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Take Happy Hour to the Next Level: 7 Best Backyard Bars in NYC

We can never have enough excuses to drink and eat outdoors

And now that summer is rapidly approaching, tons of bars are opening their gardens and patios so that we can enjoy their delicious drinks in the dreamiest atmosphere possible. 

From beer halls, beautiful gardens, and charming terraces, there's no shortage of amazing places to drink outside this summer. 

These places will surely take your happy hours to the next level. How could they not?

Read on to discover the 7 best bar backyards to check out this year. 

1. The Bronx Brewery (856 East 136th Street - the Bronx)

If you're a beer lover, The Bronx Brewery should be at the top of your bucket list. 


The outdoor garden is the perfect place to enjoy a flight of their finely crafted beers this summer. The bartenders and tour guides are also incredibly informative, making for all all-around amazing experience that you'll undoubtedly be talking about for awhile. 

2. Forrest Point (970 Flushing Avenue - Brooklyn)


If you're in a particularly Brooklyn mood (and by that we mean, you feel like hanging out on eclectic and whimsical furniture while enjoying a unique cocktail), look no further than Forrest Point

Their outdoor seating area is filled with a variety of seating options (rocking chairs, swings, etc) and is the perfect place to indulge in a signature drink such as the "Milk Punch", a dairy cocktail we dare you to try. 

3. Loreley (7 Rivington Street) 


What's better than an outdoor biergarten? Almost nothing. 


Loreley offers a huge selection of both domestic and European beers, along with some of the best German schnitzel and soft pretzels you'll find in the city.  

4. Harlem Tavern (2153 Frederick Douglass Boulevard)

Spacious seating may seem to be a scarcity in NYC. We've come to expect being crammed into a corner or at an overcrowded bar as the norm. 

The Harlem Tavern, however, is a fun, casual spot that has a huge patio out front with tons of seating. If you're looking for a great place to hang out uptown, stop by for one of their signature cocktails or some of their delicious pub fare. 


5. Entwine (765 Washington Street) 


In the mood to feel like the classy dude/lady you know you truly are? 

Well, settle in for a drink at Entwine and you'll forget all about your impending student loan payment and pile of dirty clothes currently taking up residence on your bedroom floor. 


The stellar wine list, friendly staff, and charming decor are the perfect recipe for unwinding in style at the end of a long work week. 

6. Sweet & Vicious (5 Spring Street) 

The name says it all. 

This place is known for it's deliciously strong drinks, super unique decor, and spacious outdoor patio. The frozen margaritas are their signature, and at $7, you simply can't pass them up.

7. Covenhoven (730 Classon Avenue - Brooklyn)  


Summer is all about feeling like a kid again, right? 


Covenhoven brings back all of those carefree feelings of our childhoods: you can grab a game of Jenga or Connect Four to play out in their outdoor space, and even create your own cheese plate to accompany their incredible selection of beers. 

Sounds pretty much like heaven to us. 

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