7 Bars in NYC Where You Can Sip on Spring-Themed Cocktails

Spring has sprung! And we'll drink to that.

There's so much to toast to! Warmer weather, lighter clothing, days spent in the park, rooftop happy hours...

The change of seasons brings about a number of changes in New York Cities, most notably when it comes to fashion, the weather and the foodie scene.

Along with all the seasonal menu changes comes the blossoming and bright specialty cocktails that are sure to put some pep in your spring. And tbh... some of these creations look better than we do.

Here are some places to really taste the start of spring!

1. Mundo (37-06 36th Street - Queens)

Nestled on a quiet corner in Astoria, right off Northern Blvd inside the chic Paper Factory Hotel, is Mundo, a flavorful flight of European-fusion cuisine. The smart industrial decor allows for a relaxed atmosphere, but there are so many surprises to discover here.

From their cocktail menu, saddle up with a smooth Blueberry Fashion, a fresh mix of bourbon, muddled blueberries, brown sugar and bitters. If you want something extra refreshing, try the beautiful and floral Zen, with gin, yuzu juice, aloevera-lemongrass syrup and mint.

2. Mel's Burger Bar (1450 Second Avenue)


Don't be fooled by Mel's greasy spoon appearance. Sure, they all the charm and grub that you'd want from an old-school pub. But here they take their game up a notch, not only with their food like a jalapeños burger with bacon crumbles and monterey jack, but with their signature drinks.

Take a sip of Karen's Cocktail, a breeze of Elderflower Liqueur, Vodka, grapefruit and soda, or pucker up to the John Daly, a refreshing blend of homemade lemonade, iced tea, Southern Comfort and mint. Yee-haw, ya'll!

3. Macao Trading Co. (311 Church Street)


Descend down and back in time to a 1940's-themed gambling parlor at Macao Trading Co. With an intimate feel and a slightly exotic flair, it's like where Indiana Jones would come after a day of adventure to kick back with a drink. And speaking of...

The drinks here are not to be taken lightly, even in the spring. Their tweak on the classic tiki cocktail, the Dr. Funk swaps in the rice-based Thai rum Mekhong with cucumber, lime, strawberry and mint for freshness, , while pomegranate grenadine peps it up with cardamom and clove flavors. Perfection.

4. Westlight (348 Wythe Avenue - Brooklyn)


This cocktail bar in North Williamsburg is garnering some serious attention, and for good reason. Aside from their rooftop bar with sweeping skyline views from a terrace and glass-covered lounge, their cocktails are becoming the talk of the town.

Their tropical yet tame Little Bird lightly lands on you with El Dorado 3yr Rum, Macchu Pisco, créme de cacao, coconut milk, and lime while their more robust and fizzy Golden Fiddle uses Bols Genever, Amaro Cio Ciaro, grapefruit and Greenport IPA for a flavorful sip with a soft finish.

5. Ai Fiori (400 Fifth Avenue #2)


Looking to feel a little boujie? Head on over to the Italian gem Ai Fiori on Fifth Avenue. Literally translated to 'among the flowers' in Italian, this restaurant and bar are blossoming with new seasonal selections, and their cocktails are the biggest bloom of all.

You can find springtime in a crystal glass with the Royal Blush, with Stolichnaya vodka, mint, lime, morello cherry and a splash of sparkling wine. The Whiskey Daisy is also seasonally appropriate, with chai infused Irish whiskey, pineapple cordial, lemon, Galliano Liqueur.

6. Donna (27 Broadway - Brooklyn)


A modern watering hole awash in white and wood, Donna is a standout in South Williamsburg for way more than their hip ambiance. The well-trained mixologists here can nerd out equally as hard about cocktails as they can about music, and the bar’s drinks each carry a touch of tiki-tropical flair in them.

Discover their Hidden Pearl cocktail, made with Square One Botanical, Dolin Blanc, jasmine pearl tea, Clear Creek Blue Plum Brandy and Cava. Try something with a bit of kick like the Wild Tymes, using Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Bigallet Thyme, Granny Smith apple, lemon, honey and ginger.

7. Bessou (5 Bleecker Street)


An authentic Japanese hideaway in downtown Manhattan, Bessou takes pride in changing up both their food and drink menus to keep the restaurant fresh and the visitors intrigued. Although the space is small, the drinks here are big in flavor and creativity.

Bessou’s Sake Milk Punch uses the citrus flavors lemon juice, orange juice and green tea for light taste and comes garnished with star anise, mint and pomegranate seeds. The cooling mint mixed with it's soft flavors makes this drink a go-to cocktail all the way through summer.

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