7 Best Ice Cream Sandwiches You Gotta Try Before Summer Ends in NYC

This summer has been filled with delicious frozen desserts. So. Many. Noms.

You've probably enjoyed your fair share of frosty treats over the past couple of months ― from artisanal ice cream, to just a classic Firecracker popsicle.

If you haven't had any kind of ice cream based desserts this summer, it's time to start packing it in before summer packs up.

And even if you did enjoy your weight in ice cream, there's no reason not to keep the party going by enjoying the mother of all ice cream desserts: the ice cream sandwich, all year round.

Luckily enough for us all, we live in a city where there are entire bakeries dedicated to ice cream sandwiches.

1. Melt Bakery (132 Orchard Street)


You've definitely at the very least seen a Melt ice cream sandwich at some point during your time in NYC. This bakery, known specifically for their ice cream sandwiches, have a distinct look to them, and an incredible taste.

Melt offers ice cream and cookies that are made fresh each day, made with locally sourced ingredients, and seasonal flavors as well as your favorite flavor staples. 


You can keep things simple with the Classic, vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip walnut cookies, or take a ride on the wild side and try the Morticia, crackly chocolate cookies with malted chocolate rum ice cream.

2. Oddfellows (75 East 4th Street)


Oddfellows is another shop known specifically for its ice cream sandwiches. They're known for their one of a kind take on the ice cream sandwich, the "OddPocket", a warm take on an ice cream sandwich that wedges artisanal ice cream between fresh brioche bread.

The flavors available at Oddfellows rotate per day, so make sure you check out their website before you head out. Just remember, these ice cream sandwiches are flying out of the shop practically faster than they can make them, so your favorite flavor may be gone by the afternoon or evening, so get there as early as you can.

3. Holey Cream (796 9th Avenue)


Holey Cream offers more than just ice cream sandwiches, but they're definitely the star of the show. Holey Cream's donut sandwiches let you have an ice cream sandwich made from one of their signature donuts.

Pick your donut, and then watch as they slice it in half and fill it up with your ice cream of choice. You're gonna want to go wild with this one, because Holey Cream always has some unique, and delicious, options to choose from (ex: cereal donut, not even kidding).

4. Mikey Likes It Ice Cream (199 Avenue A)


Mikey Likes It has already established itself as the ice cream shop to beat. Even Hillary Clinton stopped by to try one of Mikey's famous sundaes.

But what we're here to rave about is the Mac Daddy (and it's larger sibling, the Daddy Mac), a waffle ice cream sandwich with the flavor of waffle and ice cream of your choice.

You can opt for a smaller portion by going with the half waffle Mac Daddy, or step it up to a whole waffle with the Daddy Mac.

5. Ice & Vice (221 East Broadway)

If you're into unique flavors coming together for a deliciously unexpected explosion, Ice & Vice is the way to go.

Even their basic flavors have unique spins that set them apart from the other ice cream shops in the game, and their ice cream sandwich is no exception. Their Detention Ice Cream Sandwich consists of Mexican vanilla ice cream, Mexican chocolate brownie, and fruity pebble dust.

And if you're up for a balancing act, try getting your ice cream sandwich on top of your regular cone. The struggle to make sure you don't drop anything will be enough of a work out for you to not feel guilty for indulging.

6. Macaron Parlour (111 Saint Marks Place)


This one's for all the macaron lovers out there. Now you can combine your love for both macarons, and ice cream!


Macaron Parlour offers plenty of choices for your sandwich, as well as classic ice cream flavors to wedge between. We recommend getting colorful with it and trying out the Care Bear Stare salted caramel ice cream sandwich, which is just as pretty as it is tasty.

7. Davey's Ice Cream (137 1st Avenue)


Davey's doesn't stop at just an ice cream sandwich, they make sure you get all the fixin's. Their ice cream sandwich gives you the option of a scoop of whichever flavor, two cookies, and a topping of your choice.

Their flavors include the basics, and seasonal flavors that you'll have to take advantage of while they're still around.

As for toppings, the world is your oyster as you choose between cookies crumbles, coconut, pecans, and more.

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