Mad For Margaritas! 7 Absolute Best Summertime Spots for Margaritas in NYC

As the days get warmer here in New York City, many of us find ourselves looking for ways to refresh ourselves, as well as enjoy the seasonal sun. 

And what better way to do that than with a stiff, cold margarita?

A summertime staple, margaritas can be found all over the city and are made in hundreds of different ways. 

But which are the ones that will put that extra pep into your summer?

We've found some of the best margs that the city can offer, and have no intention to stop drinking them until fall.

1. Campeon (9 East 16th Street)


Arguably the most colorful margarita mecca in Manhattan, this East Side eatery hits it out of the park on all levels. From foodgasmic avocado fries to succulent beef and pork burritos, the menu found here is any Mexican cuisine-lover's dream, and that's even before their beverages.


Their wide selection frozen margaritas, which use an array of natural fruit purees for extra flavor, use a custom glycol system that chills the marg mix as it moves through the pipes to the Taylor slush machine cylinder, similar to sophisticated beer tapping systems, to keep each one as fresh as the first.

2. Mesa Coyoacan (372 Graham Avenue - Brooklyn)


A modern-looking marvel in the middle of Williamsburg, Mesa Coyoacan has a much more intimate and authentic feel than the glass and steel building housing it suggests. The flavors here all hail from recipes of Mother Mexico, with a touch of NYC flair.

Their massive assortment of margaritas, made with their own house-infused premium tequila, combines fresh muddled fruits and juices to make some serious connections, such as their slow-burning grapefruit-habanero or the bright and juicy watermelon margaritas.

3. Gabriela's Restaurant and Tequila Bar (688 Columbus Avenue)

A hidden gem of the Upper West Side, Gabriela's has been often accused of ruining margaritas for its patrons forever, because the drinks you'll find here are simply beyond compare. The frozen margs, coming in flavors like mango, prickly pear, passion fruit and rainbow, are nothing to sneeze at. At all.


Although their delicious Mexican faire provide great accompaniment, the margaritas are the star of this show. No one quite knows what makes these margs so out of this world, but its allowed for the creation of a seriously loyal base of Gabby's regulars. You've been warned.

4. La Biblioteca de Tequila (622 Third Avenue)

Literally translating to "The Library of Tequila," this upscale spot is exactly what you'd expect from its name. Tucked away in the basement of the renowned Latin-Asian fusion hotspot Zengo, this chic lounge features over 400 different types of tequila.

Equipped with a tequila sommelier, you'll have an all-access pass into not just learning different types of tequila but to some fantastic margaritas as well. Try out the Zengo Margarita, a spicy-sweet blend of Rancho Alegre Blanco tequila, blood orange, hot serrano peppers, citrus and cool cilantro.


5. Tacuba Cantina (35-01 36th Street - Queens)


Bringing a splash of color to a quiet corner in Astoria is Tacuba, a veritable Mexican getaway in a restaurant experience. From the over the top decor to the heaping plates of authentic Mexican food, this place is somewhere to make sure you're on an empty stomach to visit.


In addition to the pitchers of flavored margaritas you can order, they take their margarita game to the next level with their signature Piña Para La Niña, with Jose Cuervo Tradicional, pineapple puree, agave nectar and fresh lime, which can be served inside of a massive fresh pineapple and split between two.

6. La Loba Cantina (709 Church Avenue - Brooklyn)

A relatively new addition to Church Avenue’s mostly quiet commercial strip, La Loba brings some classic Old World flair for its guests, complete with mounted flamenco guitars and colorful mismatched tables and chairs. Your eyes definitely won't be bored with the decor.

They may have a humble menu, but their margarita game is on point. If you're looking for a bit of burn, try their Spicy Raspberry margarita or the Paloma, with fresh grapefruit juice and Angostura bitters. You can also top off any margarita with their house sangria for an extra splash of flavor.

7. The Black Ant (60 Second Avenue)


Want to go fully native? The Black Ant has you covered, and not just with authentic margaritas. The extra special menu here features certain selections that contain, brace yourself, actual bugs. From grasshopper garnish a tlayuda to a rim salted with grated ants, adventurous eaters step up now.


You can order up your margs by the glass or the pitcher, like their refreshing Cucumber Margarita or the Smoky Jalapeño margarita, with spicy jalapeño-infused tequila and a smoked salt rim. Trying any of their bug grub is optional, but sampling one of these specialty margaritas shouldn't be.

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