Start the Season Off Drunk: 7 Best NYC Bars to Fall in Love with This October

From sunny and a high 80 last week to overcast and low 60's this week, it's impossible to deny that Fall has arrived in New York City.

No, really. Grab your sweater.  AUTUMN IS HERE!

The change of season brings about a number of things for us urbanites, like less sweating in the subways, pumpkin spice everything and a renewed desire to go and try out something new to herald in this time of year.

Here are a few spots to raise a glass and happily cheers to no more crazy humidity.

1. Cantina Rooftop (605 West 48th Street)

With the sudden influx of the noticeably cooler weather, it's a swift reminder that rooftop drinking season is almost gone. However, one venue is determined to keep a boozy rooftop through the winter. With a fully retractable rooftop, this hacienda gives you the perfect escape to Mexico in Hell's Kitchen.


Steps away from the Hudson River, Cantina Rooftop features a 20-seat bar and lounge and an 80-person outdoor lounge area with a secondary bar, surrounded by lush greenery, banquettes and a sweeping city and river view. Their Hibiscus Margarita brings back summer for you in just one sip.

2. Treadwell Park (1125 1st Avenue)


This dynamic craft beer hall on the Upper East Side doesn't just offer a weekly-rotating selection of 20 draft beers and ciders as well as hand-crafted artisanal cocktails made from independent spirits, but also an extensive menu full of some delectable grub, like in-house smoked beef brisket sandwiches.

To elevate their beer-drinking experience, the hall also features an ultra-exclusive on-site flux capacitor for their brews, made to ensure the perfect beer comes out every time by controlling the exact gas blend of nitrogen and carbon dioxide for each recipe. Gotta love scientific engineering.

3. Lumos (90 West Houston Street)


Lumos is an incredible Chinese speakeasy in Greenwich Village. They're the first bar outside of China that serves the wildly unique and versatile beverage known as Baijiu. Baijiu itself is a wildly misrepresented alcohol. 

It’s a Chinese grain alcohol packing as much heat as any Southern moonshine does, but it fits seamlessly into an impossibly diverse range of flavor profiles and fresh cocktails. Lumos is all about educating drinkers on the misconceptions here. 

Lumos has an imaginative list of East meets West Baijiu cocktails, as well as many traditional up-scale cocktails, and incredible bar bites. Signature cocktails include The Luminous, comprised of HKB Baijiu, Elderflower Liqueur, Cocchi Americano, balsamic hibiscus reduction, green grapes, and lemon.

Of course, if you're not sure about diving right into unfamiliar territory, start out with their Lychee Martini made with HKB Baijiu, Witty Brovo Vermouth, lemongrass, lychee, ginger and lemon.

4. Lucky Dog (303 Bedford Avenue - Brooklyn)

This laid-back Williamsburg watering hole has all the things you love about a chill neighborhood spot: a local crowd, exposed brick walls, a chalkboard with cocktails specials and an open backyard with trees and tables for sitting and sipping.

But what makes this bar stand out is directly tied to its name. As of a year ago, you could actually bring your favorite four-legged friend to come hang out with you! Of course they've had to forgo this policy due to Health Code rules, but it's still a great spot to sit down and lap up some good booze.

5. Tropix Bar & Lounge (9532 Queens Blvd - Queens)


If you're really in denial about summer being over, head out to Rego Park for an escape back to the beach that will last all the way through the winter. Decked out with palm trees, beach trinkets and island-themed decor, Tropix is any summer-lover's dream come true.

Although their food menu serves everything from wings to seafood, the topical cocktails are king. The Hypnotiq Breeze is a blend of Bacardi Coconut, Pineapple and, duh, Hypnotiq. Beware the Mind Bender, with Malibu rum, Bacardi 151, 99 bananas, 99 black cherries and 99 apple. It's a beach coma in a glass.

6. DBL (667 10th Avenue)

Whoever thinks that gay bars are all posh with sequins, strobe lights and a pretentious crowd clearly have never been to DBL. This down-to-earth dive bar packs the energetic crowds in for anyone looking to have a rowdy night out in Hell's Kitchen.


From 90's throwbacks booming from the speakers to the surprisingly heavy pours the bartenders give you, DBL mixes the beloved dive bar feel with the eclectic crowd that is drawn to the neighborhood nightlife. It's chill, local and a spot to just let loose. Plus, no one will judge the shoes you have on.

7. Mott Haven (1 Bruckner Blvd - The Bronx)


Only a five-minute walk from the 138th Street stop on the 6, Mott Haven has been bringing good times to The Bronx for over 15 years. One of their biggest hits are their regular karaoke nights, where live local DJs come in to spin and host a musical showdown.

Their beer selections vary from Bud Lite to Lagunitas, and their on-tap selections feature some of the greats like Stella, Dog Fish Head IPA and Guinness. There’s also a variety of wines and champagne to choose from too, so that regular crowd it draws has a good reason to come out for a night of fun.

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