Better Meals Means Better Dates: 7 Best NYC Restaurants for Your Next First Date

First Dates are rough, but first dates meeting someone who you've casually exchanged messages with on the internet can be even tougher. 

Dine is the best dating app for not only getting a date, but also knowing where to take that date.

What if the place they chose isn't in a public area where you can inconspicuously (we hope) fake an emergency and slip out? What if the food is absolutely abhorrent and you can't stomach the company or the meal?

Luckily for you, that's where Dine comes in. 

Dine is the best dating app for not only getting a date, but also knowing where to take that date. It matches with your dates based on preferences, but it lets you request, receive, and go on dates based on the restaurants and bars you already love.

So even if you guys don't have fireworks, at least you'll have a really amazing meal. 

Instead of meeting Aunt Muriel's BBF's niece or nephew who is a good religious dentist (but actually a dweeb), find your own soulmate through food... because everyone knows the closest way to the heart is through the stomach. 

Download Dine now, and find love at one of these perfect first date night restaurants:

1. Gramercy Tavern (42 East 20th Street)


Like the finer things in life? Really looking to make a once in a lifetime impression? Make a date for Gramercy Tavern. It's for anyone who really appreciates fine dining, impeccable service, and creative cuisine. 

Worried about the bill when you're headed to such an expensive spot? Just start your date with Dine

Dine helps you figure out who's footing (or splitting) the bill before you even meet up for the first time. Make sure to try the sunchoke ravioli with leeks and reading raclettes. 

2. Uva (1486 2nd Avenue)


If you're a fan of Italian food and haven't eaten at Uva, then you're not a real fan. So if your date says they are into Italian cuisine, Uva is a must. 

Try snagging a table in the garden enclosed by windows to get the experience of eating outside without having to struggle with the elements. 

Try the "Gnocchi di Ricotta" with homemade ricotta gnocchi in a black truffle and chive sauce. Decadent doesn't even begin to describe the creamy sauce and fluffy gnocchi. 

Not a fan? Try the "Coste di Manzo Brasate" or braised short ribs with a pan seared potato and rosemary cake. 

3. La Lanterna di Vittorio (129 MacDougal Street)

This stunning restaurant will take your date's breath away. Their garden room is filled with beautifully colored lanterns that will take a romantic restaurant to the next level. 

Start with the "Pate con Cippolla," with grilled peasant bread, topped with truffle pate' and chopped onion. Next, try the "Pizza con Pesto e Caprino" with pesto, goat cheese, mozzarella, pinoli nuts, and extra virgin olive oil. 

4. Alta (64 West 10th Street)

From the minute you approach the door, you'll feel the romantic vibe of this tapas bar. Whether you're dining on the bottom level, filled with perfectly dimmed lighting from the floors above, or looking over the main dining area from the second floor, you'll have the perfect setting to get to know one another.

This is one of those special places that is just as perfect for a group as it is for a romantic dinner for two. 

Of course, if you've decided to soften the blow of a first date by having a group date, which, to be clear, is one of the many great things about dating with Dine, get the "whole shebang," or everything on the menu.

 You'll get everything from burrata, meatballs, and boar. It's a win. 

5. BONDST (6 Bond Street)


Feeling adventurous? Try BONDST for an incredible Japanese meal. The soft lighting will set off the perfect glow for an intimate first date, whether your opt for a table or the sushi bar. 

Beyond the elegant interior, BONDST offers up some of the most excellent sushi in NYC. 

Start with the "spicy crispy shrimp" to add a little kick to your first impressions, or go with something a little more safe with the "red snapper tacos." 

Just make sure you enjoy plenty of sushi, nigiri, and sashimi with your date, or you'll seriously regret it. 

6. Pylos (128 East 7th Street)


How about a little Greek? Get to Pylos. Not only do they have exceptional cuisine, but they've got a beautiful dining area, complete with gorgeous Greek pottery hanging from the ceilings. 

If you're not into dim lighting on a first date (since you actually want to see what they look like considering they might have used some weird, unflattering pictures connected from Dine to their Facebook profile) head to Pylos.

Start with the "pastitsio" or terrine of baked pasta layered with a meat sauce and béchamel. Then try the "paidakia galaktos stin schara me imam kai mora patates." 

It consists of a marinated grilled baby lamb chop served with mini stuffed eggplants and fingerling potatoes. 

7. Upstate (95 1st Avenue)

There's nothing worse than meeting up for a date, only to realize you're over or under dressed. That's why you need Dine. You'll know before the date where you're actually headed. You'll have already chosen the spot and known what the vibe is like. 

For those who want an unassuming spot, head to Upstate, where you'll enjoy your date and your food.

Upstate has some of the best seafood at a reasonable price. It's a craft beer and seafood joint, serving up fresh oysters, crab cakes, and even sea urchin. 

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