Because There's No Room in Your Tiny AF Apartment: 7 Best Cooking Classes to Try in NYC

We love food. But, we don’t always like cooking said food. What if you had some shiny new culinary skills to assist you? It’ll be kind of like when you get a new pair of sneakers and they inspire you to actually go for that run to test them out. 

It’ll be just like that, but with eating. You’ll take one of these cooking classes and for sure want to try out your new techniques in your ill equipped tiny AF New York city kitchen. At least once.

September 25th is National Cooking Day, so let us channel our inner celebrity chefs and be inspired to boost our cooking chops on this glorious day dedicated to doing just that: cooking. 

No matter what, you’ll have fun getting full, and you can’t say that doesn’t sound appealing. NYC offers a trove of cooking classes, no matter your level of skill- Microwave master? 

Take out fiend? We’ve got you covered.  And we’re here to tell you some of the best ones. Oh, and you can sign up for every last one on BOOM.

1. Momofuku Milk Bar (55 Hope Street - Brooklyn)

Bake the Book series: Crack Pie & Birthday Truffles. CRACK PIE, PEOPLE. 


Seriously though, they’re sharing their secrets! You will actually learn how to make their famous confection and EAT IT TOO. So, we’ll just go ahead and leave this one riiiight…here.

2. Murray’s Cheese (254 Bleecker Street)


Wine & Cheese 101 is a dream for the “I don’t cook, I just taste” type of chef. Which, let’s be honest, we’ve all been at some point. We think we took and aced a class like this in college except it was Cheap Beer & Cold Pizza 101

 Now that we’re all grown up, have more refined palates or some shit, so we’ve graduated to the wine and fancy cheese sector. They promise us that it will “make your soul sing” and, well, with a combo like that, we believe them.

3. Taste Buds Kitchen (109 West 27th Street, 10th Floor)


Um, BYOB. That’s all we needed to know. We’ll be there. For reals though, Let’s Brunch combines a few of our favorite things: bacon, booze, and brunch. The ever impressive B trifecta. I think know we’re in love.

4. The Institute of Culinary Education (Brookfield Place, 225 Liberty Street, 3rd Floor)


Couples cooking: Sushi & Sake bar: Get ready to win date night. So learn how to roll sushi at home, and have more time to roll around in the sheets later. Wink, wink. 

You’ll also try your hand at shumai, tempura and soba noodles. A true Japanese feast. No feast would be complete without alcohol, so don’t worry, there’s that too.

5. Haven’s Kitchen (109 West 17th Street)


Italian Kitchen: Fresh Fall Pasta: but pasta is always in season, ALWAYS. Learn how to make three different types of handmade pasta, and sample Italian wines to boot. 

Because what is pasta without wine, and wine without pasta? Not good enough, that’s what. So Harvest your autumn-y feelings and carb up for winter with this cooking class. Hibernation is upon us, people, it only makes sense.

6. Dickson’s Farmstand Meats (75 9th Avenue)


Jerkin’ Around: How to Make Beef Jerky: because it’s hilarious. Unique? Yes. Practical? Double yes; especially if you love snacks in meat form. Your friends will be jealous as you gnaw on your homemade dehydrated meat custom made by none other than…you. 


You’ll be making jerky out of everything in the pantry before you know it. I think we know what everyone on your list will be getting for the holidays this year. Check them out here

7. Home Cooking New York (158 Grand Street, Studio 206)

Culinary Boot Camp for Everyone is the name of the game. Relax, it’s for everyone. There’s no way you can get picked last for a team. 

This is a series of four cooking classes and you’ll pretty much be pro status after you get whipped into shape here. Not to mention the delicious meals you’ll be creating and wolfing down. Winner winner chicken dinner. (We had to).

[Feature Image Courtesy BakeLoveGive] 

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