Time to Put the BOO in Boozy: 7 Best NYC Bars Serving Up Spooky Halloween Cocktails

It's officially Halloween season in New York City! Costumed heroes, creeps, terrifying clowns brandishing knives on subways...

Yeah. It's about to get a little creepy. 

While the kids can have fun tracking down candy, the grown-ups seek out some treats of their own...

Treats that give you much more of a buzz than a mere sugar rush.

Here are some spooky spots that are BOOzing out this month for Halloween.

1. The Headless Horseman (119 East 15th Street)


Transport yourself back into the foggy nights of 18th-century New England at this Colonial-themed tavern, complete with flaming lanterns, overhead wooden beams and food that gets your hands dirty, like fried chicken drizzled with honey and baby back ribs glazed with an apple-cinnamon sauce.


They have 25 beers on tap, like the heavy Keegan's Mother's Milk and the rich Sixpoint Diesel Stout. But for a spookier selection, try the Corpse Reviver, made with Four Roses bourbon instead of the usual gin back, and a classic Manhattan possessed by Italian amari Averna and Fernet.

2. Mundo (37-06 36th Street - Queens)


It's double the trouble in Long Island City with two new concoctions brewing at the dual-level bar and restaurant Mundo inside the super trendy Paper Factory Hotel. Themed up the wazoo, this is a place where your dinner doubles as its own show.

For Halloween, they've created a two-headed cocktail menu. First is the Green Monster, a combination of tequila, Midori and Triple Sec with a touch of lime juice and a cinnamon stick. Best served cold is the Sweet Revenge, Aperol, Cachaça and sweet vermouth with dry ice for a bewitching effect.

3. Maison Premiere (298 Bedford Avenue - Brooklyn)


Something wicked this way comes…. and it's after your brain cells! Taking a nod from the voodoo-laden French Quarter of New Orleans, you'd think this powerful concoction could bring the dead back to life after you try it.

The Zombie #6 fuses four different rums with pineapple-lime syrup and, for an extra bite, laced with a shot of Green Fairy dust from their own working absinthe fountain. Before you leave, be sure to check your booth for any limbs that may have fallen off during consumption.

4. Jimmy (15 Thompson Street)


What screams Halloween more than pumpkins? Find out high atop the James Hotel in SoHo at Jimmy, a swanky 18th-floor cocktail lounge with a cool, contemporary atmosphere, creative cocktails and sweeping views of downtown Manhattan.

Grab a stiff yet sweet Pumpkin Margarita from their cocktail patch, made with Tromba Reposado Tequila, pumpkin butter, agave, lime and cinnamon salt. Try and grab a seat by the cozy fireplace to take in some stellar city sights while you sip.

5. Dutch Kills (27-24 Jackson Avenue - Queens)


Perfect for the spooky season, this neighborhood watering hole was aptly given the nickname “The Kills” by its regulars. A definite favorite dive in Astoria, Dutch Kills combines the elements we all love about city dive bars with the feel of the cocktail houses of old New York.

For Halloween, they're bringing back their gory classic, the Bloody Knuckle. This one-two punch of gin, rye and Aperol has even the most passive of drinkers seeing red. Aside from their extensive libation list, the prices here for cocktails are shockingly cheap, which is always a nice treat.

6. Clover Club (210 Smith Street - Brooklyn)

This Cobble Hill cocktail hub is known to serve up some of the most creative drinks found in the boroughs. One of their special concoctions for Halloween is the tropically-inspired Revenge of the Night Marcher, a chilling blend of Amaro CioCiaro, reposado tequila and Cruzan Black Strap rum.


Interestingly enough, the recipe is partially taken from ancient lore revolving around the ghosts of fallen Hawaiian warriors that haunt the living to this very day. They say their bloody unrequited revenge is fueled with every sip you take.

7. SideBAR (118 East 15th Street)


If you're one of those people who wishes that candy corn was available all year instead of just around Halloween, you're in luck. Head down to Union Square to get a liquid candy corn fix, and then some, with their sinfully sweet CandycornTini.

This seasonal treat combines Candy-Corn-infused Vision Vodka with pineapple juice and is garnished with actual candy corn. Don’t be fooled by it's colorful coat though. Because of its deceiving taste, this sugary swill can quickly lead you into a candy-coated stupor.

[Feature Image Courtesy MUNDONewYork.com] 

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