upper West area of the park, where the likes of the Electabuzz and Flareon have been spotted, or by the East Side's Secret Garden where trainers have found the fully-evolved Vileplume. 


A Gyrados was also spotted right outside the 5th Avenue entrance the other night and a Poke-mob ran across the street to catch it, including a covertly-dressed Justin Bieber. (yup, he's playing too)

2. The Financial District

Downtown has been awash with people following their phones since Pokemon Go launched, and for good reason too. Since almost all the buildings are packed close together, many of the PokeStops almost overlap each other, making all the Lure Modules trainers use down there doubly effective.  

Once you get past the all-too-common Zubats, its second form Golbat has been nabbed down there, as well as a few other already-evolved and powerful Pokemon near the South Street Seaport like Dodrio, Seadra and Electrode. 

3. Harlem

Whoever said Harlem was "up and coming" probably had no idea that Pokemon Go might be a huge influencer of getting more people uptown. The neighborhood's scattered parks and numerous church PokeStops have encouraged many to explore above 110th Street.

Some reported rare finds are the red hot Magmar and the plant-dino Ivysaur. One of the most beloved Pokemon ever, Pikachu, has also been spotted wandering around by 116th Street and Malcom X. How's that for encouraging gentrification?

4. Bryant Park 


If you dare to enter the perimeters of Bryant Park, you'll find a lot more than just a handful of PokeSpots, most of which almost always have a lure on them. Because of its central location, the gathering of trainers here is nothing short of insane. 

Just the other day, the extra elusive Vaporeon popped up on the grassy space and a legitimate stampede of people ran from all corners to nab it. Also spotted around here have been the giant rock snake Onix and the third-tier evolution Pidegot. 

5. Union Square


If you're hanging out on the East Side, or are trying to hatch a 10 km egg, dash on over to Union Square where some seriously super Pokemon have been found, as well as a myriad of PokeSpots by the benches, so you can rest those legs that have been walking all day.

Among the notable catches around here have been a few fiery finds like Vulpix and Ponyta, plus a few rare captures like Persian and Venemoth. There have also been some Eevee sightings around the doggie park, if you're trying to get all three of its elemental evolved forms by nabbing candies. 

6. Hudson River 

It's no secret that some Pokemon pop up just near bodies of water, and your best bet to have some rare ones pop up is to walk along the banks of the Hudson. Not only will you easily cover a lot of grown as you stroll down the West Side, but you'll be able to grab some non-water catches in the bushes too.


Both Dratini and it's evolved Dragonair have been spotted in the big blue, as well as a slew of Staryus to evolve up to it's powered-up Starmie. Don't forget to walk amongst the grass and try to find a shy fairy-type Clefairy or it's close and rarer cousin, Chansey.

7. Fort Tryon Park


If you're really looking for a Pokemon adventure, head up to the 200's and into Fort Tryon Park, a forest maze of paths and scenic overlooks, as well as the hauntingly beautiful Cloisters, which also serves as an often-lured PokeStop.

Climb to the top of the towering stone steps of it's picturesque overlook, not just for the view, but for the chance of finding the assassin-like Scyther or the super rare Aerodactyl. If you're brave enough to go at dusk, you just might run into a Gengar if you're lucky.

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[Feature Image Courtesy Observer]